Now this is from asus all right now. This one i’ve been particularly excited about, so this was released sometime last year, all right um. This is, or is going to be the very first laptop that we’ve reviewed, that has a 4k screen right i’m, so excited about this let’s, not waste any more time. Let’S open this up and another reason why i’m particularly excited is that you know every time i unbox an asus laptop. They always nail uh the whole box design and all that so i’m i’ve got huge hopes for this one and immediately my gosh it’s, so small it’s, so sleek now obviously from this you’re gon na know that the laptop and the charger and everything else is not Gon na be uh in here. What else do we have? We have a case all right. So, oh very nice, all right. So this is the like a. What do you call that sleeve yeah like a laptop sleeve for this laptop? We also have there you go so this would be the box where you would get the charger and i’m gon na assume that it’s a type c charger but we’ll see okay, so yep it is a charger and yes again, it’s a type c charger. I’M. Really glad that almost every new laptop is going the way or the type c charger you don’t have proprietary barrel chargers, except for maybe some of the gaming laptops that require a bit more juice but yeah again, fantastic design for the charging brake.

Really small really easy to put in your bag and again uh 65 watts of charge. I don’t think you can get that because of the reflection but yeah all right. So we have this here and we have the box now. Oh okay, let’s see i’m, always so excited about unboxing asus laptop let’s, see if it rises, like the other uh laptops open up and yep. They, oh it’s, an oled screen. Oh my gosh, okay, now i’m really really excited but yeah again. It has that same thing. You know lift up asus, you guys always do the best uh box designs, all the other brands. I don’t know. Maybe you don’t care, but if you do man you’ve got a long way to go. Alright, so it’s an oled screen. I forgot about that. I thought it was just um like a 4k screen, but it’s 4k oled and okay, so you’re looking at some of the specs here all right. So it covers 100 of the dc ip3 coverage it’s a first for me, i’m, guessing because it’s oled it has a million to one contrast: ratio again that’s, because it’s oled all right. So if you’re wondering the difference between oled and an lcd or led panel, is that an led or lcd panel requires a backlight to illuminate the colors or illuminate the pixels um oled. The pixels are self illuminating. So in areas where the screen is supposed to be black uh, you don’t get any illumination it just switches off that’s.

Why you get excellent contrast, ratios all right and it has low blue light. Okay, that’s fine uh, i care, but man i’m, so excited let’s open. This up – oh it’s, oh yeah, it has okay, so i’m, assuming this is touch screen, since it has a stylus as well. I wonder if there’s a way to put it in the laptop, i don’t think so anyway. What else do we have i’m? Assuming? This is documentation, yep, just some documentation or maybe stickers, nah just documentation, that’s, fine, okay, so we got the laptop and actually my wife very cleverly pointed out. So if you look here, i don’t know the camera can see they got a design of the stylus here. So i’m guessing and it’s a flat surface here so i’m guessing this is magnetic uh, not right now, maybe we got to open it up, it’s smaller than i expected. I have to be honest. Oh this is stuck to it. Okay, let’s just move this away. All right so does the laptop you know like rise from the back again. Let me see okay, it does so over here, like a lot of asus laptop that particular design where, when you lift up the monitor it sort of like slightly raises the bottom of the laptop, so you get a bit of circulation. This does as well. It is very slight, almost nothing but anyway, looking at the back of the laptop, very simple, nothing, nothing particularly special about it.

Uh you’ve got your rubber legs here to help it raise up again again for air circulation um but yeah, okay, looking at this okay, so another fantastic thing i love about asus is the touch pads, also double as a number pad all right. So if you look here, you know you press and hold a button over here. It you’ll become a number pad and i’ll show you that in a bit, so you have the pen and looks really nice as well like for me. I’Ve got the microsoft surface, specifically the surface pro 4 and i also have a stylus that is good, although it’s a little bulky. This is kind of bulky, but i think it’s a little slimmer than the surface pro but anyway, so we had that design. Just now. Right, so am i supposed to put this here, uh yeah. I guess no wait! No that’s, not right! Oh! Is it because i got this plastic on okay. I got ta be honest. I can feel a slight magnetism over here like see when i put it it snaps, but it’s just over here and it’s. Definitely not strong enough to walk around. It falls off immediately, so i might be getting this wrong. It wouldn’t make sense to put it here. Anyway, or maybe it’s here nah, i can definitely feel something magnetic over here or maybe, when i open it up, it doesn’t make sense if it’s here as well so i’m, not quite sure how this is supposed to work, but you know we’ll check on it in A bit all right so, first of all, let’s look at the flex now immediately it’s, quite heavy, but then again, it’s, because this is off the back of uh doing an unboxing of the uh lg gram uh.

Just you know the day before and now i’ve got this it’s actually quite light, but because the lg cam is super light, this feels a little heavier but it’s so rigid. This is yeah i’m trying to move and i’m i’m, not getting any flex at all. What about on the monitor i’m? Sorry on the screen. Also, this is so wow. This is very rigid. This is probably one of the most rigid screens i’ve ever tested out. I really like this sort of bronze accent. Sorry bronze, bronze, accents over here design wise. You know what i think there’s only ever been one laptop. I think it was a tough gaming laptop that i didn’t, like the design from asus every other laptop from asus i’ve always loved. So this is no different. Uh let’s take a look at the i o, but okay, so you have the hdmi port again, i’m, not quite sure which hdmi you’ve got two usb type c ports, both of them charges the laptop and on the other side, oh just one. Okay, so you’ve got the power button and you’ve got a usb uh 3.0, so i have to admit a little bit lacking on the io. I mean you have space i’m, pretty sure you can put a bit more, although to be fair, a lot of people think that you know the motherboard takes up the entire area. That’S, not actually true, um. The motherboard actually takes up, maybe about this much.

All of this is all battery, usually it’s, all battery, and no, if you’re wondering i can’t, take this apart, all right but that’s why a lot of the ports tend to end somewhere around here. So in this particular case the motherboard probably ends uh somewhere around here. Right but anyway, let’s open it up. Let’S turn it on i’m, so excited to see this oled screen and, of course i need to set this up but yeah. This is a touchscreen really nice man and, i think it’s, because it’s a touchscreen, the bezel is massive, especially at the bottom uh on the left and right it’s. Okay, you’ve got a glass front, not plastic, which is probably going to add to like you know the really vibrant colors and all that but yeah. Let me just set it up and then you’ll test it out. Okay, so we’ve got it set up. Man reviewing all these laptops uh back to back i’m, getting really annoyed at the windows setup. I wish it was quicker, but anyway, so here we are uh screen obviously looks really nice uh. I will say, though i was typing, like you know when i said i’ve got to log in and everything and i find the keyboard a little bit too cramped. Now, of course, it has to be cramped because of the size of the laptop, but i find typing is a little bit annoying. For me, the trackpad is nice. The trackpad is really big it’s a lot long good.

I expected it’s not as much wide as it is long uh, but that’s cool i’m going to remove this. So i can show you the trackpad so yeah as you can see the trackpad illuminates to show like a number pad. So if i were to type this, i can go eight you can see on the screen it’s all here, you know and you go back, delete it all right and if i press and hold it goes away all right now. Another thing is: if i turn on uh the trackpad or i turn on the like this number pad here i still get the trackpad or the mouse functionality. It doesn’t switch it off so it’s kind of double so that’s really nice, but anyway, let’s go through all of the specifications now for this one. This has an intel uh i7. So this is the uh evo series as well it’s, specifically, i have it here: it’s, the 1165 g7. So exactly the same as the lg gram, all right and for storage, you get one terabyte right, pretty cool i’m surprised that they made you squeeze that in here. So you get one terabyte ssd i’m, assuming that’s nvme uh in terms of ram. You get 16 gigabytes of ram that’s ddr4 ram. It supports wi, fi six and supports bluetooth 5.0, or it might be bluetooth. 5.1. I’M. Not entirely sure i don’t have the specs for that yet, but man it’s touchscreen, so i really like that it it’s really uh responsive.

This brings me back to my surface pro i’m, so used to touch screens now, uh, okay, in terms of the speaker, so it’s supposedly sound by you, know tuned by harman kardon. It is so thin. Honestly, i don’t have high hopes, but you know what let’s try it out so we’ll test the audio and we’ll test the screen at the same time, okay, yes, i expected i expected to be blown away by the laptop screen and, yes, i am absolutely blown away. It’S an oled screen, so obviously man that looks so good let’s look at some of my usual 4k videos that i always watch. Yeah, that’s, really good for this one. I’M gon na mute i’m gon na mute this just so i can look at the screen. I mean what can i say it is the best laptop screen ever okay. I know i just said that uh, the previous one, but yeah this is oled. I mean it’s, not much of a comparison. It is beautiful. I have to say i’m surprised by the by the speakers as well, it’s, so small, but it packs quite a punch. I mean obviously it’s not going to sound fantastic, but for laptop this size it sounds really good. Let me just play a bit of a music here: Music, wow, okay. It gets very loud wow. I okay asus. I have to give it to you. I am really really impressed. It is really loud.

I mean it doesn’t sound fantastic. It sounds very thinny uh. Even the clarity is missing a bit. Obviously you’re not gon na get much bass, but i mean, if you need it it’s there. It gets a lot louder than i expected so well done now. A couple of other features: uh one – is that it supposedly has something called ai noise cancelling for the microphone so it’s supposed to do a very good job of cancelling the background noise around you, i’m gon na test it out – and i will talk about that in The full review so don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss it and, of course, apart from the stylus that i’m gon na test out as well it’s one of its biggest party pieces, it’s sort of you know, uh is clued in in the name. It’S called the zen book flip s and yes, it flips all right. Now i mentioned earlier that when i race or when i lift up the screen, it raises the laptop a little bit not as much as some of the other asus laptops but that’s, because it flips 360. well, does it count as 360 almost 360.? You can open it up all the way to this incredible and then it switches to tablet mode. That’S, nice, um let’s, see if the oh that’s, nice, okay. So when it’s in tablet mode, the keyboard is deactivated. It’S good because you’re going to need to hold the left the tablet like this so yeah.

It goes to uh tablet mode, which is nice, okay, so i’m, actually trying out in tablet mode and it’s pretty cool. But if i hold it like this, i realize that the bezels here are a bit too thin and because of that i’m, getting a lot of accidental touches on my left hand. So if i hold it like this just a little bit – and you know it’s sort of not allowing me to press this, so i have to hold it up here and press it like that to activate the touchscreen. But of course you know like i said it goes 360., so i can sort of put it like this and then it works like that. But if you do this, why can’t you just put it on laptop mode? I think it’s more about holding it but anyway i’m trying to see if i can get this stylus to pair, because right now, it’s not working. The reason why it wasn’t working is because there’s a little plastic piece inside you know to stop the battery coming to contact uh with the pen so that it doesn’t drain, but once it was done, i didn’t need to pair it. It actually works immediately. So that’s pretty cool, uh, yeah, it’s, nice. Okay, let me open up paint. Okay, i have to say it is actually a lot more sensitive and a lot more responsive than the surface pro pen, although, like i said the one that i have at the surface, pro 4 there’s probably been a lot of improvement since then, but this is definitely Better than the surface profile, it’s it’s almost like writing the the responsiveness is really really good, so that was pretty much our unboxing and first impressions of the asus zenbook flip s now in terms of pricing.

So with this particular spec, so we’ll go to the specs again it’s an i7 11. What was it? 65, g7 so that’s, a four core eight tread cpu you’ve got 16 gigabytes of ram uh 512 gigabytes of storage. This is a 4k, so 3840 by 2160 oled screen uh. This comes in at about 200 2 498. Singapore dollars, basically 2 500 single dollars. I have to say at that price. I expected it to be a lot more expensive because of the 4k oled screen. It’S not cheap by any means, of course, but um this screen is beautiful, so i think people who do color sensitive work and all that this might just be the laptop for you, but i’m gon na have to spend some time with it uh just to test It out and see how it works for me and, of course, i’ll speak with some guys who do color, sensitive work and get their thoughts on it as well uh, but that’s all for now.