Unlike anything, you have seen in packing more equipment compared to most other ultrabooks. The asus zenbook s13 is a unique machine deserving of your attention. The zenbook s, asus debuted at computex, currently featured some impressively slim screen bezels with an 85 screen to body proportion, but the new s13 takes points also further to a 97 screen to body proportion. The boundaries on this unit’s display aren’t simply thinner. The screen overall has also been bigger from a pedestrian 13.3 inches to 13.9 inches, placing it on the same level with bigger screen ultrabooks like the lenovo yoga exercise, c930 and huawei matebook x, professional. That 13.9 inch display is just complete, hd and non touch, which is a bit of a disappointment, but the display still appearances, gorgeous with lots of intensity and lush shades. Currently returning to that webcam tab. Initially we just weren’t insane about it, but it makes opening up the laptop computer extremely easy. And, yes, we can confirm the zenbook. S13 is just one of those laptop computers. You can open with a solitary finger without the entire point, lifting off the work desk. Talking lifting asus airgo lift joint returns to slightly raise the back of the laptop computer up and pitch the keyboard at a small angle, when you open this laptop computer, whereas ergo lift joint increased up the initial zenbook s by almost a complete inch, the extra elevation You will see on an open up. Zenbook s13 is a lot much less remarkable and measures someplace better to 50, an inch otherwise much less.

Overall, the zenbook s13 features a lot of new flair from the radial pattern of its ring. Rotated screen cover to the diagonally cleaned lightweight aluminum finish on the keyboard deck. There is also a large diamond cut line simply over the function keys to give this laptop computer an extra bit of style while sealing its luxurious identification. This laptop computer is also incredibly small and thin with measurements measuring at simply 12.4 by 5.08 by 0.77 inches and weighs in at 1.1 kilogram. Despite its thinness, the asus, the newest ultrabook, still features one full sized usb 3.1 gen2 type, a together with two usb 3.1 gen2 type c port, sadly not thunderbolt, 3 mini sd card port and an earphone jack for how small and thin the zenbook s13 asus is Packing it with lots of equipment, firstly, users will have an option in between both intel whiskey lake cpus with the core i7 and core i5. After that, there is the optional nvidia geforce, distinct video, further bolstered by up to 16 gigabytes of ddr3 2133 megahertz memory and up to a terabyte of pcie nvme ssd storage space asus also managed to stuff in a 50whr battery that it claims can providing up to 15 hours of use of battery life score, we fully intend on confirming in our complete review the zenbook s13 packs a lot of power theoretically, and we really felt it throughout our brief practical time. With the unit, the laptop computer really felt extremely stylish with some light internet browsing and various other jobs.

Asus has really spared no expense to create its most powerful and beautiful ultrabook yet, and that is exactly why we’re a bit scared to ask how much it will cost. That said, it is hard not to appreciate the whole design of this laptop computer or how much hardware asus managed to load into its tiny frame. You basically cannot request a better looking or fully equipped ultra thin laptop computer compared to this, and we like it a great deal currently kindly see the description for this amazon product link.