So I just wanted to give you some thoughts on it now. This green, as you can see, is really nice. I found the performance multitasking. It has been flawless the whole time I have been using it, the key things that I think that most people are going to really like about this mobile phone. Is the screen? Okay, six point four four inches as the mme exercise, and I thought that was pretty big here. I have the me max. I'Ll just bring that into the shot, and I thought you know that's big for me. I don't really want to go any bigger than that, but the 6.8 inch screen is even a step further and being so much more immersive and as a very nice 1080p screen, they have used here and I've been finding it's just really good to game on the Internet is really good. One of the best things I think they have done is as the the DPI they have used and what I mean by dpi it's, basically, the scaling of the ROM, so everything fits in quite nicely. So if you're, using Chrome, your favorite websites you're looking at them and you decide to go and use the keyboard you're typing something, and this the way things are scaled up. There is really good it's, a very easy phone to use being so large. I find that the typing on the keyboards quite nice, because it's just you just got so much space in there you're not going to have any problems.

So if you have your standard phone sighs well, what is almost you could say a standard, and that is a 5.5 inch screen. I find that a typing is a little bit more difficult and it's, not as easy that's. Just me personally, I know a lot of people might think that I, a 5.5 inches is massive that's, a huge phone for you. Personally, you might have a very small iPhone or something like that, but it just just using that screen as really good and I've been very happy, whether now multitasking switching between apps again no problems, that's being very fast, it's, flawless, it's, really good and the build quality Of it in general is just very nice. Just look at that nice finish. It has the cameras excellent. I do find that the 4k quality is quite good, but I will say that it's still not up to scratch is not as good as the Galaxy s7 or the f6 or the s6 edge that I have it. Just doesn't. Have that finer detail when you zoom into the photos when you zoom into the 4k video but other than that it still takes a very good picture. I think a lot of people will be happy with that. Now that 92 megapixel photo that you can take with it. I personally think that is a bit of a gimmick. The other thing here is the volume rocker on the back has mentioned in my reviews, sometimes it's, just annoying when you're in a call, and you need to change the volume on the go.

I find that my fingers going like this all over the place. Oh okay, there it is, and then, by the time you adjust, it you've really missed what the person said. So you have to say sorry I'm trying to put the volume up here, and so you have to fiddle around with that. But the call quality is really good too there's really not much to complain about this now. The reason is why I'm not actually going to keep this? I love this phone to beds and I have been in between deciding well well, I mean what am I going to do. Am I going to keep the me max? Am I going to stay with this? I just love the performance of this. I love the screen and the loud speakers. If you've heard the sample for my review I'll see if I can quickly show you a sample the loud speakers on this. They are really good. They are just some of the best and they actually beat a lot of premium tablets out there. These Louds, because I believe, but the thing I'll get to in just a second – is: why I'm not actually going to keep it a show, May's latest phone at their redne Pro, and it has an interesting camera setup. You can see now. It'S got a hybrid digital camera setup for depth of field shots, and this particular model that I have is powered by a heli. Oh x.

25. I mean I do believe that those speakers there will blow literally most of the phones out of the out of the water, because they do sound good every bit of bass. Now it doesn't sound too loud until you get to the last two settings and then it's just well anyway enough rounding a slide. So why I'm not going to keep it and it's, probably obvious to most people as yes as good as the size is I'm just finding it too big? I sometimes find the me max a little bit. You big and clumsy and I've just found that walking around with the Azusa info 3 ultra in my pocket. Like one of the comments I mentioned it when I walked out of a bookshop, I felt like I had a small little pocket dictionary or something in my pocket that I was trying to steal it because it's that big, it just feels a little awkward now I'm. Using baggy shorts at the moment because it's summer – and I know that when I put that in my jeans I'm just going to have to always grab the mobile phone. Take it out of my pocket and then put it down on a table. And I find that organ I'm, someone who likes to just sit down and leave my mobile phone in my pocket I'm, not trying to show it off. I don't want to put it on top of a table but you're going to have to with this, because it just it's just so big and awkward.

Now I know there are a lot of ladies out there or even people, maybe with man, purses to go out but that's, not a problem. For me. I never put my mobile phone in my pocket. Then this is probably going to be a perfect large mobile for you. If you're after something like the size, you can literally just say goodbye to 8 inch or 7 inch tablet with this thing, because I I wouldn't bother with a 7 inch tablet or 8 inch tablet with this personally, because I would just whip this out of my Pocket if I was going to put it in my pocket well, I do put it in my pocket when I go out and things like that, so this thing here, yes, it will replace, I believe, smaller tablets, and that is definitely happening and using this I think That is going to probably happen. That is the future. I think devices are going to get larger here and we'll, probably all end up with man bags if it becomes fashion. Who knows so? That is my just my opinions on using it after two weeks that I'm gon na sadly have to give it up due to the size, but I do believe this is an excellent mobile phone once you get rid of all the azouz below where they cram on This thing, because if you seen the review, they just just fill this with so much bloatware, it's really annoying.

But once you tame the bloatware once you delete all that crap on there and you disable the apps great phone very good and does come recommended from me. For people after a large phone thanks so much for watching this video – and hopefully I will see you back in the channel with more up and coming reviews on tablets.