Hmm, it plays like an interactive Museum experience. It takes you on a journey from when Atari was first started. All the way through, like the jaguar and then even a little Beyond as well, you start through the timeline, and you can you click on the pictures and zoom in and stuff see what they look like, and all that the timelines might have a little drop down. Where you can get more information, or you know, little quotes or little movies. The videos are never more than like five minutes long, but I mean theyre just kind of fun to watch too, when you have the time in this video, my buddy Jerrys talking about how he just randomly found somebody selling some computer space, art machines and more interactive. As well when it shows some of these arcade games or even console games later, were like okay, well, heres pong heres. What pong looks like and go ahead and play it the name they can actually literally play Pong if youd like and theres an easier way to select all the games Ill. Show you that here, a little bit which is so fun to see the evolution of Atari, where it came, came from where its? What direction its heading, where its going, and all that too, I love seeing the promotional flyers and add inserts, and you know things of that nature. The arcade games play wonderfully. You know just like you just select an arcade game and then heres your arcade game and even have the little side panels as well the little art on the sides too and theres some arcade games here its like, I havent, really seen on collections before you know, Games, like Quantum where I mean you, have a trackball, this game, the analog works just fine, but you have to, like you know, circle around the planets and all that I remember in this game like when you type in your high score.

You literally write your name in cursive, a bunch of my favorites in this too, including food fight where you have to, like you know, go to the other side of the screen eat the ice cream. Cone Ive talked about this game before in the past. I love this game. You know Crystal Castles, another personal favorite of mine, oh yeah, its just so cool to have access to this and then even like prototype machines that never made it to the arcade floor. Theyve got them working on this collection like this game here, which is kind of interesting here, Im trying to figure it out anyway, but I could have. I could have seen this in some shady arcade back in the early 80s. Absolutely after Arcada goes into the consoles and, of course, the Atari 2600 thats. What I got my start on, you can grab some of these boxes. Flip them around see what they look like around there again going through the timeline you can play these games. If you like, you can play most of them, there might be a game or two that is just for show and theyre, not actually playable, but you dont need to play all of them. You know things like Adventure when youre going through its like okay. Well, hey you can you can play the you know the first mission of Adventure just to give you a feel just to give you a taste of what playing Adventure was like on the Atari 2600 back in the day, probably my favorite Atari game right here and, As the timeline progresses, the games get more advanced.

The systems get more advanced as well, not just arcade and Home console, but they havent covered the Atari computer systems and have some of the games available to play from these. Like the Atari 400 and the Atari 800. super cool to see, you start seeing things like the Atari Links, which is playable on here. The Atari Jaguar theres a few games on here as well and if youre like, never mind the history, I just want to play some cool games. Thats. All right. You can hit a button and then it just goes through the collection of games, and you can either separate them by platform or by the year they were released. Theres even a few hidden games in here you can unlock later. By doing certain things might give it a little idea of how to unlock that game, thats kind of fun, Ill kind of Mickey, a search for those things here, Easter egg inside of an Easter egg. I love it and then there were also some games that were made specifically for this collection. Some updates, some added some inspired, buys well have a look at all those here. This is haunted houses, haunted house one of my favorite Atari games, and this is haunted houses. An update to haunted house if youre familiar with haunted house for the Atari 2600. I think youre gon na dig this game Neo breakout. Well, I dont need to say too much about breakout, Im, sure youre already familiar with what this game is, but this one goes all neo like when it all you know, gets advanced Quadra tank now combat man.

That played me a whole lot of combat. With my brothers and sisters growing up – and this is four player combat basically and inside the boxes – theres upgrades and stuff fun to see sword Quest Arrow world. Now on the Atari 2600 we had fire world earthworld and Water World. We had earthworld and Water World. When I was growing up, but I mean airworld, it just gives you a chance to see what airworld would have been like when youre playing this on this collection. They also made a playable version of this touch me device. Now I had the Radio Shack version of this when I was growing up, but it plays a note. You play the same note and then the more it goes, the the longer you have to recognize the pattern or the song or whatever my local Little Caesars had something like this, where, if you went so far, youd get like a free drink or free pizza, free Breadstick stuff, like that thats kind of fun, to see Vector sector, is a new experience for your Atari just for this collection, and it combines a few games on this. So it starts out as a very very Vector, based as this is a vector game starts out. Totally asteroids and then after your asteroids is done. Then it turns in like a lunar lander, its kind of fun here, watch out once you land there, then it turns into this style of game.

So, okay just keeps you going fun to see another personal favorite of mine yards Revenge enhanced. Now this is yars Revenge. You know yars Revenge if youre playing the Atari 2600. No doubt you probably had this game as well. You shoot through the enemy base. You fire! Your Giant Cannon thing destroy the boss move on to the next stage, but the cool thing about this one is with the hit of a button. You can seamlessly go from the Atari 2600 version to the enhanced version, so thats kind of fun. I like it when deems do this, not too many games do this, but this one does and in case youre curious. The Howard Scott warshaw, Easter egg is available in this game, but some other cool games that might be worth checking out with your Atari 50 collection is Cloak and Dagger. I remember seeing this like once in the arcade I dont remember, which arcade it was when I was growing up, but so fun to see Cloak and Dagger again. Yes, there is a movie uh on the same name and uh heres. The arcade version again, like I said food fight, a personal favorite of mine, can never go wrong with food fight. They also have food fight like the Home console versions. On this too Saboteur have you ever played Saboteur for the Atari 2600? Well, it was a prototype. Was never officially released, but its on here now, if you want to check out what Saboteur was all about, seek request a late release game for the Atari 2600 available on this dark Chambers for the 7800? Imagine if Gauntlet was on the 7800 thats, where youll find with this one love me some Ninja golf just the idea of golfing and then, as you get to your ball, you have to fight the enemies between you and wherever your ball landed, pulling out the Atari Links you have scrapyard dog fun to see this one Ive always heard about this game and now its available on this and done very well too same with turbo sub uh.

This game just looked cool. I liked the idea of Turbo sub. I used to have it Atari Lynx, but I never had turbo sub so happy. I could play it here. Theres a few Atari Jaguar games on here as well, including Club Drive, which just kind of looked interesting. You have cyber morph remember when games will look like this and stuff cyber morph uh fly around collect the things, the other guys, listen to this uh green, like hologram head telling you whats going on whether youre sucking or whether youre winning I remember the Jaguar was Really pushing this Trevor mcferr in the Crescent Galaxy, I mean it looks cool and you know, maybe after I play it for a while Ill really get into it too and a while back.