The right one is from the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 fold and left one at the same book, 17 volt OLED and today Im going to compare these two amazing laptop for laptop for you, both of them support the mechanic attachment for the keyboard and after we close it, We can find that the keyboard came perfect, can insert it perfectly between the Gap after we close it and for the sync pad. X1S also provide a stylus for the laptop and loaded folded. Thickness. X1, The Sims 2 only 27.8 mm and also weight is, is less than one. Kilogram is only 999 grams and about answers same book 17 fold is weight, 1.6 kilo kilograms and also after 48, is have a 19.4 MM thickness. So this is thinner thicker than the thinner than the ThinkPad X1, and we can find this laptop passed, a lot of certifications in vo and also other certifications. So this is very good for this one, and also we can put them together and compare the dips about to this watch is those answers same book 17 volt the size is bigger than the ThinkPad X1, but the dips of them almost very similar and also the Size you can find that singpal X1 hover 9.3 inch and for the address its ever 2.5 inch after 48. Now after a folate, the screen to put the site is 322 almost same as two devices. Yes, and also after we open it unfold it.

We can find that both of them have a very big screens and for singpal X1 server 13.3 inch 2K display screen in order for the answers them book. 17 vote is about 17.3 inch, 2.5 k display resolution and the Sprint value ratio is 423, so both of them have very cool and very high different specification screens, and they also works perfectly with the mechanic take attach the keyboards. Okay can perfectly provide a work experience when you go to travel or use this uh as an office work and also for them will automatically for for you to choose a different mode for screens that provides to three mode single one, big big screen to separate screen And have to attach the keyboard itself or Facebook one screen, and this uh, the software are optimized optimized very perfectly for us, and now after we removed the keyboard attachment, we can find both of them have an amazing display performance, and this is for a single one. Its a the material of the cover is its real desert and for the answers, whereas the 70 Pro its our hem man made lizard and you can find after we attach the keyboard, it will automatically change to the office mode same. This is same for the esters, so these are very good and very nice for the businessmens and for the for usage SEO office Partners, business, business partner. Yes, bosses then support the mechanic attachment and they will change the the screen will change.

The mode will change it. Yes, so this is pretty cool for those devices and the words that we we go to the we can open it fold. It unfold it again: yes, Music. Yes, it will automatically change to the one screen mode. Yes and next lets go to the settings to check the basic specifications, reference verification about these two devices, both of them support the latest Windows 10 and further ThinkPad X1. You have a query i5 Intel process and for the Astros same book, 1774 is our 12th 12th generation Intel Curry i7 processor and for the ThinkPad X1 is the 11th graphite processor and for the ThinkPad X1 fold is our 8 GB Ram, plus 1tb ROM and have A 50 Watts hours battery and it can support the 11 hour system at a time and for the Asus 10 book 70 Pro is have a level 17 gigabyte RAM, plus 1tb ROM, and also you have a 35W Watt hours, big Batteries. Now the first screen, as I mentioned, the Simplex 14 – is have a 2K resolution, but for the X for the 10 book 17 volt is above 2.5 Kate display performance and after we unfolded the screen to put the ratio. Both of them are four to three compared to it folded: three to two spirit: body ratio out of the RAM and ROM, both of them support, lpddr5 and pcie if 4.0 4. So this is all of them. Uh have a high stand and a flagship certifications for the for the laptop, and now we remove the pad and we can find that for the display.

All of both of them have amazing display performance. So this is pretty good and we go to the 13th Part and we can yes, we can pamper it. We can find the process, information now do the settings and we can compare it. You can check the details and also another thing I have to mention: is that and both of them support Windows, hello in this hollow camera and both of them have a 5 megapixel front camera. So this can progwai for white nice walking experience for us and yes, we we turn on the camera and we can find we can find that now here is. The settings is about the specification about these two foldable laptop, so both of them are pretty cool. The Versant, both of them supported doubly atomos, all runs on quality. So this is a very good not only for office work, but only for you to enjoy your daily life, and you can also use this to do a lot of things always enjoy life, YouTube voice or touch to control them watch videos. A lot of things you can use to eat both of them are other choice for the high end, business means and also for the for the time is so unique. I think the only two fold per football laptop products on the market – yes, you can touch it in settings and its our unique display experience for you also about screen for the same book.

17 vote for fold instead of 500 neat with a screen writings, the normal laptop normally get gets only 300 need. So this one stand out on the screen part – and I would say both of these products are new species for the in the laptop product and they just explored the future whats. The the laptop you likes in the future, so both of them are so cool and also expensive.