Both of these guys are the 2022 model and, if youre, looking at one youre, probably considering the other know this, though the m16 is a bit more expensive and you might get away just buying the g15 instead, depending on what youre doing but ill get to that. Shortly and if youre looking for the latest laptop, the g15 is about 4.2 pounds, whereas the m16 is about 4.5 pounds. These are the exact same design like there is no difference. Even the form factor and layout of these chassis are identical. The reason why the m16 is not deeper because of the 16 by 10 aspect ratio is because asus, instead of making a bigger laptop, just put a big bezel at the bottom of the g15, so that they can use the same chassis for both products. They have identical designs, theres, really, no difference. This is the black version. This one happens to be gray. They both have led indicators at the back, so you can see whats going on with your laptop. The port layout is also very identical, with both of them having their power connector closer to the front, hdmi rj45, usb 2 type c ports and an audio jack. The m16, because it is using an intel chip, supports thunderbolt 4, whereas the g15 does not, on the other side its the same sort of story. You have your micro sd card slot and a usb port. I know i said this in my reviews.

I do wish one day that asus could put the ports on the back of the laptop, because once you have cables connected to this, it just looks a lot cleaner. Now both of these laptops can be opened up with one hand, the display goes 180 degrees, so it lies flat against the table and the deck and keyboard setup is identical. The touch pad sizes are literally the same. They both feel absolutely accurate to use sticker placement is definitely better on the intel model amd and nvidia just dont get along, but the keyboard typing experience and ive said this in my reviews is awesome like this keyboard for gaming and just like regular productivity is absolutely Awesome, the other thing to keep in mind is the materials like when you touch the deck of this keyboard, its a bit more flat. I like the way the m16 feels it feels better, but you will get significantly more fingerprints on this guy per key. Rgb is not a thing on any of these laptops, its just single zone lighting, so you can change to any color, but you cant change. Each key both of these laptops have four speakers. They sound great, not better than a macbook pro 16, obviously but good for a windows laptop, and you have a bunch of dedicated volume, control and armory crate keys. Now both of these laptops do have a mux switch, and that was something you couldnt get on the previous model.

The only difference, though, is that it does require a restart you cant, do it on the fly. As for the display, you can buy the g15 with a 204 hertz panel. Both of these ones. I have here are 165. Quite frankly, i think 165 is more than enough for this style of laptop, but you do get a better panel with the m16, because its just a lot brighter, like over 500 nits, compared to like just under 300 on the g15 color accuracy, is pretty identical. So doing any sort of creative work on either device will feel great and the webcam is on both final. That was something i couldnt say last year. The g15 did not have a webcam in 2021, but it does now now in a perfect world. Both of these laptops would have identical specs, but unfortunately, the models i have here are slightly different. They are using the best processors that you can put in them, so 6900 hs for the g15, and then you have the i9 12 900h for the m16. M16 has 32 gigabytes of ram compared to 16.. This is using an rtx. 3060 m16 is using an rtx 3070 ti. Both of these gpus run at 100 watts, with 20 watts dynamic boost. They both have a one terabyte nvme ssd. If you were to compare these guys with the exact same specs, so, for example, if i got the g15 with a 3070 ti, 16 gigabytes of ram and same holds true for the m16, the g15 would cost two thousand dollars, whereas the m16 would cost 21.

50. Now, when it comes to single core clock speeds or even multi, core clock speeds m16 is going to beat out the g15, its just a better cpu inside of there. This is an intel year in terms of performance and its an amd year in terms of efficiency. If were talking like creative workloads, that really involve the cpu m16 is the better option. It just does a faster job. If youre a developer, i wouldnt worry about it too much. The g15 is more than fast enough, so you can probably consider that, but overall cpu speeds, even in the adobe suite, are always better with the m16, because theres other things that come into play like intels, quick sync, which is obviously better utilized in these applications. Now, if youre talking strictly 3d work, it really doesnt matter, thats all gpu, so pick the cheaper model, because its just going to be using the gpu, as you can see here in blender. But when it comes to gaming, then id probably steer away from the m16 and go with the g15 and the reason being is because a 69 by 9 display is a little better for gaming and again youre, starting to utilize the gpu a bit more single core Clock speeds do matter at 1920 by 1200, but once you push qhd, it really doesnt make a difference. Its really gpu dependent. Now heat management is kind of similar in both laptops like dont, get me wrong.

The gf15 could sustain higher clock speeds for a bit longer. Just because its using a more efficient cpu but theres, nothing, wonky or anything to worry about in terms of the way these things are cooled fan. Noise is pretty much identical like dont. Get me wrong. It takes a lot longer for the g15 to get loud compared to the m16 m16 it those fans kick on quite quickly and if you have it on turbo mode, both of these guys will get up to 60 decibels, which is ridiculously loud now. Thankfully theres different profiles you can choose from it will limit the amount of power the cpu gets in order to keep the noise down. But if you want things to get down to 40 decibels, you can switch it on silent. If you dont mind being in the 50s, you can leave it on performance mode now, internally, theyre, both identical so im, just going to show you the inside of one of them. This is the g15. The only difference is, is the copper might be laid out a bit differently, but overall, in terms of what you can upgrade are pretty much the same. If youre, considering putting a second drive in this, you can theres an extra slot to the left hand side. This drive here on the g15 runs slower than the drive theyre using on the m16. Maybe because this is more of a entry level, g15 and perhaps the more expensive g15s will have a faster drive im, not 100 sure, but they both have a certain amount of ram soldered onto the motherboard, either 8 or 16.

Depending on the model you buy. My suggestion is: get it with 16 soldered on because then you can have 32, so theyre both the same amount for better performance as for cooling, its not using a vapor chamber, but it works very well. You have a swappable, wi fi card to the left and you have a big 90 watt hour battery, and this is where the g15 does a better job, not as good as the g15 as 2021 im getting about 7 hours and 15 minutes compared to 6 hours And 20 minutes on the m60.. Another little quirk i discovered is that the g15 is using rank 16 memory, whereas the m16 that i tested was using rank 8. heres. What i think the slightly slower cpu, the ram choices, the slower ssd and the panel not being as color accurate as the one on the m16. Now, in all fairness, there is a 240 hertz version of the g15. I dont know what the brightness is on that, but im assuming its better. If i had to personally choose one, i would go for the m16, but thats just because im a creator and i love to game and the 16×10 display the better cpu performance for the applications that i use really do make a difference. But if youre a 3d artist and a gamer or if youre, taking this to school every day, i would probably lean towards the g15, because youre going to get better battery life, similar gpu performance and youre, going to save 250.

Also, if you can find one from last year like right now, i saw the g15 with an rtx 3080 and 16 gigabytes of ram going for 18.50 thats down 350. I would pick that up over all of this, because thats such a good deal compared to the new pricing on these guys ill drop a link to that in the description down below but yeah. You know good laptops. I enjoyed reviewing both of them.