Today, i’m, going to review stuck with ticker symbol, p, o n g f on the otc market. Current price is only 60 cents, with 52 week low of 18 cents and 52 week high of 70 cents market cap is 146.18 mil with public float of 173.63 mil. Yes, the stock is that atari, the one they gave us pac man and space invaders in the 90s. The stock has been very active recently because they are announcing partnerships left and right there’s a lot to cover so let’s get right into it. First is the announcement of crypto casino, also note that it owns its own cryptocurrency called atari token, which itself has a market cap of 130 million dollars. The casino developed in partnership with the central games on the ethereum blockchain will include atari theme games and atari non fungible tokens nfts, which can be leveraged to earn more digital currency. The companies expect to see bets of 150 million in 2021 and 400 million over the next two years. According to their joint statement, casinos on blockchain have attracted a mix of skepticism and enthusiasm with crypto fans, seeing them as the future of gambling and conducting hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions on networks like justin sunstron nfts have risen to wider popularity in recent months. As an alternative investment, vehicle marking, pieces of digital are as unique and trading on the expectation that enforce scarcity will make them more valuable over time to show they’re serious about this they’ll announce a partnership with rtfkt to create a limited nft authority, themed fashion series, the Collaboration is going to produce one of a kind atari snicker, that, in addition to being incredible, work of art and valuable collectible will also be available for use across multiplayer blockchain games, including the central land and sandbox, and the upcoming atari metaverse.

The first item, in the fashion series, the limited one of one og edition atari sneaker, is available for auction on super rare starting today. Super rare is a platform where unique and rare art is sold directly to collectors paired with a blockchain token. Atari and rtkft are collaborating with six artists to develop additional versions of the snickers all inspired by iconic atari games. Only 50 of each design will be sold in the limited release and will never be minted again. Sales of these six additional additions will begin on the blockchain auction site variable today, as part of the integrated blockchain strategy and to add more value to collectors. Atari and rtfkt have collaborated with the industry’s top metaverse providers to have the nfts incorporated into their games. Users can even try on the limited edition, atari snickers now using snapchat or with metaverse me app before purchasing the company. Also paired up with bundley, atari and bundley will be working together on the creation of collections of nfts, covering gaming, music and more areas. The objective will be then, to roll out the atari metaverse gaming platform, which will combine the best aspects of legacy, gaming properties and the most current entertainment creators in music and gaming, using digital collectibles and nfts as a core component of the entire metaverse experience. Nfts will be available for purchase using atari and bondly native cryptocurrencies and major cryptocurrencies as well. In addition to the metaverse, the lineup of nfts is going to be announced over the next few weeks, also atari partnered with icicb group.

According to the agreement, the first hotels will be constructed at selected locations outside the us, with dubai, gibraltar and spain. Being the first countries to host atari hotels, the licensing agreement was concluded with the icicb group, a multinational holding group with diversified portfolio, which has the presence in the majority of prime markets around the world. This agreement with icicb group is, in addition to the licensing agreement of january 2020, already entered into gst group and covering eight cities in the usa. Under the provisions of the agreement, atari is entitled five percent of the revenues generated from the hotels. In addition, atari is entitled to receiving an amount of 0.5 million in the form of a non refundable advance payment and consulting fees. Atari hotels will be designed in accordance with the latest trends in hospitality industry, with sophisticated style and modern twists. The common areas will immerse visitors into video game universe and atari brand. The hotels will feature atari gaming, playgrounds, several function, rooms, co, working areas, fine restaurants and bars bakery a movie theater as well as gym the design of atari hotels target, both those who travel for business and those who seek pleasure and entertainment by offering an all. In one luxurious and entertaining experience, atari reserves the rights for the development of similar hotels in the united states and worldwide. They also have new gaming console that was supposed to be released. Atari vcs, a micro console system that was revealed in june of 2017 and pre orders began on may 30, 2018.

. After several delays, the console was expected to ship on march of 2020, but was delayed again due to the kovi 19 pandemic. It’S, a new gaming console that also serves as a pc and utilizes a amd, zen processor and 4 to 8 gigabyte of ddr4 ram, so that’s another catalyst to look out for as well. So that was a review of latest news surrounding the company. Thank you guys. So much for watching, please consider clicking on that subscribe and the bell button. It will help the channel out a lot if you liked the video, please give it a like. If you have any requests or any questions, please leave it in the comment section below also don’t forget to share the video with your friends and family.