This is asus. Zenbook flip s, it’s a two in one device powered by intel core i7 11 gen, processor, 16, gb of ram and 1tb ssd. The icing on the cake is, it is flanked with a 4k oled panel. That panel is a touch screen, so yeah that’s going to be fun so without any further delay. Let’S crack the box open check the laptop out and then let’s jump to the review. All right, let’s pull the laptop out first. I think this is the laptop yep, so the laptop comes in its own box, it’s, a nice black box. Let me open this up. Okay, and this is the laptop. So this is your asus zenbook flip s. Let me keep this aside. This is the stylus, and this as usual, is the paperwork. Okay, anything else here, no now let’s look at the main box. This i’m sure is the power card and the charger let’s open this up yep. So this is the power cord, and this is your type c charger. Yes, so this is your type c charger. I think it’s a 65 watt charger if i’m not wrong. If you can see 65 watt or else yeah, it has usb c 2 audio jack dongle. This is also in the box. Keep this aside what else we do have the asus sleeve as well. So this is a nice sleeve which comes in the box as well, for your premium laptop a premium sleeve for your premium laptop all right, so um in the box.

You get the laptop some paperwork power, cord charger, the stylus usb c2 audio jack dongle and the premium sleeve so yeah. This was your unboxing experience for asus zenbook flip s, now let’s jump to the review, hello people. So today we are testing the most premium. Two in one laptop available in the market for the 4k touchscreen. This is asus zenbook flip s. It is loaded with specs to start off. It comes with an intel core i7 11th gen processor, with xc graphics, 16 gb of ram and 1 tb of nvme m.2 ssd, and also it has a 4k ultra hd oled touch screen i’m using this beauty. As my work laptop for well over two weeks now – and here are my thoughts – let’s talk about its build and design first sophisticated that’s. The word that comes to my mind when i look at this laptop zenbook flip s is supremely elegant with red, copper diamond cut. Highlights that perfectly complements its timeless jade black finish a brushed aluminum deco bar above the h2h keyboard adds a subtle, finishing touch, creating a luxurious overall. Look that stands out from the cloud without being extravagant. Zenbook flip s is effortlessly, portable and endlessly versatile, thanks to its sleek and compact design, that’s just 1.2 kg light and 13.9 mm thin it’s. The perfect take anymore laptop for the on on the go productivity and creativity. The lid is flanked with a unique asymmetric circle. Like finish with the asus logo, on the left, presenting a surface that is soothing and sophisticated in appearance, the inside bezels are super thin on the top and the sides, but the chin is quite large.

The top bezel houses an ir webcam with regards to its build quality. Zenbook flip s meets the ultra demanding mil std810g military standard for reliability and durability undergoing a punishing test regime. That includes extended tests for operation in harsh environments since it’s a two in one. We need to give extra attention to the hinges: asus zenbook, flip s features the exclusive 360 degree, ergo lift hinge design which allows the display to be flipped in any position. According to the user requirement, the hinge is tested for over 20 000, open and close cycles. As claimed by asus, the ergo lift design tilts the keyboard automatically when the laptop is opened. This design not only allows you to type more comfortably, but also increases the ventilation space under the chassis for improved heat dissipation. The heat vents are located at the bottom chassis behind the keyboard and the back of the laptop comprises of speaker units and 4 rubberized pads to keep the laptop tethered to the desk 10 on 10. When it comes to the build quality and design of asus zenbook. Flip s now comes the main highlight of this laptop, its display zenbook flip s features an oled touchscreen display with a 4k ultra hd resolution, which delivers exceptionally detailed and realistic visuals with ultra vivid color accuracy and a cinema grid 100. Dci, p3 color gamut it’s. Also vasa display hdr certified for d blacks and increased dynamic range, making this immersive slim bezel design a superb all rounder for work or play with the extreme contrast and accurate color reproduction.

At any level, everything looks crisp and vibrant, even within darker content. This helps with eye comfort too. You can dial down the brightness without losing contrast and color vibrancy, resulting in reduced blue light emission. The screen gets super bright as well, with nits count of 500, so you can take your work outdoors in bright sunlight without any issues. The touchscreen is super responsive as well fingers glide smoothly on the surface without any issues, and it supports two fingers scroll and pinch to zoom. Overall, the display is a banger and might as well be the display to beat this year. Alright, let’s talk about its performance. Now, zenbook flip s is built to deliver outstanding performance anywhere it’s, slim and lightweight chassis houses. Everything you need to enjoy no compromise productivity, whether you are in the office at home or on the road. This model of zenbook flips is also intel evo, certified to deliver premium mobile performance, superb visuals and outstanding power efficiency. You can rely on zenbook flips to make even the most demanding tasks fun. During my testing i opened close to 30 chrome. Tabs plus was running multiple programs in the background and the performance was exceptional through and through no thermal throttling observed. Overall, the performance was truly great from this thin and light. Two in one gaming is also possible. Thanks to xc graphics. On zenbook flip s, i tried gta, 5 and fortnite and both ran quite smoothly on medium settings.

Now let’s talk about its battery life, asus zenbook flip s is available with a 67 watt hour battery that offers an incredible battery life of up to 15 hours, allowing users to work an entire day without charging. This is as per aces, but during my testing i only got about six to seven hours with brightness at 80 and wi fi on which was a little disappointing. It also offers a fast charge function that charges the battery from 0 to 60 in just 49 minutes. Okay, let’s focus on the input experience now. Zenbook flip s is dotted with h2h full size, backlit keyboard. The typing experience is really good. With 1.4 mm of key travel below the keyboard, there is a touch pad that is made of glass. The gliding is smooth and accurate, and it supports windows 10 gestures as well. The touchpad is also equipped with numpad 2.0, which turns it into an led illuminated. Numeric keypad really useful feature, as it gives you a productive way to enter numbers on compact laptops. You can also adjust its brightness by tapping on the icon on the top left since it’s a two in one laptop. It also comes with an asus stylus, which supports 4096 levels of pressure, sensitivity and mpp 2.0, allowing users to create more detailed and vivid content. The stylus has a battery life of up to 12 months. With regards to its port situation on the left, you have one standard, hdmi port and two thunderbolt 4 usb c ports.

Each thunderbolt port can support up to 40 gbps data bandwidth and dual 4k or single 8k display output on the right. You have a single usb, 3.2 gen1 type, a port. When it comes to upgradability. You cannot upgrade the ram as it’s soldered onto the motherboard, but you can easily swap the ssd with a bigger and better one if you want. Lastly, speakers they are downward firing and are powered by harman kardon and they produce good, sound, alright time for final thoughts. To sum up, zenbook flip s combines elegant sophistication with an all new design that makes it more desirable than ever its sleek 4k ultra hd oled. Nano edge, touchscreen display and 360 degree ergo lift hinge, makes zenbook flip s, ultra compact and versatile, and the 11 gen intel processor and iris xc graphics, deliver effortless performance for on the go productivity and creativity. Zenbook flippers brings you flexibility and performance with a touch of luxury. If you have the budget and are looking for the best two in one experience out there, then this is your pick. I couldn’t find any major flaws on this. One except the battery life could have been much better. Also, this is the cheapest laptop at the 4k oled touchscreen. You can find in the market right now. So if you want the best of the best in terms of design performance and display, then look no further. All right guys, this is it for the review.

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