This one here is these: it 3775 it's the bay trail, so the generation before the newer cheery trail here, which is another Atom CPU. You can see here that the differences between them almost next to nothing so speed wise when it's running with the CPU single core and the multi core scores, there's, really nothing in them. With such a small difference, there will be hardly noticeable, so the power want difference between the power difference between the the old bay trail and the new cheery trail. There is really not different at or which is a little bit disappointing to see. I thought that Intel would have hopefully increased the performance of the atom, but they haven't on the CPU side of things. The GPU now that's a different story. I will show you that now care with some results. I have from 3d mark and 3d mark here on the surface 3 you'll see these scores are very different here. So here is where the difference is. You can see that it's over double the power there with a GPU, so there is a nice increase there. So gaming should be a lot smoother and just overall much better GPU performance on the later newer cherry trail there. So the surface 3 is the first tablet to come out with this newer generation ethem. If you're really going to be doing things that involve the GPUs, you want to do interesting. Gaming on your tablet, Sony like gaming, though I will be testing out some more games on the surface 3 you're really looking at quite an increase there.

But if you're going to be just using CPU things, you're doing looking at the internet, video things like that, the difference between them, the older generation versus the newer generation, is really next to nothing. You'Re not going to really notice that at all so that's. Something to consider when you're looking at devices that are going to have the new generation and the older generation Bay Trail that really you're only going to get just a boost in graphics performance there. So that was just a quick comparison there. I will have more videos up and coming soon of some gaming I'll be testing it a lot of various different games. Some older games on this surface 3 to see how it handles that, if you are interested in that, please do subscribe.