So this year asus launched two flagships and phones in the eight and eight flip and frankly it was a little confusing. But we’ve spoken a lot about the confusion in the unboxing, so right now, i’m, just gon na talk about the smaller phone, the zenfone, 8 and that’s. Actually its killer feature. The reason why i feel this phone is amazing, the smaller form factor the fact that it’s small, that makes it pretty unique that makes it stand out from other phones these days, because most phones they’re becoming pretty huge and unwieldy. Personally, if i wanted a larger screen, i’d end up using a tablet or i’ll switch to my pc, you know mechanical keyboard and all that easier to type. I would prefer doing that, but that that’s me personally for a phone. I would prefer to have something that’s easy to carry around easy to hold up and dock easily used single handed now. That means i should have loved the iphone 12 mini. I thought i would but turns out. It was a little too small for practical use, hitting some keys with these stubby fingers now, and then it was a pain asus with the zenfone 8 they’ve managed to walk the fine line between keeping it small and keeping it practical. Now i spent all of my time as you guys can see i kept it. I mean i spent it with uh having this case on the hard case is included in the box by the way, even with the case on the zenfone 8 feels pretty light in hand.

You can even say it feels sleek now, given the display is 5.9 and she’s even hitting the opposite top corner, when using the phone single handed didn’t feel awkward. Now, while we are here, let me take a moment to point out why i had to use the zenfone 8 with the case on. We have corning’s gorilla glass victors to the top gorilla glass 3 to the back and a smooth aluminium frame all around. So the grip is well non existent. So using a case with this, one is mandatory. The texture to the back with this case it improves air ergonomics, a lot. It makes you feel a lot safer using the phone now fun fact. One of the things i was very excited with this info nate when i was unboxing, it was the fact that it has a matte uh back finish. I was hoping it didn’t pick up a lot of fingerprints, but i never really got around to testing it, because i never handled the phone that way and i’m guessing that’s going to be the same with anybody who’s buying this phone you’re going to have to leave That case on now talking about buying the phone, if it’s not available in your market yet, and you still want to get your hands on it, you know where to go 28mm. Mobile.Com, your friend is your destination for any phone. You want to import right from the galaxy c4 2 to the mix pole, the zenfone 8, the zenfone 8 flip.

They have pretty much any phone, you could want they ship internationally and they’re. Very quick. They have awesome support. So if you don’t want to get your hands on any phone that you really can’t buy in your market, it’s not available in your market then do check out sponsor for this video i’ll leave a little link to them in the description below so go ahead. Check them out, if you haven’t yet okay, now coming back other points worth mentioning with the zenfone 8, we have ip68 water and dust resistance and stereo speakers. I love that combination. Why? Because it lets me, listen to music in the shower. Yes, i went there i’m talking about music headphone jack check, but microsd has been cut so anyways guys that’s pretty much it for the built in design. Part let’s now jump to the display, and this panel is also beautiful, there’s. Nothing to complain about here, it’s, a super amoled panel it’s very bright it’s got hdr 10 plus support. The refrigerator is 120 hertz, so very smooth, so everything that you’d expect from a flagship, uh display, or rather a display on a flagship phone asus, has provided it’s great for watching videos and whatnot, and you can’t really talk about consumption without talking games with the snapdragon Triple a chip under the hood, this is the best performance you’re gon na get out of an android phone and it doesn’t run hot or anything. It manages to run even the most demanding emulators, as well as with any other flagship phone out there.

Now, with regular android games, like say i mean by regular, i mean android games like gentian impact. Again, it managed to run everything smoothly now, given the smaller size of the spoon using it with even a ridiculously sized controller like the samsung glap it’s doable, it didn’t really feel uh uncomfortable now, rounding off the specs. You get six eight twelve or 16k gram options. Coupled with 128 or 256 gigs of storage, the ram is lpddr5, the storage is ufs 3.1, so all top specs and it’s, backed up by a 4000mah battery which lasted me all day, usually i’d. Consider my typical usage moderate and i didn’t feel the need to plug it in before the end of the day. On any of the days, i used the zenfone 8.. Now, if you do need to charge the included 30 watt charger, get you from 0 to 65. In about 30 minutes and a full charge takes a little over, i mean a little under an hour and a half it’s, not the fastest, but the charger is included in the box. Yay that’s a huge positive these days now, it’s, not just the hardware that’s cool, the software too it’s always been a plus for asus phones, uh, and it continues to be so with the zenfone 8 zenui is amongst the lightest of user interfaces. It keeps most things: stock and there’s there’s, absolutely no bloatware, so the stress on resources it’s pretty low, coupled with very strong resources to begin with and even decent ram management, good ram management uh.

The software experience it’s really great here, so i don’t really have any complaints at all it’s. Well, optimized it’s light it’s fast, pretty much. What you’d expect from a flagship phone now, one area where a lot of us, including yours, truly felt asus, had compromised on uh. Well, well, i’d, say optics there’s, no flip module. We are down to two sensors from three. So how do the cameras fare was the? Was that a corner cut? Was the experience bad? Actually, no, i like them. Do i wish there was a telephoto hell. Yes, but these two were not bad at all. The primary is a 64 megapixel sensor with the f 1.8 lens that is stabilized. The secondary is a 12 megapixel, f 2.2 without stabilization, and both cameras, as expected, did great outdoors and a good light. But hey let’s be honest. What camera doesn’t do well under good light these days, so that was expected right. What was not expected, though, was the fact that even the 8k footage, it was very stable, just see this i’m just walking around casually and this footage turned out so steady. I wasn’t doing anything special now with 8k, even software zoom ins. Give you good detail see this here again, it doesn’t replace a telephoto, but it was something i could say. I found up pleasantly surprising now. The main test, though, was under low light, just to throw some pictures in and say those two. The pictures are amazing, uh that just doesn’t do much right, because what is amazing, what is good without a point of reference, so i decided to compare the low light performance with one of the best current smartphone cameras, the ones on the iphone 12 pro and the Primary sensor here it gets close like yeah, not zoomed in i i would, i would dare say i prefer the colors on the zenfone 8 a tad bit more zoom in though, and you can see that the iphones retain better detail, it’s just a little more detail Here again, here’s another example: i’d, like for you to pay attention to the details there now with the ultra white.

Surprisingly, asus has a lead over the iphone in the low light. The pictures came out much better, so the cameras – i would say, they’re good, but call me greedy i’d still have lot of flip in this form factor i know we’d have had to trade off. You know the trade off would have been uh ip68 resistance, but you know flip cameras uninterrupted display. This form factor would have been cool now. Conclusion time build and design good to great, depending on what the form factor, i mean, what kind of form factor you like? The battery life i’d rate it good charging again good performance i’d, call it great the display and software again very good, the zenfone 8. It just feels like a solid all around phone. Is this the best in class the gold standard for flagships? Today i wouldn’t call it that it is not but it’s a very good flagship phone it’s, something you should consider. But if you are someone like me with a fondness for smaller form factor – phones that’s, when the zenfone 8 comes into its own it’s, probably the best small phone around. I kept pushing the review more and more because i knew once i was done with the review. I had to swap my sim to something else, and i really really didn’t want to do that. That is how much i actually ended up liking this one from a pricing perspective. We only have the official european pricing at the moment and in europe it starts at 600 euros, making it slightly less expensive than the one plus the oneplus 9.

That is now compared to that phone. I feel the zenfone 8 is a lot more interesting, so i’m pretty happy with the price point as well. So there you go that’s my take on the zenfone 8. What do you guys think is this a phone you would like to get your hands on uh leave a comment down below. Let me know if you feel issues did a good job or if you feel they should have done something and different uh. Let me know, and with that we get the end of today’s review video thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it. Subscribe turn on notifications hit that bell icon, if you haven’t yet, and thanks a lot for watching until next time. My name is ash you’ve been watching c4 retech and i’m signing off. For now.