. It has two displays and it isn’t just for the looks it is functional and different from any other laptop out there. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelt. I present to you the laptop of tomorrow and using it feels like driving a sports car now for the unboxing experience in the box of the asus zenbook duo 14. You get this futuristic. Looking laptop, the chassis is made from magnesium aluminum alloy, and this laptop weighs in at 1.6 kg which isn’t heavy considering it has two displays and a huge 70 watts hour battery. It is also slim at 16.9 mm and it’s portable. The zenbook duo 14 might look fragile, but it meets the mil std 810 h military standard for reliability and durability. Now, back to the box, it comes with a high quality sleeve, a stand which i really appreciate, asus for including in the box. You also get a stylus which is a must have accessory and a 65 watts usb type c charger. Taking a look around this laptop, it comes with a full size, hdmi 1.4 port, two thunderbolt, four ports that supports display and power delivery. It comes with a micro sd card reader, a 3.5 mm audio jack and a usb 3.2 gen1 type, a port. This machine is loaded and it has all the parts. I need no complaints here now due to the ecolift design, the keyboard tilts. When you open up this laptop making typing comfortable, the kits are tactile with adequate travel space and they are backlits moving to the trackpad, it isn’t large and you might struggle with it initially because of where it’s located some people like the position.

Some people don’t asus, realize this and with the swipe of three fingers up or down, and the second display becomes the largest trackpad you’ll ever find on a laptop. The main display is a 14 inch, full hd nano edge, visual display with a resolution of 1920x1080p it’s. An ips lcd display with peak brightness of 400 nits, the display has tiny, bezels and it’s a vivid display with 100 srgb color gun mode, and it is penton validated for color accuracy, and it has touch support. The second display, which asus calls the screen part plus, is a 12.65 inch display with a resolution of 1920x515p. Now, when you open up this laptop, the inch lifts the screen plus pad by up to 7 degrees, allowing you to see the screen better, also sets up the second display so that you can use the stylus on it. Without your hand, getting stressed with the second display up, you get to see the speakers of the laptop and the massive vents allowing an intake of cool air to cool down this laptop. The design helps to maintain high performance, while maintaining 28 watts tdp continuously. Now the screen path plus is not there for sure you can transform multiple windows down to it. I have spotify a browser and whatsapp open and also you can combine the main screen and second screen making it one giant display. One feature that blew me away is: if you have adobe after effect, adobe premiere pro lightroom or photoshop installed.

Once you open any of these applications, the second display can be used as a control panel, and it is customizable. Now, before i go into the performance of this laptop, let me show you something special now, if you launched in my asus app, you can pair your smartphone to this laptop, and this will allow you to make phone calls using your laptop speaker and microphone. You can also mirror your smartphone screen on your laptop. You can use your smartphone display as a secondary display. You can transfer files from your pc to your smartphone. You also have remote file access by using your smartphone to access files stored on your laptop, and you can control your pc remotely via your smartphone still under the my asus app under asus intelligence performance technology on the balance mode, the cpu power is at 15 watts And this is good if you’re not doing cpu demanding tax for demand attacks, you can switch to performance mode and that would increase the cpu power to 25 watts. This laptop comes with intel 11th gen core i7 processor with intel iris, xc graphics. It has 32 gigabyte of lp ddr4 ram one terabyte pcie 3.0 nvme ssd y56 bluetooth 5.0. The asus zenbook dual 14 is also an intel evo, certified laptop that guarantees snappy performance, the latest tech and long lasting battery life testing out this laptop with adobe premiere pro. It can play 4k footage with no lag rendering spread is fast as well, if you’re a gamer, the asus zyphrous, is what you should be looking at, but this laptop can play demanding games on low graphics settings and light games on the highest graphics settings now, for The battery life, this compact laptop, comes with a 70 watt hour battery and it takes 50 minutes to charge this laptop to 60 percent, even with two displays it can easily last the entire day if you’re on balanced mode.

This is a laptop i can take to the office without the charger and be productive without having to worry about the laptop dying on me and by chance. If you happen to deplete the battery before getting home, you can always use a power bank to charge up this laptop. The asus zenbook duo 14 is definitely the laptop of tomorrow. The second display is no gimmick. It takes multitasking to a whole new level that most laptops can’t even get to the asus zenbook duo 14 is the best productivity laptop i have ever used and the laptop i would recommend to creatives without even thinking twice. This laptop is special. So thank you for watching my review of the asus zenbook duo 14.