Next, okay, next Im going to open it and we will check all the stuff inside these books and also we will talk a specification about this personal computer and, as you can see after we open it, provide a warning paper and then different languages, running papers. And then we can find the personal computed the X4 LED. It stands straight in the inside books. First lets put it aside and then we checked other accessory first, okay, so its really a big size and if its not folded and okay, okay, so first lets go to these and check whats inside this small works and then okay, another another package inside the books. This is a very special designed box, its like the car racing cars, the butterfly doors. Yes, it is really so cool and its make it make it really so high end for this for this product, yes, okay! So now all the stuff in front of us two small packages and also the x fold and then lets go to this box first lets unbox it and lets check whats inside these box. So, okay, here we find the okay, I think its the charger and the cable. Yes, the charger and the cable, and this time is okay. This time also provide actions. Uh adapter and this time for the x fold provide a 35 watt hours, big bad big battery world and it supports 5 to 20 days then by time. So this is pretty cool, but such a big size screen a big size.

Big big size screen follow up person. Computer is 17.3 besides screen computer Also lets check whats inside this another box, okay, so its a keyboard. I think this is also a customized keyboard. Just like the ThinkPad X1 is. Is you can improve up the way? Uh? 48? This keyboard can put inside the gap between these two between between the things are in the personal computer. So this is the keypad keyboard and also it supports mechanity connections which will automatically connected attached to the to the personal computer. When I put it under yes, we will attach it to the pad to the x x fold. This is also pretty cool and very similar to the ThinkPad X1. Okay, next lets go to the x fold OLED and first we can find its a big size and in the back cover of the pet. It shows this past the different certifications on Authority occasions and next Im going to peel the silicone, protect, screen, protect off and then okay, whoa, so amazing and its a very simple designed mental with the man made leather material back cover, and also here you have a Innova Intel, Innova or lots of other certifications and lets go to the front side of the pad and file side of the pad through a personal computer, notepad, Okay, so its a really amazing and really big size. And after we fold it. Okay, it looks so cool and we can find we can see that the steel gap between this when we fold it and also we clean check it from different this time.

The weight of this of the x fold is 1.5 kilograms nose after we folate is our 74 mm and if we open it its only 8.7 mm. So this is also acceptable for such a big size, personal computer, Affordable Computer and we can check different different angles. Is really really cool and its much bigger than the ThinkPad X1 and okay? Next, we can show you how to use the keyboard and we can attach it after we open it. We can attach it and put it in one side of it and then we can totally close it and then okay, the keyboard is inside the or inside or just a suit perfectly. We may close it close the foldable X4 and it looks so so cool. Oh its its very convenient when you take it or business trip or UC as your work partners and its so cool. It supports mechanical connection, just like the ThinkPad X1, and also for keyboard Bluetooth, 5.2 and the is full size screen. Cable is have a set. Important05 mm and for the keyboard cap is 0.2 mm and also for the long long keyboard is 1.4 mm. So this is pretty cool and can bring you a very nice typing experience its its really amazing as well and after we close the first. The X fold is our 12.5 inch screen size as well, compared to the totally opened 70.3 inch is still a very big size and also its bad, its bigger than the ThinkPad X1, and lets check it from different angles.

Fold OLED and its also support the switch mode from different mode. We open it and we close it. You have a suggestion mode for us to choose and we can check it. Yes, on different angles and all the hinge somebody they have a very very durability test is part of the 30 South End to Ability test for the hangers field. This time – and this is pretty cool and also they provide different circumstances fast – to choose first on compute mode, the Piston compute with keyboard mode 3D mode or the pad mode or extension mode. So this time they really provide a very very cool products and for the also for the experience, is pretty cool to provide. It also have, and now Im compare it to the X thing pad X1, as we find that is much bigger than the ThinkPad X1, and also his material is a bit different. If you compare it to a your smartphone, you can find that okay, even it folded, is three to four times bigger than your screen. So this can surely provide you a bad experience for walking or for for funny for funny, and so this is the yeah another advantages compared to the small size of your smartphone, and here they provide a different mode for for you to choose, as I mentioned as A standbook fold x80, the the screen performance, is really amazing. If we open it and also we can go to settings to check the process information about this device and this time they use the 12th generation Intel Curry i7 processor.

Also, the parts of the rotation from Intel Evo and what i7 is for the ice besides i7 versus also have a XE, GP, GPU, and also this time they provide a 60 gigabyte RAM, Plus one TV SSD, its past lpddr4, R5 and pcie. So this is pretty cool for the uh, such a photo person computer and its almost reached the flagship specifications for for the personal computer and its our 2.4 GB Hertz. What is interval can support Wi, Fi 6E 60, so this for this for this foldable computer. So its a foldable come products, but also is have a very high end fight high standard specifications, just like the normal notebook laptop and this time they also have this stuff: dual lighting, 4 Port. You support PD Quest charging, also Force loudly speakers and its also about four microphones. It Auto Parts, a duply and Harman Kardon. They were quick on a short video about this x fote from SS. Let me know your comments.