If I mentioned it, this was my very first laptop Ive been doing video editing work for approximately 10 15 years now, but Ive always used desktop computers. I ended up starting to travel a little bit and thought you know. Maybe I can get a little bit of work done while Im out and about so maybe its time for me to go, get myself a laptop, and since I do do video production work and video, editing and thats. Basically, what Im going to be using the machine for I thought Id go all in on whatever it is that Im going to get, and I got the flagship model, which was this Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, its got the two screens its the I9 at the time Was the 10th 11th generation I cant remember, but it was you know, top of the line: specs 32 gigs of RAM everything that I needed for my business and my work to do video editing on and honestly for the first year. It was amazing. I love this thing. I said I would never go to another computer unless it had the two screens because I loved it so much. I love this thing so much that I bought my wife and ACs laptop. You know just the run of the mill to do her everyday, you know Word and Excel files and that kind of stuff and Banking and whatnot – and I also bought my kids, two Asus Chromebooks for school, because I was so happy with the product and honestly for The year that I used it I was pumped, I never had one single issue loved it and then I believe it was November 14th hit, and this is when we get into the bad Music, so well talk about what happened so November 14th.

I am working on putting out a invoice so Im just working in Excel nothing strenuous on the computer and all of a sudden. It just died like it just pixelated, the screens all went all pixelated and it just kind of died. It was still on the power. Was still on, my screens were just Frozen, so I thought all I have to do is just power this down power it up and were back in business, so I did power it down when I powered it back up. I had power on, but nothing two black screens couldnt, do anything tried going in and doing the safe restart just couldnt get it to do anything so sent it to a friend of mine. Just to get my footage and my files and all my data and information off of there first, he was able to do that, and so I was happy. I was able to save everything on the computer, but just to give you guys a little bit of a background. This computer has left my house, maybe five to ten times total its been plugged in the entire time. I very rarely ever used it uh not plugged in using the battery power. Ive always had it set to Performance mode and the battery to whatever the the best setting is, I think, its up to 80 and that will save your battery. So I have basically used this thing at home plugged in all the time and all Ive really done on.

It is video editing and video production work thats. Basically it – and this was my main everyday computer for everything else, but as far as intensive stuff, it was just the video editing and the video work on this computer Music. So the computers died. Ive got my footage back now. We need to get it fixed and I would consider this part the ugly, so this is kind of where it goes really downhill for me and just to State, I did not do any kind of extended warranty its not something I generally do so. I know in this case that it was just bad luck that this thing died, theres, nothing I can do about it as far as the actual physical problem with the computer, something happened. I get that its out of warranty. I get that as well. Thats totally on me Im not making a big deal or any kind of a stink about that portion of it. I do understand that and theres so much packed into this little machine and so much heat, dissipation and whatnot. I get there. You know where Im putting this thing through its Paces. I get that the fact that it died after a year sucks for me, but you know these things happen, and I do understand that. But when it came time to get this thing fixed and the customer service side of things, this is where I would consider things got ugly. Now I will explain that in order to send this in for repairs, you have to go to the Asus website.

You have to fill out a report and then send this in. You have to pay to get it diagnosed, and I understand all that, but going to the website, I am based here in Canada, so I went to Asus Canada. I go to start filling out the form and its telling me to put in my zip code now here in Canada. We have postal codes, we dont have zip codes, its basically the same thing but anyways. The form that I was trying to fill out would not let me fill out any kind of postal code. It would not let me fill in my address. It was basically unusable. So at this point I cannot fill out the form to get this thing looked at. So iPhone so the only number I could find that was local to me Im in here again here in Ontario, Canada was Markham Ontario, and that is where they do the repairs. So I Fall In The Markham Ontario repair shop. I get told that I need to call the head office. Then, when I call the head office I get told that I need to talk to somebody in the not under warranty department. So they, you know, play phone tag and I get bumped around a whole bunch of places and I finally land on somebody that Im talking to – and I explain my situation that I just want to get the computer in for repairs. And how do I do that? I cant fill out the sheet.

I cant fill out the form it seems like its, not a Canadian form. How do I get my computer to you guys to fix, so the gentleman stayed on the phone with me for quite some time went through tried to figure out what the problem was sent me a link for me to now fill out the form I go on. The computer, I start filling out the form I run into the exact same problem. Again. I cannot fill out my ZIP code. I cannot put in my postal code because its a zip, I cannot fill out my address. I basically stuck in the exact same position. I was after the three or four phone call tags that theyve sent me on and now Ive got a phone back again so a third time to tell them and go through exactly what Ive gone through with two people. So far, and at this point its getting a little frustrating because all I just I just want to get this thing – I just want to get it repaired. It shouldnt be this difficult, so anyways talk to somebody else on the phone. Explain the whole situation for a third time then they put me on hold for I dont know 10 15 minutes then come back and tell me I need to be on the Canadian Asus website and fill out the Canadian form, which I then tell them. I have been on the Canadian website every time and this is you know I keep getting this American form to fill out my phone.

You guys explain the whole situation. You send me the American form to fill out. I form you guys again and eventually I got the Canadian Forum to fill out. It cost me about a hundred dollars for me to fill out. The form go, take this to Staples, they wrap it all up, send it all off through FedEx. It gets to Asus and Markham at the repair center. On December 1st, I am told it within seven days. I will get a diagnostic Report with what is wrong with the computer and then its up to me to decide whether or not I want to fix it or not. So the seven days goes by, I havent heard anything I go on the website. The website has now changed to say they cant complete the repairs in time. They will get back to me at some point in time. Sorry for any inconvenience, so not sure why or what the story is just sorry for your luck. Your computer is not going to be done in the seven days that we told you it would be, which is fine. I do understand you know. I know theres staffing issues theres a lot of stuff going on in the world and I get it and then I believe it was December 14th or 15th by the time that I got the diagnostic report back so a little over two weeks, maybe two weeks or So, by the time they got it to me not a big deal, but I get sent this thing and it basically says to fix your computer.

It is going to cost you twenty seven hundred dollars tax in doesnt. Tell me whats wrong with the computer. Doesnt. Tell me what needs to be fixed doesnt tell me what parts need to be done for all. I know it could be a power supply that costs five dollars, but they gave me the sheet. It says heres what its going to cost you twenty seven hundred dollars and do you want to get it fixed or not? You have three days to reply, so I want to call somebody and just ask them. You know whats wrong with it. What needs to be repaired? Why does it cost twenty seven hundred dollars to fix? It saw iPhone Asus, Canada. First I get were sorry. The phone number youre dialing is not available. Please try again, which is odd, but okay. So then I go to a different phone number: The Markham repair shop that had my computer. I phoned that number were sorry. The number youve dialed is not available. Please try again. I cannot figure out whats going on now I cant get through on the phone. So I go to their website and then buried within a whole. Bunch of website pages is a little thing that says our phone lines are completely shut down. We do not have any customer service at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. So now I have three days to let them know whether or not I want to get my computer fixed or not, and if I dont let them know in three days they just ship it back automatically and assume that you dont want to get it fixed.

So I have three days to let them know whether or not I want to get it fixed. Yet I have no idea whats wrong with it. Cant find anybody to talk to cannot get any information as to whats wrong with it and now Im down to two days, because my first day is gone so the second day Im very frustrated I cant get through on the phones. This is the middle of the week. I decide. Okay, even though I dont usually do the chat with someone online. Maybe I can chat with someone online and talk to them just to get to the bottom of this and figure out. You know what does my computer need? What is wrong? Whats happened with it. What is going on so I go to do the chat with somebody online and then I get a pop up. That says. Business hours are 6 p.m to 6 a.m. Mountain Pacific time I dont even know what it said. To be honest, I live here in Canada. It was the middle of the day during the week. Theres got to be somebody somewhere that I should be able to talk to. So I just want to be upfront with this. I think this customer service was atrocious. I ended up saying, forget it. Dont fix my computer. The thing cost me about five thousand dollars with taxes in so for them to charge me 2 700 to fix something without even telling me whats wrong with.

It is ridiculous and the fact that it died literally a month after the warranty was up is ridiculous and again I know these things happen, but there should be a way to talk to somebody and at least find out whats wrong. I understand things go wrong. I just wanted to know what went wrong. What is it, why is it costing so much explain to me why its going to cost so much to get this fixed, and then I can make my decision not heres what its going to cost you without knowing whats wrong. I just think its ridiculous. I basically have now a five thousand dollar paperweight and I dont think. After this experience I will buy another ACs product in my life ever again and I just wanted to kind of be upfront with you guys. I wanted to be transparent and explain everything, whether its good or bad, on this channel, and that way, if theres anybody thats thinking about getting this computer or something else, they at least know what I have been through. With my experience with this computer and again just want to reiterate that I love the computer itself, I had zero issues with it for a year and a month never had one issue, I loved it. It was great for my video editing, like I said I was never going to switch. I was going to go always back to this two screen because I think its amazing for my line of work.

However, after dealing with Asus customer service, if you can even call it that I think its atrocious, I personally will probably never buy another Asus product again and again just wanted to share this with you and be up front and transparent about everything that Ive dealt with With this computer, all right guys thats it for my rant today. If you did find Value in this video, please give it a thumbs up, and if you havent already, please consider subscribing, as it really does make a difference and Id love to have. You join me on this YouTube Journey. Please remember to hit that notification Bell to stay up to date with everything coming out on this channel. If you are interested in checking out my original review of the Zenbook Pro dual laptop computer, please click on the link right here to check that out thanks for watching todays video.