You say this isn’t sci fi it’s, the asus zenbook duo ux482, catchy name, this sequel to the editor’s choice award, winning ux 481 straps, an 11th gen intel rocket to the internals and works to address some of the problems. From last time round now i have never used a two screen laptop before so. While i address the improvements over last year’s model, this gives me a chance to confront my own skepticisms about having a portable computer with two screens on it, namely that it throws the ergonomics way off. The software functionality of the second display is limited to the point of it just being a gimmick and it absolutely kills the battery life. So are they true let’s find out? So, as you can see, fundamentally, nothing has really changed on the style front. You’Ve still got the same unmistakably premium concentric circular, metallic top and up market feel to the whole thing compared to all the laptops at this price from power, it’s still a little chunky at 0.7, inches thick and still a little bit weighty at 3.5 pounds. But the refresh design does shed half a pound over its predecessor, which means that this inbox duo is heading in the right direction. A couple of welcome tweaks here are the two thunderbolt 4 usbc ports for fast data transfer speeds and the ability to connect to multiple 4k monitors and the mechanism that lifts the secondary display to a 7 degree angle. Now that is a small but powerful change as it helps with the user friendliness of the laptop one of the problems with last year’s model was the screen was flat with the bottom panel of the laptop so you’re having to crane your neck over.

But now you don’t have to as the screen angles up to meet you, but this doesn’t make up for the fact that the keyboard and the touchpad are just uncomfortable to use like take a look here, they’re squeezed to the bottom, with no real place to rest. Your wrists and the touchpad itself is far too narrow and weirdly placed for power users, given that we’re a couple of years into this design and this bit of it hasn’t changed. I think this is just one of those compromises that anyone who really wants a dual screen laptop is just gon na have to get used to and speaking of screens you’ve got a 14 inch, 1080p touch display up top with low blue light tech and a 114.7 Percent srgb color gamut, putting to more simple terms, it’s colorful, but not as vivid as i would have liked. However, it’s still accurate enough for any creative work and it’s bright enough for indoor use at 307 nits, although it can get hard to see outside. Although, given the weather here in england, why enough would you want to use our laptop outside anyway? This paired with the strong harman kardon speakers make for a pretty decent binge watching experience, though, alongside this there’s, of course, the second display the 12.6 inch screen pad plus, which is slightly brighter at ‘2 nits, which is good for any kind of doodling work that you May be doing using this second screen, but it’s, certainly not as colorful with an srgb color gamut of just 64.

6. This one is definitely just for the functional use rather than trying to do any color accurate work on it. But to that functional end, asus has done a great job with the software here. It makes the additional display actually usable across different apps, giving you certain controls and the option to have multiple apps open. However, you wish them to be plus the included pen is great for illustration, work alongside general doodles and touch navigation of windows, it’s, quick and responsive and the latency between the tip and the screen is virtually unnoticeable. That fluidity is kept at its best by jump to 11th gen intel. The model we tested is a core i7 8 gigs of ram and a 512 gigabyte m2 ssd, which handily beat out the lenovo yoga 9 in single and multi core geekbench testing and in actual real world use. That means you can multitask with ease across both displays and not see any real slowdown unless you’re trying to run multiple, very cpu intensive tasks. What does let the system down, though, is the reliance on integrated graphics sure there is an option to upgrade to an nvidia geforce mx450 gpu, but between you and me, that’s about as close to integrated graphics as you can get in the dedicated gpu. In all fairness for most productivity and some prosumer workflows, like photoshop, the integrated graphics are more than enough. But if you’re looking to really stress the system with maybe 3d animation, then this thing is going to struggle.

Nor can it really crack anything more than casual gaming, and not only has the gpu not seen an upgrade, but neither has the webcam giving you a 720p picture that is fuzzy and lacking in detail to be anything more than just an occasional zoom camera. However, for a bit of a positive note, the bit that has surprised me the most, is how good the battery life is, which has been improved over the ux 481 at an impressive 10 and a half hours turn off the second screen and that jumps to over 14 hours put simply, if you’re going to be away from the charger for a while and you’re starting to use all the battery saving stuff in here. This thing is going to last you a good long while so after all of that is the zenbook duo worth it yes kind of. Let me explain: it has proven some of my assumptions about dual screen laptops wrong, but while it is a good laptop with plenty of power, decent battery life and value for money, you need to ask yourself one simple question: what is more important to you? A second screen, or a better typing and touchpad experience, because the ergonomic compromises from the weirdly placed keyboard to the small touchpad are here to stay and they’re, not good for the more traditional laptop productivity. But if your heart is set on the dual display life, then you can find workarounds to really make the zenbook duo work for you and trust me when i say you will not be disappointed and that’s it.

Thank you so very much for watching i’d love to know what you think. Would you take the compromises to use a dual screen laptop like the zenbook duo, or would you want something a bit more traditional with the actual wrist vests go ahead, and let me know in the comments and of course likes if you enjoyed the video subs. If you loved it – and you can read my full review on you’ll – see a link to that in the description.