This is the asus cypress g14, so i actually made a youtube shorts about this laptop, so you guys can probably check it out on my channel its a quick summary version of this video, but this video i do want to go a little more in depth about Why did i choose this laptop and so far i am actually loving it, and i definitely didnt expect that, so why well, first of all lets talk about design. This design is just so awesome. It has such a minimal looking design its something that ive been always looking for its like a high performance laptop with like a dedicated gpu, but also maintaining like a relatively thin and non gamery looking design. So i can take it into classroom with me. As a college student, i can use to take notes. I can use to edit video and at the end of the day i can take it home with me play games on it. This laptop is exactly what i need it has such a wide kind of also high tech futuristic its not boring looking. It looks like an ultrabook, but it is a gaming laptop at the end of the day. So this laptop has the new amd ryzen cpu and media geforce rtx 3060 gpu. I have to say that this amd cpu dude it was so good. I never used any amdcp before this amd. Cpu is just so amazed me it smashed. The intel cpu just blew them out of water actually for razer blade.

I used on that laptop. I have the rtx 2070 max here on that with the core i7 and a lot of time the bottleneck will be cpu rather than the gpu this laptop. So far. I never find something like that, like cpu bottleneck rather than gpu, and the 3060 is actually a slight upgrade compared to 2017.. I thought 3d60 is actually worse than the 2070, but apparently not this actually slide upgrade compared to the razer blade in terms of both cpu and gpu. This laptop do have 120 hertz screen, which is awesome, but i feel like right now. Its everything is 120 hertz. So i also giving off i wouldnt, really say thats a bonus point in terms of the screen. I actually want to criticize a little bit. This screen is not necessarily the best screen ive ever seen in my life. I dont know if im just so used to the micro pro m1 pro the mini led amazing best display ever in a laptop, or is this just actually a not really good display? It looks kind of grayish, it looks kind of low contrast. It looks like a cheap panel. The furnace is not very bright and the black is not that deep. So thats kind of my criticism on the screen, but at least swing by on the bright side, it does have 120 heart. So i guess thats good talk about keyboard. Let me show you guys a keyboard typing demo Music.

So this keyboard is actually one not one off its the best keyboard that i ever use in a gaming laptop keyword, gaming laptop. This does not count the macbook pro m1 pro version that has better keyboard, better screen, better track, but better kind of everything, but this keyboard is still so good, its so tactile. I dont know for some reason. I just never really like any keyboard. That is on the gaming laptop razer blade 15 that keyboard. I just cant stand it. I know some people kind of like it. I think it was so bad. It was disgusting and this keyboard is right up in there. I wouldnt say its too much far behind from the macbook. It was if maple gets a 10. I guess this gets somewhere like a 7 or 7.5 or even a low eight. The thermal system on this laptop so far i havent run into any problem. I think it was decent, not gon na lie. It does create quite a bit of noise and heat, but it never struggles so far. I guess thats good. My use for this laptop is a little bit weird. I only game on this laptop. I do not do homework, i do not edit video on it, which is kind of a waste in terms of how much power i packed inside this guy, i do still edit on my m1 pro micro pro. You know, air drop. Everything is just its just easier.

Better track pad and a better display, so i dont edit, i dont study on here i dont consuming content. I do all of those on my m1 pro micro pro. The only thing i do with this laptop is use it as a gaming console. I only game out here i play for the horizon 5. I play cyberpunk i play as my sim set up. I use it for a set of corsa, so you know what this is. A gaming laptop lets run some gaming benchmark. So, first of all, before the horizon 5, everything on 1080p ultra setting y1080p, because this panel is a 1080p panel. We actually seen quite a bit of good result, which maintains 70 to 80 frames per. Second, it kind of depends on where you are in the map and with cyberpunk. We are actually on high setting same thing 1080p and we are putting on dlss, which is immediate. Deep learning super sample basically help you optimize your game. Getting a better primary low image. Loss were gon na put on auto and we did put it on sharpening sample a little bit higher. We are actually getting uh constantly maintaining about 60 fps result, which is actually really good for this game. This is a heavy hardware consuming game. I have to say cyberpunk: this is the best gaming laptop ive ever used in terms of the speaker on this laptop lets, hear it Music, Music, davids pots. If you find this recording dont feel bad about this part of the journey is the end, so not really like a comparable example compared to macbook pro so right here i do want to talk about a little more about the display of this laptop.

So, from the comparison footage you guys can see, the apple macbook pro does have a lot deeper black than the uh grayish looking panel on the asus zephyrus g14, which is pretty understandable because apple debuts mini led the panel on the g14 does looks a lot greater Than even my bigger external display, regardless on display, also just a regular lcd panel, so its not me led is knowledge. I do think if youre looking for that deep black, this panel is probably not the best, but it does have 144 hertz so uh. This is actually a pretty decent laptop. I know i only use it for gaming only, but you can definitely use it for kind of everything.