It comes with a geforce rtx processor and a wonderful 120hz 14 inch display that offers you an outstanding performance and although there may be no webcam, the asus z14 is known as the best gaming laptops on the market. Ever with a long battery, life and freesync featured rtx gpu, the asus zephyrus t14 powered by the new amd processing unit, the ryzen 4800 hs has an impact for the world of laptop gaming, rising above the wrist with regards to its rtx gpu and more than enough Ram the g14 zephyrus provides you with a compact lighting weight and astonishing battery capacity. Combined g14 offers you the ultimate portable gaming performance. We’Ll, show you everything you need to know about the asus zephyr g14 in today’s video. So, stick with us until the end of the video stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel also hit the bell icon for more updates. Let’S get started design. The zephyrus g14 is a tiny marvel in terms of design it’s, incredibly small and light in comparison to other gaming laptops cramming extra gaming power into its 14 inch chassis than any similar ultrabook from the previous few years. The compact zephyrus t14 matches 12.8 by 8.7 by 0.7 inches and weighs only 3.5 pounds allowing it the smallest and lightest gaming laptop on the market. The computer’s slim body is made of rigid, magnesium and aluminium with rigid, magnesium and aluminium used for the chases deck as well as lid.

However, a couple of characteristics have been removed from the compact design in order to minimize weight and size. The lack of a webcam is particularly noticeable, whereas the screen’s slim bezels don’t leave a lot of room for a camera from above there’s, also no webcam beneath it or on the laptop deck. You’Ll need to have a separate camera. If you like, video chat or stream yourself trying to play on twitch, our review unit was featured in a sleek white finish with such a metallic silver deck, which aces refers to as moonlight white. The laptop is also available in a more subdued eclipse, gray finish, which features a near black lid and deck, as well as black keys on the keyboard. As a result, the laptop has a distinctive appearance that is remarkably understated for a gaming laptop, but don’t worry rgb. Aficionados asus does have blinker lights, while our review unit only had the whole slash dot. Texture from a cross, lid asus also provides the zephyrus g14, with an array of micro led lights, dubbed the anime matrix display that illuminate each pin prick hole with rgb. Goodness users can then make an animated marquee out of these dots, which users can further customize with graphics and text and image of visuals ports. A number of useful ports can be found with the laptop signs. Two usb 3 ports and a usb type c port are also on the right, if you’re concerned about someone walking away with your soon to be portable gaming machine, a kensington lock slot allows you to physically secure it.

The electricity or power connector and hdmi 2.0 output and another usbc port on the left provide charging for the laptop as well as output, to a monitor via display port headphones and microphones are both supported by a combination, audio jack. The zephyrus d14 also has wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity as a result, without an ethernet cable, there is plenty of speed for gaming, as well as quick connectivity for wireless devices such as mice and speakers display a 14 inch. 1080P 120hz display has been included in our review unit, although i would have preferred a higher resolution. Asus only offers its 1440p wqhd resolution with just a lower 60hz refresh rate, which i prefer over marginal resolution. Gains color and brightness were both acceptable on the panel. The panel produced 117 of the srgb color gamut, which is slightly better than the dell t715 at 114 percent and the asus r1g strix scar, 3, 110, and significantly better than the razer blade. 15 105. It has a brightness of 322 nits, which beats out the intel g715 303 nits and makes the asus rog strix scar, 3 275 nits and razer blade 15. 275 nits. Look a little dark i’ve been pleased to see that the neon bright signs of the glowed, with vibrant red and greens and mysterious environments never were too black for clear views and good visibility or too washed out, as i swooped the dark alleys of batman’s gotham city And arkham origins gaming performance.

The g14 is a gaming monster that packages the serial muscle to its 14 inch frame. Armed with a max q gpu with 6 gigabits of vram nvidia geforce rtx 2060. You will notice some fan sound when hearing management start it up, but it’s still quieter than most of the other gaming laptops and not much noisier than some normal non gaming laptops. You might have used nvidia’s new amd freesync compatibility, allowing you to play games with nvidia cards and amd compatible displays without any tear also benefits from the screen performance. However, not many of daily existence is gaming and vr. The zephyrus g14 is also a great efficiency and media editing engine, the amd ryzen, 9, 4900 hs, processor and 16 gigabits of storage. You could run dozens of google chrome crap simultaneously during use of the laptop without slowing down and most gaming users really never kicked fans into the cool. The zephyrus g14 scored 30.181 points for specific performance tests such as geekbench 4.3 well above average for a 14 inch computer before both the gel g715 23.863 and the scar 3 23.196, and significantly better than the razer blade 15. 19.542 battery life. We didn’t expect the battery capacity to be pretty outstanding for all of zephyrus’s, g14 gaming prowess and raw energy for daily productivity because of their short durability. Gaming laptops are sometimes too short to do through a day’s work or score. However, the zephyrus g14 blew us away with a superb 11 hour, 32 minute continued web browsing at a brightness of 150 nits verdict, it’s also the tiniest gaming laptop on the market and features the longest running battery of all gaming laptops that we’ve seen the asus zephyrus G14 is not just a big gaming laptop.

The screen is rock solid, soundproof and sturdy. Some of the best graphics card that you can find with this part of a gaming laptop include the g14 amd ryzen 9 4 900 hs processor and an nvidia geforce rts 2060. Max q it’s also quite amazing, to know that you can get this for an inertial amount of cash that’s all for today’s video subscribe to our channel.