. This laptop is a toned down version of the asus zenbook flip s, which i reviewed and love the zen book. Tattoo is cheaper. It feels as premium as his elder brother, but only this size deceive you. This ultra thin ultra portable comfortable, two in one laptop, is a wolf now for the unboxing experience here’s the laptop it comes in one color, which is gray. It feels premium and in terms of weight at 1.3 kg. This is lighter than a standard pillow. The asus zenbook isn’t, just thin and lightweight it’s tough it’s, an mil std810g device, which means it’s been tested by the us military and they’ve found it to be durable. If you’re worried about the hinge, don’t be it’s been tested over 20 000 times and nothing is going to happen to the flex. The ergo lift hinge also helps with cooling as it lifts the laptop up a bit to dissipate heat, and it also makes typing comfortable man. The engineers at asus are clever back to the box. You get a sleeve. It comes to a usb a to rj45 gigabyte ethernet adapter. It also comes with a usb type c to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter, a 65 watts type c adapter, which charges this laptop from zero to 60 in 54 minutes and, most importantly, a stylus which is a must have accessory. If you want to take your productivity to another level, now something i learned recently when i review the asus zenbook flip s is, do not judge a laptop by its size, and that applies to this laptop as well.

The zenbook 13 comes to the latest intel core i7 11th gen processor, 4 cores 8 threads 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram 512 gigabyte ssd a 13.3 inch 100 srgb nano edge full hd ips display with a resolution of 920 by 1080p, with stylus supports for The ports, the zenbook 310, comes with an hdmi 1.4 port, two usb type c thunderbolt 3 ports, and you can use any of the ports to charge this laptop. It also comes the usb 3.2 gen1 ports. This laptop is lacking a headphone jack, but you do get the dongle in the box if you want to connect your wired, headset and there’s no sd card support on this guy, but you can always get a dongle for that now. This is interesting. Do you know that you can use a power bank to charge this laptop? It isn’t going to be fast, but if your battery is low and you need to get work done, this is a solution. Now, taking a look inside, the keyboard has an edge to edge design and it’s tactile. It has function keys at the top for convenience. The keyboard is also backlit and you can adjust the intensity of the light or turn it off completely. If you choose to moving down to the number pad, the asus zenbook 13 also comes with dual function: trackpad with integrated, led numeric keyboard, which comes in handy when you need to type numbers fast. You can also increase or reduce the brightness of the led light, and if you use the calculator app a lot, you will be pleased to know that you can drag your finger from the top left corner to the center of the number part to launch the calculator App, unlike the zenbook flip s, with the 4k oled display, the zenboot 10 comes the full hd ips lcd panel it’s, a 13.

3 inch display with 100 srgb coverage and it is touched supports now. I know what you’re thinking you will pick the 4k oled display over the full hd ips display, but you know what i really like: how accurate and balanced colors are on this display, especially when i collaborate on premiere pro. If you look at the side of the display, the bezels are tiny, but take a look at the bottom yeah. You can land a boeing 767 on this guy jokes aside, the thick bezel is there to give you something to hold on to when you’re, using this laptop in tablet mode now in tablet mode, the keyboard becomes inactive, allowing you to firmly hold the laptop using the Stylus to draw your finger or hand doesn’t get in the way the display is responsive thanks to the 4096 level of pressure sensitivity that the pen offers and using it feels natural for performance. This laptop is rocking the latest intel tiger, liquor, i7 11 gem processor and intel iris x8 graphics. The model i have here comes with 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x ram and 512 gigabyte ssd with 4 cores and 8 threads. This laptop is snappy when it comes to single core tax. Now, just to see how fast it is. I rendered the 4k video using adobe premiere pro and i wasn’t disappointed just like the zenbook flip s. The zambo flip 13 rendered the video faster than my current editing laptop now for the gamers out there.

This laptop isn’t, a gaming laptop by any means, but if you’re bored and you feel like playing games, you can play games like alphabet 9 and fosa at the highest graphics for graphic intensive game like pubg. This laptop can play at the lower settings like i said it isn’t a gaming laptop, but when it comes to photo and video editing, this laptop can hold its ground and outperform other laptops. Now this zenbook flip 13 is a modern laptop and it comes equipped with bluetooth 5.0, which offers fast connectivity speed. It has wi fi 6, which is the latest generation standard and the wi fi technology and the hammond cardone certified speakers which aren’t the loudest. But my goodness they are crystal clear. The asus zenbook fliptar 10 comes with a 67 watts hour battery and charging this device from zero to sixty percent took 54 minutes. Now, with this laptop, you can leave home without your charger, be productive at work and still have enough battery juice to watch a movie. The battery on this guy is insane now guys. I am not going to lie. I love this laptop it’s, portable and versatile. The display is color accurate, with touch support. It looks small easy to carry and it packs a punch in the performance department, if you’re in the market, for an ultra portable machine at an affordable price that is fast and you prefer windows over mark the asus zenbook flip. That tends to be in your shopping.

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