Music, before any of the huge ass features that it has. Let me just talk about how slim this laptop is so it’s. I think it’s about around an inch thick, and it has very a very nice brush metal, dark blue if i’m not mistaken or even close to black finish with the rose gold accents and one thing i really like about asus laptops recently. Is this finish and it’s really just something i love photographing so check it check it out, take a look at this very, very nice, um, brush metal design and how it reflects with light now, this very thin device actually packs a core i7 11th zen intel processor. With an integrated iris, x, graphics card – and it has one terabyte solid state, drive memory and 16 gig ram in the box of course comes its very own asus pen to work with this 4k uhd oled, hdr and pantone validated display off the bat. This already looks like a very, very capable laptop, but let’s first take a look at its connectivity. So of course we have two usb c ports and i believe also the charging is already um facilitated through these ports, which i love, because everything should be usbc. By now – and we also have an hdmi port it’s, a full sized hdmi – and we have a usb type – a right here and, of course, the power button. To be quite honest, it was a bit unusual for me to find the power button on the side, but it now makes sense when you make use of it in tablet mode and yeah so it’s, basically, a 3.

2 gen, 1 type, a up to 5 gbps and The two type c ports are thunderbolt 4 up to 40 gbps, so i think you’re not gon na find that lacking at any point. But, of course, one of the most notable features that i was looking forward to when they sent this to me is the fact that it goes like this, and even so it goes like this. So, as a photographer as a content creator, i find this quite perfect for a lot of things that i do, especially when i have to go in deep into editing, and that really makes it a whole lot of difference. So you can actually use it like a regular laptop. Of course we have a very nice keyboard and a trackpad right here that also doubles as a numpad and basically you can use it any way you want to. So you can use it like this. You can go all out if you want to keep using the keyboard, while you do say very specific adjustments on photoshop, and you can also fold it that way. It deactivates the keyboard and it should be perfect and it should be. It should be very capable to let you use photoshop or whatever, whatever software you’re using with it, and just do your editing. However, the hell you want now. I mainly use the asus zenbook duo, so what i usually do is make use of it. Half with the trackpad and half with the pen, and of course this is something also applicable to that that’s – why? I would prefer making use of this in this way in a flat configuration to make use of both the keyboard, the trackpad and the pen.

So basically, i want to put this moon on this night shot right here, to give it a bit more drama, and let me just show you how easily you can do that Music switch this over to lighten blending and it’s, almost perfectly perfectly perfectly compatible with the Shot now, of course, there are so many more complicated ways of doing this, but basically this is how i would use it and now let me just refine the selection Music by zooming in, and you can do it this way and let me just clean up a Bit on that, so what i’m gon na do now is brush away some parts that i don’t want to be seen so it’s actually there’s a bit of a dilemma on my side. If i want to keep these clouds right here, but let me just show you that it can be done that way and also i want the edges to be a bit clean to make it look more organic. Of course, there are so many ways of doing this. So many more things you can do with this, but i don’t want to keep you guys watching the entire time of how i edit, because that might take too long. But we have finished product already right here, and the last thing i want to do is do a bit of cleanup and very simply with a heal tool. I want to take away these. Of course i chose the wrong layer and there we go.

I want to take out those lights from construction trains. Let me tell you, having a stylus having a pen really makes a world of difference in precisely choosing those things Music all right. I hope you liked that very quick demo on a bit of advanced post processing and cleaning up my cityscape images. But if you have any questions about this feel free to comment down below and, of course, the link to this and more information about the zenbook.