What does the actual gap performance wise between the Adam x5 8500 and the Adam x5 8300? So here I've actually taken a look. This is the on the v8 20 W CH, not a particularly wonderful tablet, and this is the tick last x98 Pro that has the faster atom x5. Is it 5 8500 in it? Now the difference in clock speeds between them. This has a turbo of 2.2 4 gigahertz, and this one is 1 point: 8, 4 gigahertz, so there's a 400 megahertz gap between this is 400 megahertz slower, and it also has a hundred megahertz slower GPU clock. So you can see this is the score difference between both of them running ice storm at one point 2, so we get 15000, and this is the ice dome 1.2 score here of 25000 on the x98 fro. Now this was run under ideal conditions being which I didn't have the tablet charging at the same time, and I wasn't continuously looping benchmarks I had the tablet was cool when I ran both of these tests on both of them as to get the best possible score. I could out of both of these tablets here. If you were to run this with the tablet charging and it's getting quite hot there, then you can expect this score to be very close to icestorm 1.2 score running on the lower clocked at interior trail here and the reason it is, of course, because it starts To throttle when it gets too hot speaking of which, with the temperatures but for these tablets, did get quite hot, so the whole time I mean running these benchmarks, you can see I've had you know for about 54 minutes here, and it got itself up to 84 Degrees, hopefully you can see that there it does get quite hot, but the onder didn't say anything about thermal throttling, so it didn't actually throttle itself at least Hwan Foden to tick.

That, on the other hand, though, the excellent Pro here you can see got up to 85 degrees here and it does detect thermal throttling there. So it says yes, thermal throttling did occur so something to bear in mind. I really wish these Chinese manufacturers would change the way they're putting the heat spreaders on top of these atom chipsets. Now cherry trail is a lot hotter than the bait rails. I'Ve seen that already and it's pretty much proven now. I know the surface 3 with the x7 and it doesn't get this hot, but Microsoft I think, have some cooling pipes in there and they're using the whole back case of the surface 3 as basically a huge heat sink. So these Chinese manufacturers teclast on the pipo chewy I'm, hoping they're gon na start in output, just a small, copper heat sink over the top of these two trials would definitely help increase performance, and really it shouldn't be that much of a cost increased for them there To do this now, the other schools I ran here we have 3d mark 11, so you can see is a 90 point difference there with the performance setting it's, quite a large difference, just lower the screen down here that should we screen is struggling and 100 to Keep up with a brightness of the x9 8 Pro here on the other benchmark I can show the difference is keep in g3 just to give us an idea here of the differences between them both.

So we can see the 2136. This is almost 3000 on their multi core score, so there's a large difference there again 400 megahertz faster this one, so that's. Why that difference is coming into play there in terms of battery life? Well, although it's reporting here that I can get six hours, that's, not actually gon na, be the case at all I'm, not gon na be able to get six hours out of it. You get about four and a half hours with d2 class excellent, a pro in Windows and here with the onder v8 20 wch it's a mouthful to say that model name. This gets around 2 3 hours, but I do have this problem with the battery meter that I talked about in my previous videos on this tablet. Here you can see. It'S got a wee level of 59 percent, so that's the kind of performance you can expect to see. Coming with the up and coming chewy hi 8 Pro and the chewy H, 10, h8 n dickless, X, 80 and Pro models as well we'll be using the Adam x5 0 8300. But keep in mind that under I think of one of the poorest manufacturers are tablets. At the moment, so performance probably isn't as good as it could be on other models. They'Re quite poor, optimizing their tablets. So I do think that the other manufacturers, like tech blast and Chewie, probably gon na squeeze a little bit more performance out of that Adam.

The low end, Adam cherry trail, that's, going to be coming out in those future models that I just mentioned. So this is a very quick comparison there between the x5 8500 and the x5 8300. Thank you for watching the video stay tuned to the channel. If you are interested in this topic with Chinese tablets, I'll have a few more up and coming and November there's gon na be quite a few releases. So keep an eye out for that.