This is ranjit and in this video we’ll have a look at this newly launched asus zenbook 2 and, as you can see, guys it’s a dual screen, a laptop. We have the main screen over here and it’s actually touchscreen, and we have one more screen here at the bottom. This is also actually a touch screen and i have been actually testing this laptop for the last couple of days. So let’s have a closer look at the same now and in fact, apart from this asus launch one more model that is actually known as the asus zenbook pro duo. 15.. Actually, that comes with the oled screen and is aimed at the professionals, and it comes even with the higher configuration that’s a core i9 processor, but anyways let’s have a closer look at the zenbook duo that we have so guys. This is the asus zed book duo and, as you can see, this one has a 14 inch touchscreen. Apart from that, we also have one more touchscreen over here and this acts like a dual screen, and this is also touch enabled. Let me actually show you uh. The ports and stuff and then we’ll, look at it. It also has an integrated webcam over here. We’Ll have a look, and i like that it has thin bezels and regarding the screen, guys it’s, a ips lcd screen that we have and the quality of the screen that we have on this. One is actually really good.

It’S, a hundred percent srgb, so it’s very color, accurate, uh screen and also it’s pantone validated, and this is 440 nits, and this one is, can go up to 400. You can individually actually adjust the lower screen. Also and i’ll. Give you an idea of what you can do with this one. In fact, after a couple of days, i really started appreciating uh this one uh. This also comes with active stylus, so not only you can use it as a touch screen, but you can also write and stuff on this one and that works very well. And let me give you an idea about the laptop itself and this one has that metallic chases it’s made up of aluminium and uh magnesium alloy. And if you go over this end, we have all the ports. We have a full size, hdmi port, and we actually have two usb type c ports. These are actually thunderbolt, 4, guys so you’re getting the latest that’s nice a thunderbolt 4, and on this end uh, you have your usb port, your headphone jack, and you have a micro sd card. If it would have been regular sd card, it would be better, but this is the microsd and we have some led leds over here and if you look at it uh the build quality is really good on this one feeds like a premium laptop and the one More thing is that when you open the laptop earlier, asus laptops also used to have it lifts up the laptop and it not only lifts the laptop if you notice, but it lifts this one also.

So you have the second screen that asus likes to call it screen pad plus also lifts up a little bit. Now you almost have a full size keyboard over here, except the number pad, but the trackpad is moved here and for windows login. It has this ir and, as you can see, that works very well, so we have windows, hello, authentication with the ir camera and the screen. Quality is really good guys and it can go actually pretty bright in indoor conditions, as i’ve told you, this is lower brightness, but if i’m going bright, as you can see, this goes pretty bright, so the screen quality is really good on this one. The keyboard, as i was talking this is also backlit. You can adjust the back lighting if you want and moving to the uh what a keyboard the keyboard travel is also good, but again it takes a little bit of time getting used to it because the keyboard is here and down and the trackpad moves here. Uh moving to the track part, the trackpad responsiveness is it’s, a very responsive one and you have all the windows, gestures and stuff that you’re used to double finger swipe and all those things those actually work uh. The good thing is that this on this word is also pre installed, so you get licensed version of the same and it works really good again. This is a high end, sort of a laptop, so you have ssd and stuff and before we move ahead, let me give you an idea about the uh down the screen.

As you can see, we have the screen and you can actually uh put up stuff over here. Let’S, say: i’m doing some research work and stuff. I need the something down: i’ll, just lower the brightness guys for yeah and uh, for example, uh the task manager. I like to know uh get an idea what is happening on the laptop, so i can just push up stuff like here over there let’s say i want a calculator i’m doing something i need to do that. So i can always just push up any app. Let’S say a calculator: this is in the big screen mode. I just take this and i drag it here down and, as you can see, i got it here, so i can do my calculations over here and this works because it’s a touch screen. Everything actually works. So that way you can pull stuff, for example, for research work. Also. I feel this is a good thing, because let’s say there is some document or let’s say you are just watching any youtube, video or whatever let’s say this is one of my videos these days. Let me just pause this and i can pull up this and push it over here. I can minimize this one and this works as a second screen, so i can minimize this and now i can play this video here and do my work and let’s say. I’M. Writing some notes. I can do that, so those things are actually possible and it’s very easy to customize.

Also what you want in the main display over here – and i can just push this back to the main display like this. So uh you have the app navigator uh here and that works so that way, it’s very easy to move around between the windows and other stuff. And in fact, if you look at this one here, you have a lot of setting, so you can customize how things look over here. You can individually adjust the brightness by default. It actually works with the main screen, but you can use this to move apps between the main screen and over here and again. You can also disable the keyboard here. Let’S say uh as i’ve told you, you get a stylus, let’s, say you’re using this to do something writing over here. You can disable the keyboard let’s just enable it back. So those functionality is there and you can also actually configure this one actually as a complete trackpad and, for example, let’s, say you’re, just watching something a video or something some of you might ask let’s say you don’t want this. The screen over here it’s there you can actually disable the screen. You just press this button and it’ll take a second, and now only this top screen is going to work. This is like a traditional laptop right now, as you can see, it’s become cluttered because these were at the down, they come at the top and if you want it back, you just press this button, the screen part plus it gets enabled, and now the second screen Also gets active and you can now again push back what stuff you have over here.

So this is how it works. So this is also customizable individually. You can adjust the brightness and stuff and the touch responses. I’Ve told you even for this one is very good. So that’s the basic idea about what you say this dual screen laptop and i would say it takes a little bit of time to get used to this. But once you get used to it, having some important reference material over here does make quite a bit of a difference and coming to the configuration of this specific model, guys uh. If you look closely uh, this is the intel evo core i7 variant. This also starts with the core i5, but this is the intel evo one that’s why it comes with a new intel, iris, graphics and it’s, actually pretty good the integrated graphics. I was surprised i could do actually some of the 4k video editing even with this one and uh at the side. Here are the specs for this specific model, but again as it’s a computer, you get various. What do you say configurations and for ssd? I ran this crystal disk mark and, as you can see guys, we got a score of 1564 for reads and right surprisingly, were higher, that i didn’t expect so again, a pretty decent uh results that we actually got. As you can see. I also ran the cinebench r20, as you can see the score that we got for this. One is 2083 uh for this, so these are some of the results that i got and moving to the battery life on this one guys it’s having a 70 watt r battery on this specific uh variant – and i would say you can get anywhere about six and A half to about eight and a half uh hours of battery life, based on what you are doing.

In fact, you can eke out a little bit more battery and let’s say if you’re not using this lower screen, and you can just hit this button and close this lower screen. That way, you can get even better battery life, but i would say the battery life was good on this one, and the thing is that uh it charges via this usb type c port. You get the 65 watt charger in the box and it charges pretty quickly with the same moving to another thing that is. Regarding the speakers, i found that the speakers on this one are actually uh pretty loud much louder than typical windows, laptops, let’s, just search for my own channel, so hi guys this is ranjeet and in this video let me increase the volume you can have a first Look at the samsung galaxy s20 fp 5g edition that comes with the snapdragon processor, and quite a few of you have asked me to check this out. So i just got this unit and, as you can see, actually the surprising thing is that the speakers can get pretty loud on this one and also uh in day to day use age. I did not feel that the laptop was getting that warm and the reason for that is, if you notice this, this area of the screen lifts up when you’re using the laptop. In fact, we have two fans over here which actually suck in air and blow it out from the bottom.

So that way, i feel even for cooling, it is actually doing a pretty good job and if you keep the profile in the balanced profile, i hardly noticed any fan noise with this one. Now let me do one thing: let me quickly show you the webcam’s performance recording this video with the webcam of the zenbook duo, and this is what you can expect. The audio is also being recorded via its internal microphone. So guys, what do you feel about this? Asus zenbook duo laptop. I feel this addition of this second screen really makes a difference for professionals or people who do a lot of research work or even, for example, when you’re working with excellent stuff. You can have your main document over here reference document over here. A calculator here, so it really makes a difference, and i started appreciating this one after using this for a couple of days so certainly can be actually useful. I would say – and i like the fact that, though this is having actually two screens it’s – not a very, very bulky laptop – they have managed to fit a full 14 inch screen in this one. We have that second screen and then also it weighs just about 1.6 kilograms, uh so again, it’s a very interesting laptop and guys. I had actually a chance to do a casual offline kind of interview with the mr arnold sue. So here are some of the questions that i posted to him.

So here is the same hi arnold and thank you for taking out the time to answer some of the questions that i have. I have this zen book duo, 14 been actually playing around and enjoying it this dual screen, but i have one question from your point of view and from the company’s point of view, what do you feel about this dual screen laptops and why should an end user? Actually opt for this dual screen laptops compared to let’s, say your conventional laptops hi around it nice to meet you again and happy to answer your question at asus. We always try to take end users survey before we introduce the products to the market and dual screen. It happens to be one of the requirements during our survey. So since 2019, after we introduced the first dual screen laptop to the market, we found the response from the end. Customer is really phenomenal, so we start to further dig out and come with the second generation, of example, pro duo to the market and to answer your question, why we feel the dual screen laptop is important, especially after the pandemic. We found people really required to do the multitasking and the same device. Now you just imagine how many devices you have in a day when you are doing your work, maybe you are using your laptop for your main work, but simultaneously you are checking the message in your smartphone or for a content creator.

Maybe you are watching the bigger screen at the same time, well with the dual screen laptop, which will provide you all the functions in one device, and you just imagine as a daily users, you can just make your main work application in the main screen, while simultaneously, Your chat ad or your browsers can be kept in the second screen so which can help and enhance customers productivity. Now, for the next question, arnold, apart from this one, you also launched the pro series that’s, the zenbook cardo pro that’s slightly bigger, and that also comes with an oled screen. So can you talk a little bit about that one? Well, that is really a good question. Oled display has been spoken a lot recently. So maybe let me answer your question from the overall background. So after the pandemic started, people are starting work from home, starting from home, which means the time we spend on our laptop has been increased a lot. So when you spend more time with your laptop, which means the blue light to your eyes, also increased. So now, how do we choose? A laptop can be safer, healthier to your eyes. It’S really important oil id display provides a 70 reduced blue light, and not only this for the content. Creators like you, you require the color should be really to the actual colors. So with the oil edit display provide realistic, looking colors, which is 100 dci p3 and compare with the traditional lcds.

They are brighter and have better response time and also have a high contrast ratio so guys that was it for this video.