Today, we will be having a look at the new and improved asus dual screen laptop the asus zenbook pro duo, 15 oled Music building upon the innovative top end features of its previous models. Asus has created a high performance, reliable and more ergonomic device that allows owners a seamless and comfortable experience designed around multitasking and creativity. This new generation of zenbook is an upgraded amp top version of its predecessors and is sure to take the market by storm. Asus brings us a sophisticated sleek new design. The chases and lid are made of magnesium aluminium alloy with a classy celestial blue finish. That is a beauty to behold. The new ergo lift and aas plus hinge. It features auto lifts the screen pad plus to a more ergonomic angle and improves the thermal efficiency of the device, as it allows room for 36 percent higher airflow speaking of thermal efficiency. The new dual 97 blade fans provide an additional 11 increase in airflow compared to previous generations. Furthermore, six copper heat pipes work to disperse overall heat, allowing this machine to maintain high performance. The asus zenbook pro duo 15 oled weighs only 2.4 kilograms and is 21.5 millimeters. Slim, making it 100 grams lighter and 2.5 millimeters slimmer than its system model, the zenbook pro duo: 15 ux581. The increase in weight from its predecessor, the zenbook duo 14, however, is due to a tougher, more durable and stronger hinged design made of zinc alloy, as well as a bigger screen, while being tough.

The new hinge module is 30 smaller than previous zenbook duo, models which permits the slimmer build. The zenbook pro 15 comes equipped with two thunderbolt 3 ports standard, hdmi, 1.4 and usb 3.2 gen 2 type, a ports along with a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and a micro sd card reader. All of these options ensure all round connectivity with a thought to convenient positioning. The display the zenbook pro duo has a pantone validated 15.6 inch. Oled 4k uhd nano edge touch screen supporting 3840 by 2160 resolution with a mere 0.2 millisecond response time, making it one of the smoothest touch screens to work with. Alongside the super speed response time, the touchscreen color volume is up to 1.6 times greater than a traditional lcd delivering exponential color accuracy, regardless of what level of brightness the display is set at to creators display accuracy is of utmost importance and the display hdr 500. True black feature, with its one million by one contrast, ratio provides creators of all kind with a brighter and more detailed viewing experience further. Enhancing the viewers experience is its 70 reduction in harmful blue light emission compared with normal lcds and for a fully immersive experience. The zenbook pro duo 15 has a wide 178 degree viewing angle on its main display, thanks to display hdr 500, the screen pad plus brightness is increased to 400 nits and paired with the new angle. The hinge design allows this, improves the touchscreen experience and prevents screen reflections, a new customizable control sensor button, which makes it possible for the users to adjust the location of the control center ui according to their preference.

Shortcuts, such as the launcher. Allow you to launch your favorite apps with a mere click or tap from the screen pad the new control panel app currently supporting adobe premiere after effects. Photoshop and lightroom classic allows for a smooth, efficient workflow with the screen pad by offering quick access to commonly used functions such as zoom brightness and contrast via sliders buttons and dials. A new touchpad mode can be activated which turns the screen pad into a massive touchpad switcher and viewmax options. Optimize multitasking and workspace management using switcher allows users to define where windows app should be quickly shifted to, while using vuemax allows them to merge the main secondary display into one large virtual display keyboard and trackpad. The ergo lift design of asus zenbook pro duo. 15 oled results in the keyboard automatically tilting when the laptop is opened. This design allows users to type more comfortably at positions that are recommended for the wrists. The keys feature, a 0.15 millimeter dish shaped indentation and a 1.4 millimeter key travel. These features deliver the comfort and accuracy of typing on a desktop pc keyboard, packed in a portable device, with the addition of several new dedicated hotkeys productivity and work, efficiency is increased, exponentially easily switch the webcam off or lock the system with the touch of a button. The zenbook also includes a function key with a lock option, allowing users to quickly switch between hotkey functions or general f1 to f12 key functions by pressing the function and escape keys.

At the same time, most compact laptops lack a numeric keypad, but not the zenbook pro duo 15.. It has upgraded the asus exclusive number pad 2.0 in the touchpad. A single touch sensor at the top right of the touchpad turns number pad on and off, and you can also swipe from the top left icon in any direction to activate the calculator app on the main display, camera and sound. The super slim camera module has a full element lens, which captures images and videos more sharply and due to its ultra thin design, it can be positioned at the ideal top basal location to deliver a flattering view of users. The ir camera algorithm features c’s in the dark capabilities, meaning that you can still log in with windows, hello, despite being in a low light environment. The audio system has been fine tuned by experts from the asus golden year. Team and audio specialists harman kardon, the zenbook output, is louder richer in depth and surround effects than ever before from the move, businessmen and remote employees. The zenbook offers the clear voice mic function, which presents them with four different modes that ensure clean noise. Free voice and conference calls performance. The performance specs of this beast of a laptop do not disappoint for a device built around multitasking. The best of hardware is incorporated in the zenbook pro duo to match. It comes equipped with the 10th gen intel core i9 processor, one of the most powerful mobile processors available and an increased battery capacity of 28 for 6.

2 hours of battery life. The zandberg features the latest nvidia geforce rtx series gpu. This gpu is based on the nvidia ampere architecture, with cuda cores, rt cores and tensor cores and works seamlessly with the nvidia optimus technology, the technology that allows you to maintain high performance while ensuring long battery life. You get more than enough processing power with the onboard memory design, which allows for its slim lightweight chases, while having a 32gb capacity and fast nine hundred thirty, three megahertz ddr4 clock speeds for uninterrupted workflow, as well as up to one terabyte pcle 3.0 nvme ssd, the Asus exclusive wi, fi master technology, which has a built in wi fi 6 wireless network for faster wireless transmission, also comes with wi fi smart connect function, which provides greater distance stability and speeds of up to 2.4 gigabytes per second. Our verdict, the zenbook pro duo 15, is a carefully crafted beautiful, high performance, high quality piece of innovative technology. That does not disappoint fans of its previous models and can garner the interest of any who value, multitasking and work efficiency. It has perfected the art of bringing dual screens to laptops and upholds the reputation of asus computers as the leaders of innovation in the field of technology.