This is a ultra portable premium, two in one notebook and, i have to say, have the specs on this are just incredible. This has to be one of the most premium windows laptops that i have ever used and let’s have a closer look at the same, though it’s, actually a two in one guys generally, the two and ones are pretty uh heavy. This one actually weighs just about 1.2 kilograms and also comes with this pen support. So let’s have a closer look at this one now so guys. This is all we get in the box, and this is the uh power adapter. This is actually a 65 watt power. Adapter uh with usb type c i’ll, just keep that to the side for now and uh. We also get this uh pen uh. We also have a button and uh. This is active, guys supports 4096 levels of pressure. Uh, we also get a nice carrying case feels actually very very premium very soft to touch. So this is what we get i’ll just keep these things to the side, and this is the laptop itself, and if you look at it, it actually looks very, very sleek. We have this. This is known as the jade black color, and we have this red. Copper accents so looks very, very cool and actually looks and feels very premium in terms of build. Quality also feels very, very sturdy. It’S actually made up of a magnesium alloy with aluminum mix that’s why they are able to keep the weight low to about 1.

2 kilogram, and the back also feels actually nice so in terms of build i’m very happy with the build of this one. Even if the uh i’ll open it and show it to you guys, the hinges have actually very good support. It stays at any angle. You keep like this. Also has that ir, unlocking and all those things it unlocked very quickly, as you saw that, and the hinge is really good. As you can see, it stays like this at any angle and, of course, it’s a two and one, so you can go into this tent mode and all those things uh. Let me just actually close this and let me first give you an idea about the ports and all and on this side, if you notice, we have two type c ports. These are actually thunderbolt 4 port and you can charge from either one of them and i’ve tested it and works very well. We also have a full size hdmi. Maybe you want to connect it to a projector or stuff. You can easily do that and back if you see here, we have a few vents to dissipate the heat. Actually, we have many of the vents over here, also at the bottom. What i’ve noticed is that the laptop gets warm in this area, but in my testing it never got uncomfortably hot. And if you move towards this side uh, we have a regular, usb uh type, a port, and this button is the physical button to power it on and off also has a lid and the moment you open up the ir camera is fair and it unlocks, as You can see it.

Does it really really quickly uh that’s because of the intel evo uh supposed to do it in less than one second let’s. Try it again. If you just open it up the ir cameras, they log you in so that works very well and um. Moving to the uh keyboard again is backlit, so you can adjust it. You have multiple levels of backlighting on this one that’s good uh. The trackpad performance is also very good again that’s. What you expect with windows laptops, so you have that multi tail attached gestures and all those things those work very well on this uh. Another thing is that, and we have seen this with many other uh, what do you say? Asus, uh, notebooks, also uh. We, if you press this, you get the number pad over here uh. But if you can adjust the intensity of this, you can make it brighter or lower it, and i like it at night now another thing that i like and let me just shut this off press this and another thing that i liked is the actual screen guys. This is actually a oled screen and it’s a 4k oled screen, and what i like is that it can go really really bright. So outdoors also, you can use. It goes up to 500 nits, but it can actually also go very, very low in terms of brightness, and this is actually great when you’re using indoors at night. It can go very low in brightness so that it does not hurt your eyes also coming to the color accuracy.

It is actually very good, color accuracy on this one. This is actually pantone validated, so the colors that you see are accurate on this one. In fact, in terms of srgb, it is 133 percent srgb and 100 dcpi. So in terms of color accuracy also, it is very good it’s oled screen and, of course it supports hdr10. So even hdr content you can watch uh now moving to the specs again. This is a fully loaded machine uh. It actually comes with the latest include 11th generation title like processor and to give you an idea, let me just uh invoke the cpu z app and this let it load – and this is the core i7 variant uh guys. It only comes in one variant: that’s, the core i7 it’s, the 1165 g7 it’s, showing the wrong tdp it’s supposed to be actually 15 watt db, but with this tiger lake. Actually, if this is clocked by default at 12 watts, you have this asus. What do you say ab and you can control the what they say: tdp if you go over here in the fan profile by standard, if you keep it on standard mode, uh, it’s actually running on 12w. If you go into the whisper mode, it goes down to eight watts and performance mode. It goes to 15 watt, so that’s actually a new thing with this one to actually maximize the battery again. This is based on 10 nanometer process. Uh guys – and this is the latest 11th generation from anything and uh as you can see, i can go it’s got a 2.

8 gigahertz and uh. If i go to cache, it is supposed to have. It says 12 megabytes of l3 case that it has and memory uh. This uh model has 16 gigabytes of memory and it’s actually ddr4 and in fact, it’s clocked at a very high speed of 4266 mega. So again, that is also the fastest that we are getting uh moving to the ssd, also uh, the ssd that we have is actually a one terabyte ssd on uh this one and it’s it’s, actually a very fast ssd. So, as you can see, 16 gigabytes of uh ram that you’re having comes with windows 10 home on this one. With that pen support as uh i’ve shown you uh first, i was curious about the ssd because supposed to have a pci, x4 ssd uh. So i ran this crystal disk mark i’ve, actually, uh yeah, yeah i’ve saved this course and, as you can see, 3.3 gigabytes, this is insane uh. Many of the laptops actually hover around 1.5 to uh gigabyte, but this is three point three and right so you’re getting two point: seven gigabyte. This is one of the fastest ssds that i have seen so great to see that we have that and it’s a one. Terabyte ssd that you are getting on this one uh. I also ran um some other benchmarks to see how this intel 11th generation processor uh performs. So this is actually a quad core processor, as i’ve told you with eight uh uh threads and on this one.

That is the geekbench five single core. We got a score of 1528, whereas the multi core, as it’s a quad core processor, we got a score of 4807. The thing with this 11th generation processor is that uh, the gpu, the built in gpu, is supposed to be a lot better compared to older intel integrated gpus, and i also ran siri bench r15 on this one. And if you notice the opengl score, we got a very respectable opengl score of 96.7 fps and the cpu score we got of 755.. What this means is that uh earlier with integrated, what do you say if your laptop didn’t have a dedicated gpu generally that’s? The case with this ultra light, notebooks and stuff – yes, it’s good for business stuff, and but if you want to do light gaming yourself, it used to actually start up with this one. You can do a little bit of gaming i’m, not telling that this is a gaming laptop guys, but you can run games like watch light games like rocket league, etc. On this fine actually and even some of the higher end games at low settings, you are able to play. In fact, the performance of this gpu is sort of closer to the dedicated mx 350 gpu. In fact, it surpasses that so that’s, actually nice uh. So let me actually show you one more score, as this is r20 again, this is for the processor and again, as you can see, we got a respectable score of 1587 on this laptop uh.

Another thing is that as i’ve told you uh, this is actually having this sticker. It says enter evo uh. That means this is certified by intel. So what was this internet evo? I was also curious and i went to this webpage and according to intel uh. This is a certification by intel, a laptop that has that sticker says that it needs to have 11th generation processor with the irs x, graphics, that this has also it has to support wi fi six uh. This yes does have the wi fi six support, and also battery life at least nine plus hours and uh is claiming about 10 odd hours of battery life. On this one and also uh, it has to be thin, of course, it’s a thin one, and also it needs to have actually thunderbolt 4 uh, and this does have that thunderbolt 4 support. So this is actually certified by intel that enter evo platform that the new thing that they are doing so another thing i completely forgot to mention is that uh office was also pre loaded on this licensed one, and if i invoke word as you can see, it Is working i have to just accept this and it’ll start working, so you have. What do you say licensed office also on this, so that’s? Actually a a nice thing on this one also moving the keyboard. I like the keyboard on this one. The keyboard travel is good, so, and the layout is actually nice on this one as you can see, and we have the regular keys, but we also have some extra keys over uh here, so the overall keyboard, the layout is good and also the brightness, and this Is bright, so i can’t, you might not be able to see it.

I lower it, but i like the keyboard brightness level, also on this one. It has multiple levels on this laptop battery guys it has a 67 watt r battery on this one, and i couldn’t complete my complete battery testing, but should give close to about eight to about nine hours of battery life and again, as you can see, that ir Unlocking that windows, hello, works very well on this one. This also supports fast charging and, according to asus in 49 minutes, it can charge 60 of the battery uh, so overall it’s, actually a nice laptop, and also this one has got the u.s military grade: durability rating uh. Moving to the webcam, i completely forgot uh. This one has a webcam over here. So here is a quick sample that i shot with its webcam recording this video with the integrated camera on the zenbook flip s, and the audio is also being recorded via its internal microphone. So do let me know what do you feel about the microphone pickup because that’s becoming very important these days, because we need a lot of conference calls and stuff. And what do you feel about the video so let’s quickly just break it down between what i liked and what i did not like. First let’s talk about things that i like on this one, and the first thing is that i don’t know how i can tell you across the video. The build quality is amazing, considering that it weighs just 1.

2 kilograms it the moment you just open it up. It feels premium and also in terms of looks this is very stylish in this uh color that you get again, as i told you, it’s just 1.2 kilograms, and also this is actually a touch screen and also a two in one. So uh you can use it like this, like a regular notebook, and you can also go like this and use it like a tablet mode. You also get that pen support and you have that pressure sensitivity with this next thing is the screen on this one. This is a oled screen, okay, but this is a 4k oled screen and i have to say i love the screen on this laptop. It can go actually very, very bright outdoors up to about 500 nits that’s enough, and even in what do you say, indoor conditions at night. I was just using it when it was all the lights were closed. It can go very low, so that does not hurt your eyes and also in terms of color calibration it’s been done very well it’s spanked on uh validated. So in terms of screen, i would say we are getting one of the best that you can see. We are getting an oled screen on this one and also moving to the ssd, as we saw the ssd speeds up, blazingly fast over three gigabytes that we are getting so everything actually just loads. You click it just loads on this one extremely fast now let’s talk about some of the uh shortcomings that i’ve noticed on this one, and the first thing is: i don’t know why we don’t have a headphone jack on this one, no 3.

5 mm headphone jack on This one, so i missed that on this uh coming to the camera, as we saw, the audio pickup was good for the microphones, for the conference calls that we did but still they’re using a 720p camera. I wished it was a 1080p, and another thing is that, specifically in india uh, we are going to get only one variant of this laptop and the variant that we have is spread out with one terabyte of ssd, that 16 gigabytes of ram and that 4k oled Screen so considering all the specs, this is going to be a very, very expensive laptop. We just have one variant of this one, but if you have that budget, if you’re looking for that ultra high premium, what do you say laptop and you want it to be a two in one? Then you can certainly have a look at this one uh, the specs and the performance is actually really good on this one. But what do you guys think about this laptop you? Let me know in the comment section below anyways guys: that’s it for now thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button.