In fact, it might be my favorite windows laptop currently on the market and i’ve used the heck out of this thing over the past week. So how has it held up? What does it do to earn that glowing opening statement let’s find out and while we’re finding out i’d like to thank today’s sponsor what’s up everyone i’m, the everyday dad, and if i can figure it out, you can figure it out. Look. This laptop is amazing. There is not another way to say it for this size and this price you get a legit amount of power that almost doesn’t seem like it should work as well as it does, but it does that gary stop confusing everyone. The version of this laptop that i bought to talk about in this video is the 2021 g14, with the ryzen 5900 hs one terabyte solid state drive 16 gigabytes of ram and the nvidia 360 graphics card, as this is an x time later, video let’s talk about What i’ve liked and what i’ve disliked in the time that i’ve spent with this machine? This is probably going to be a short section based on all of that positivity earlier in the video let’s start off with the dislikes. There are only a few things that i really dislike about the zephyrus g14 one. I don’t really like that there isn’t a webcam and if that surprises you there isn’t one at all, and that was so surprising to me when i noticed that in the spec sheet.

I had to go back and check the physical laptop itself and no there. There is no webcam here like look at that. There’S no webcam! Is this a deal breaker? No, but if we do want to use this as a hybrid professional, laptop 99.9 percent of meetings or collaborating anymore, is done via some kind of virtual software teams, webex, zoom, etc and okay, honesty time, i do prefer to have my video off. Sometimes you do need to have a camera, and you do need to show your face in the meetings i’m kind of surprised that it’s lacking here. The next thing i don’t like is just something that you’ll have to deal with when you move to an amd style. Processor in ryzen land, you do get superior performance, but you lose out on thunderbolt 3 and for me it is kind of a huge deal. The majority of my working from home desk setup is built off of thunderbolt 3.. Yes, there is some awesome. I o built into this computer that we’ll talk more about later, but thunderbolt 3 is just so nice and that you can have a fully set up accessory system that interfaces with your computer via one cable – and i say this because if you’ve seen my nightmare, that I call a desk. I need to limit the amount of cables that i have, because i apparently can’t control them and they get out of hand very quickly. As i’ve said in previous videos.

This will be on a sliding scale of annoyance, depending on how much of a pre existing thunderbolt ecosystem you’ve already got, and for me it’s a lot and something else. It’S kind of tied into this – and i can’t tell if this is a problem that i’m having with asus laptops or ryzen laptops. But another thing that i dislike is this doesn’t work very well with my vr rig in its favor, though, unlike other ryzen laptops i’ve used in the past. This will actually let my oculus 2 connect and it does kind of work but it’s, so laggy and unresponsive that actually playing a game is not feasible and that really sucks. I like using laptops as a sort of mobile vr rig, and this has so much power on hand both in the cpu and the gpu, but it just can’t work together with an oculus headset plugged in via usbc. Maybe another style or brand of vr will work, but i only have mine to test, and the last thing that i haven’t liked about this laptop is is kind of weird, because it’s going to be both in the dislike and the positive side in the video. I promise i haven’t gone crazy too crazy. The keys on the keyboard feel very hollow and cheap. They have it feels like they have some kind of super plasticy sort of texture to them and when actually typing or working on the laptop, they stand in stark contrast to the rest of the build quality like uh.

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I actually typed the script for today’s video on the g14 and the keys all have a very nice spring to them without being too mechanically clicky. Can you hear that they’re so good, they’re, so good, and they got just enough responsiveness to them? The keyboard is laid out very well without needing me to stretch to reach any of these, sometimes harder keys like t and y, and i really like how the monitor of the computer actually lifts the body up, giving it a slight wedge shape. This makes it so much more comfortable to type on seriously seriously. I know they look. Good laptops with straighter lines might be better looking when sitting on a desk, but i find in both windows and apple machines. If it’s all right angles, you can get some pain in your wrists from the edge of the laptop sort of like biting into your arm here. Not only is it a wedge shape, but the laptop edge is nice and rounded. I like comfortable tech. I refuse to be sorry that i don’t like being hurt by my computers, but the main thing to like about the g14 is the power holy cow, the power on hand. Here is absolutely nuts remember when we talk about the scores when we talk about the numbers. Remember this thing is a 14 inch laptop it’s, basically an ultrabook with the power of my desktop when running cinebench r23, which, if you don’t, know what that is it’s a benchmark of the cpu.

This tiny laptop holds up better in almost every single way than some legit desktop level: computers in multi core performance, the only processors to top it on the chart are processors that cost more than this whole laptop by itself, and the fact that it holds up pretty Well, to a multi core monster like a threadripper, that’s that’s crazy in a 14 inch laptop. I will never cease to be amazed, no matter how many times i run this test. Aha gary, i know the game you’re playing here. You talk up the multi core and then you’re just going to glance over the single core performance because that’s, where amd traditionally falls behind. I know what you’re doing gary well, aha viewer! No! The 5900hs also holds up against the current leading 11th gen intel i7. So this laptop is amazing in both single core and multi core performance, and it easily fits in my backpack you’d. Think to get that kind of performance i’d need a machine that i’d need a special bag or carrying case for, but you don’t need that here plus graphically. This thing is no slouch either while the 3060 is on the lower end of the new 3000 series. Graphics card this allows the g14 to be a powerhouse in both gaming and other power graphics tasks, as we saw in the video last week. The g14 might be one of the best windows laptops that i’ve ever seen for video editing.

It handled some very nasty high efficiency codecs flawlessly and, while other machines at the same price point would stutter or have issues with those hevc files. The zephyrs here did not need to transcode anything and even in the render held up at 60 frames per second. I wish i had something other to say here than some hyperbolic statement, but the power on hand here is impressive: it’s, darn, impressive and the power is usable that’s. What matters to me benchmarks, don’t, get work done, but that you have all of this power and it translates to something that’s actually usable. That makes it even more impressive, plus i’ve, really liked the thermal performance on hand. Here you’ve heard me say this in every video: this is the hill that i’m willing to stand on thermal performance is the single most important part of a laptop. It just is nothing else really matters nearly as much and the g14 is thermally, managed pretty well. I’Ve spent hours this week playing wow classic don’t. Hopefully my wife is not watching this because i’m supposed to have been working on like youtube stuff i’ve been leveling. My my paladin i’ve also edited those videos and i’ve run all of these benchmarks and i haven’t run into any serious thermal throttling. The fan noise is present. Pcs are still playing catch up to mac here, but it’s. Not awful fan noise. I would say it’s pretty comparable to what else is on the mark.

I have had this weird thing where it seems like randomly when i’m playing a game or running a benchmark. The fan will spike for about 10 seconds and then fade away. The computer never feels overly hot it just every now, and then it just decides to have a huff. I don’t know i’ll be playing, it goes and then just stops. I was like what’s going on the next thing. That i’ve, really liked on the g14, is all of the i o built into it. This doesn’t have as much as other gaming laptops that you might find out there, but it’s got basically the perfect amount for what i need minus that whole thunderbolt 3 thing. I do kind of wish that it had an sd card reader, but those seem to be going the way of the dodo. So i’ll mention this because i also beat up apple for the same thing, but maybe it’s time to just move on, maybe it’s just time to move on and not be hurt again. If we don’t ask for the sd card, they can’t break our heart when it’s, not there but hdmi, especially 2.0 and usba are things that all computers should have easy access to, because most accessories still use those two standards, a keyboard that i bought a few weeks Ago, in 2021 still connects via usba. So if i want to use that on my mac or my dell, xps 15 i’ve got to use a dongle and dongles are another piece that can break or get lost plus while they can be found for pretty cheap online.

I hate having to spend extra money on top of what i’ve already spent, if i’m buying a pretty expensive piece of technology. Another thing that i like is the display: it’s, not the most cutting edge panel i’ve ever seen, it’s a pretty standard 16×9, but it does have 144hz refresh rate and it’s color accurate enough to get video work done with it sure i would have liked to have Seen smaller bezels, but at least we have all of this amazing power and can actually see the difference on the computer itself instead of them finding. This is a place to save money and giving us a nice monitor, that’s only like 60 hertz or similar, and the last thing that i really like about the zephyrus g14 is like other laptops in this range. You can do some upgrading yourself inside the computer. You can replace the internal m.2 ssd and even upgrade a single stick of ram. If you really want to. I do kind of wish that it had two m.2 slots and two upgradeable ram slots, but again it’s super small and they have had to do some sort of engineering tricks to make all of this work. So i wish it had it but i’m not going to ding that hard enough to be in the dislike section. The fact that you’ve got all of this in such a small package is an engineering feat in and of itself. So the fact that you can upgrade any of it is a pretty big plus for me, but at the end of the day.

So what right should you go? Buy the asus zephyrus g14 from 2021, if you are either in the market, for your first laptop or as an upgrade to an older one. Yes, absolutely absolutely, thus far i’ve been seriously impressed with this laptop. This is easily one of my favorites of all time and it’s really hard to find specific things to dislike about it that aren’t nitpicks. If you are hoping to use your oculus quest 2 for vr, then i would recommend something else. But besides that, this thing is a very attractive combination of power, speed, size and price that i haven’t really seen on the market before this could easily fit into both a gaming setup, a creative setup or even an office setup.