Eight inch screen that's a 1080p screen, Snapdragon 650. 650. Sorry, four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte, ROM four gigs of RAM running Android 6 and has a 23 megapixel camera, so let's have a look see what we have in there now. This particular model here just came out in Taiwan literally about a week ago, and you can only get it by actually importing it in from Taiwan at the moment, I'm, not sure on the global release, dates of this when exactly it's going to be coming out because I'Ve had no contact with, as they have not replied to any of my emails, expressing my interest to review one of their review units, so I had to go ahead and just buy this one myself, so it should be sealed up. According to the seller, I did ask them not to open it, not to touch it and it is which is good to see, and then we have the packaging so very plain, looking kind of packaging black box there with the zenfone, sorry ultra there. So you can see there that it is the zu6 80k owl model, so we'll just get the protective shrink, wrap off the outer and get this thing unboxed. Okay, so let's get this open. This isn't well presented there. You can see it does have that spiral effect. There, on the top of the case like they do with the Azu Azu saw notebooks. They have that design there so there's a phone.

I will put that down for just a minute and have a look at the accessories here, so this it's like okay. Now this obviously yes, okay, that slots out – and here we have included earbuds there – they look okay, hopefully they're reasonably premium after they've output, a good, sound quality. I will test them out in the review, so they are labelled and marketed zyne ear. Here is the charger you can see two prong us style and that does have a Zeus logo on the front and so look at what it's rated to so. We have, along here five volts, two arms, nine volts or nine volts, two amps, so that's using the mediatek pump Express for rapid charging, and this will obviously be instruction leaflet or something like that. Okay, there we go, we've got the sim tray tool. I will be needing that shortly and we just have a few instructions and whatnot there, so I will just that to a side as well. So here we have label. Okay, that's got the type C so USB to the type C there for charging the cable. Alright. So get this other way and have a look at the phone itself, so we see that it has a fingerprint scanner there at the bottom. There is a recent apps and back button front 8 megapixel facing camera, and I will just get it out of this wrap. Just completely rip it out of this: now we have volume up and down here we have LED flash looks like it does have actually two tones in there.

I can just see, and they do have infrared focusing assist there, so they should call it a try assist because it does have a color correction sensor. In there we have phase detection autofocus and then that laser or infrared there to help with the camera and just unlock this line. Here there is the power on button and we do have a SIM tray, so we've got some one sim to or on what did it say along here or the micro SD card slot and the earpiece ambient light sensor along there. Nothing on the left side, the build of it. Actually, that feels really good. Quite nice and hand, does have a quite a premium feel to it and along the bottom. There are apparently, I think these are dual speakers microphone, of course, the type seat and therefore data and and charging so we're going to have a look at it now. It'S lies wires compared to my me max and there's, actually quite a bit in it. You can see right there that, yes, the minimax, does actually look a lot smaller. Even the me max. This has a six point, four inch screen and it's a particularly large phone, and I have been using this one as my main phone and enjoying it. But what I haven't been too happy about is going from a samsung galaxy s7, then to the 16 megapixel sensor on the minmax I've found the camera quality, definitely to be lacking and I'm hoping that this infantry ultra here will at least be a lot better there.

In the camera department, so you can see thickness of them. They seem to be very similar, but the build quality is far superior with the zenfone here that just yet just feels so much nicer. Compared to my me, max that I have from show me and the show me is actually making a bit of a creep, then, when I'm, in a tiny little bit of flex, this would probably be a lot more easier to bend. I don't think I will be doing any beam test because I buy these mobile phones myself. I don't particularly like just destroying 500 something around the u.s. and mobile phone, so have a look at how much it weighs and the thickness of it. You might trust these scales in here, so I just need to tweak my exposure settings there on the camera, so it's a 238 grams, where the show me me max is 200 and we have a look here at the thickness of it now. So the thickest part is right here with the camera. It does actually stick out a little bit so there's a little camera bump, but I'll just first test right here in the middle, and that is there we go so that is 7.1 millimeters that's, not bad at all and where the camera bump is. That is seven point: six five millimeters. I almost forgot that the top does have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it's good to see they are not forcing you to use type C audio and that is a secondary microphone.

That'Ll be used, or north cancellation and stereo recording in video okay, so this is just powering up now and it just notice that they either click of the the front home button there and the fingerprint scanner doesn't feel too bad at all as a nice feel. To that it doesn't feel tacky doesn't feel cheap, so that's obviously come up first in an Asian language there for me, so I'll just go along here and oops. I went right past it, English go through the the first to set up here. Input method. Well, it's got a lot of options there, so it's good to see the ROM is different, going to support all those languages there for you, and I will not set that up at the moment. I'M gon na skip this. If it will, let me just skip this. A hideous I think of all just go hit, and hopefully this doesn't have a lot of bloatware. What I haven't been particularly happy with with, as recently when I got this in point 3, with the amount of bloatware that they cram on. This was just absolutely ridiculous. They just fold it and flooded it with so much below where everything is called marketing hype. Zena'S, then, that super audio that's on a bus and it wasn't particularly happy with that. Okay, so set up a fingerprint. I was think I'm going to need to put a password and normally first, like I do I'm going to go with a pen, require a pin on start.

No, not at the moment, pin number and we'll try now to sit up. My finger say see how that works, so it's just doing a vibration there to confirm that it's reading my finger there and I'll see I'm going to need to do that ten times or more okay. That is now setup and register. No, no! No! No! Thank you. Don'T all this wow there's a lot to go through here. To get this thing set up, Drive no don't want that set up complete. Finally, that's good. Alright, so let's have a look all right, so here's the Zen launcher. I can see that there's a little bit of bloat, where they're already power and phone boost, my azuz, a zoo, sorry and Google. What else do we have on their facebook, Messenger, zenfone, kids in Talk, okay, it's, just running me through so yeah there's there's. Quite a few bloaty applications on the Instagram there's actually really a lot Amazon Kindle most of stuff. Hopefully we can remove some of this because that's. What really annoyed me when I had this headphone that are, you can disable the applications, but they wouldn't. Let you and install most of them without having root access to it. Yeah. What else we've got on there themes this yahoo. It is a couple of their things there that definitely bloatware ones and install, hopefully those okay. This one can be removed. So it looks like we can remove at least some off the bloatware they're going to install on here.

There'S a bit of it all right so get out of here and I'll. Just go into settings have a look at the Android version, which should be android 6.0.1 and then has the June first Android security patch level and have a look at the storage. So how much free storage we're going to have on here, but there's a lot of settings in here to get as in motion power management, a few extras that they have put in there just under storage in USB. So we have 50 1.91 gigabytes free, which is too bad at all, so it's putting a space there to play around with if you're not going to use a microSD card, that is to expand storage. So I will click now at the camera, so that launched up really quick there and just quickly go through some of the settings. So here we have camera settings. You can change the the white balance. Iso exposure optimization I'm, not too sure what this is manual off. Ok, that lets you change the contrast, saturation charmless noise reduction, backlight everything, there's there's, a lot of tweaking that can be done camera resolution. So it is a four by three aspect ratio sensor, but you can shoot 16mm it's all sixteen by nine. If you want to do, that is what is actually set by default, but I've changed it down to the twenty three megapixels to get the maximum detail and sharpness. Out of my images that I'm going to be taking when I'm out and about image quality can be adjusted as well there's, more options here to do with, I think it's under video.

Now video quality goes, of course, up to 4k and you can also adjust other things here. So you've got an options between the preference of performance. You can either select the video preference performance of quality or performance I'm, not really too sure what that's actually going to do now. Focus on exposure touch auto exposure off smart brightness for the screen, there's a few different other settings on there, so the camera itself has comes up in automatic mode, so it's going to just all those settings for you like your exposure, your shutter speeds and everything. But there is manual mode here and doing that now brings up a lot of settings. You can tweak so you've got white balance you just the white balance there. Your exposure is well, can be adjusted, dusted there mis. Oh, that goes right up to 3200 and down to 50 minute lost your shutter speed can be set so a very fast shutter, speed or very slow there. So you've got quite a good range there. Actually to have one 1000, seven. Second, there and all the focus manual or auto can be tweaked there and then the final button. There will reset everything so that isn't too bad this button down here gives you access to the various different modes. So we have HDR pro beautification super enters resolution. Children mode as well low light 5 megapixel. I will have to test that out and see what that actually does.

I imagine it's going to just create a downsized image. Maybe it combines various different photos to give the best lighting there QR code night depth of field effect, selfie jiff animation. That could be handy for some people that like to do those animated gifs there for social media slow motion time elapsed, all smiles don't know what that actually would do. They'Re going to give people artificial smiles, perhaps not remove so there's lots of things there. So then we have super resolution that apparently stitches up a whole bunch of photos to give you a 96 megapixel image, which is huge, so that's going to use various images there. And I will check that out and my full review and some types and samples of that too, just to see how that performs, if it's worth it or not or more, of a marketing gimmick, I will just quickly take a photo here. I imagine that when you take a photo using this super resolution, mode you're going to have to probably have it on a tripod, because it's going to be combining various images and if you're moving, it will probably give you a blurred image. So that's processing, that's, quite slow and just have a quick look. If i zoom in here whether that has captured more resolution or not that's hard to tell, I have to go outside and take a few images that it's going to capture it. A lot more detail than just the plain old box here and if we go back in just to the normal auto mode and see if the shutter speed how that is set, that seems relatively quick.

Doesn'T seem too bad there, but, as mentioned I'll be going out soon now and I'll be taking some photos, samples and some video samples, they're, 4k, 1080p and I'll be uploading. Those shortly so keep an eye on the playlist for those they're. Just having a closer look at the screen here, it is covered by Gorilla, Glass, 4 and it's a 1080p screen, and I can see that yeah. It looks really good. Doesn'T, look bad at all, considering now it's not going to have the greatest pixel density. Of course, being a six point, eight inch panel, but to me I can't see any pixels. You don't have to look really close to be able to see the pixels there. Just can't get the camera to focus a little there, so there's, a close up, feel it with a chrome logo. There yeah you're gon na have to look almost right up against the display to see any pixels there and a Snapdragon 65. I think, is perfectly matched to this resolution. Probably not so. If you're going to be using a quad HD screen, then this would probably be asking for something a little more powerful like the Snapdragon 820. They never look at some of the settings that we get along here yet so we have power and boost. So this is probably just one of those applications that just clears the memory to help boost the phone's perform. Personally, I don't really think we need those there's, a flashlight, of course super color.

This is something to do with that splendid application. There I tend to view some of this, as does really marketing gimmicks it's, just boosting the colors a little bit there, but the colors at the screen at the moment seem good. This is just my initial first impressions at the moment and obviously wireless screens, all the normal standard settings. You get there, the toggles that you'll get normally on an Android 6 phone calculator. They even put right in there auto start manager and we do have quick access. There'S also a think here in application to there we go, we can go and change what we want and the quick settings option. There is a way to go along and tweak all of that so there's quite a bit of customization. You do get with the Zen UI that it does have on it and I'll just turn back. Take super blue light filter as well that's, something that's quite handy too, if you're going to be using the phone at nighttime and apparently that doesn't keep you awake at night it's going to help out because it gets rather blue light there and one hand operation. So you can reduce that and scale that to more like a 5.5 inch phone, I think that's about a 5.5 inch screen now that it's showing and you can size that down to about a 4 inch screen or even less that's, quite small there, which is handy If you just only want to use it one hand, so just my thumb so just show you to unlock the phone.

You actually need to wake it first, so you can't just put your finger on there and it instantly unlocks, which other phones do. You have to tap, it first wake it, and then it will read your fingerprint so I'm just going to quickly test out those dual firing. Speakers that a zeus market has been some of the better ones there with some sort of terminology they put behind it. That it's got you know great sprite speakers, so let's have a listen to them. Applause, Music Applause – I don't know if the microphone is picking that up good, but they actually do sound quite good. That is loud, probably the loudest. I have heard recently anyway on a mobile phone, and the quality of it does have a bit of bass in there. It is definitely leagues ahead of the show. Me me pads one single speaker in there, because this one has two so speakers sound. Okay, now the location there of the volume up and down button on on the back is a little bit awkward I find, and because they put the some trays here, where you normally have the volume up and down rocker there and being so loud it's a little Bit harder to actually be able to get access to that, so I guess design wise. They had to really put it on the back that at least you can get one finger too, but it still feels a little unnatural.

I just wanted to quickly add this end. You can see a bit of evolution of mobile phone sizes here, because on the left that is in samsung galaxy ace, then we have the samsung galaxy s6 and now this is the show me me max at 6.4 and then here we have the Zin phone. Three ultra with its 6.8 inch screen now the screen, I think, is four inches and you can see yeah. This is a really a big difference there, because the s6 that's going to fit into there. Look at that massive difference in size there, so yeah we're. Getting these are mobile phones that are almost literally tablets and I'm, not going to be one of those reviewers and give that as a con, so that's a con of the mobile phone because it's just too big that's. Not for me to decide if a mobile phone is too big for you. Obviously, you know whether you can handle that kind of size of a phone and it's. Something, of course bear in mind there. But I do like the larger phones here, because the screens are just so immersive having them so large and you could literally, probably just ditch your 7.5 or 8 inch tablet and just use one of these. So there's. My unboxing and first look here at the Zen, 3 ultra and so far first impressions, the screen is nice. The build quality is excellent. It does feel very nice in hand, and I can just hold it with one hand, which is good to see the volume button location, okay, that's a little bit awkward it's, not the best.

But honestly, I don't think that a zoos had any other way to put those buttons on they're the camera so far. Well, I need to look into that a little more I'm going to go out and about in town now and take a few photos. Take some video samples, so they will be up and coming and the playlist there so do subscribe. If you want to see more on this particular mobile phone, because I will have plenty more upcoming gaming test as well battery life test benchmarks. All of that is going to be covered also in the full review. One thing I don't like is the typical bloatware now that we're getting on these mobile phones. They have crammed in a lot in there and connecting up to my wireless. It also forced me to download some more applications and I wasn't really too happy with that.