Thank you, meet our zenbox 17 fold OLED and shifts and stretches, and this definitely is so. What is it like to be? Holding screens are really cool. They. Let you create devices that literally transform something you get to a 13 inch and 13 inch is kind of the magic number from its all about how portable 13 inch laptops are. They are lightweight theyre Compact and they fit into pretty much any backpack and they are arguably the smallest size laptop. You can still have a comfortable full size keyboard on December fold gives on the back. You see a sheet of matte glass, much like a flagship smartphone. Thanks to a microscopic pattern etched into the glass it catches and reflects light in a really cool way. This adds to the sense of dealing with a futuristic high tech device. The chassis is only around eight millimeters thin when unfolded thats about, as Slim as a modern, smartphone and thats pretty much what it feels like to hold as well to make it as light as possible, but still super rigid and strong its made out of magnesium alloy. These Alloys are only a quarter: the weight of Steel, half the weight of titanium and a run 30 lighter than aluminum at around 1.5 kilos. It feels about the same as an ultra portable 13 inch or 14 inch laptop. It sounds heavy for a tablet, but considering how big it is, it actually doesnt feel heavy to me at least the weight is very well balanced and really never bothered me when propping it up on the sofa in bed or around my lap 4×3 aspect ratio.

The display area is actually even and bigger than regular 17 inch laptops that come with a 16×9 aspect, ratio by 10 display, but even more vertical space, and essentially no bottom basil or chin whatsoever and its an OLED panel. That means it has incredibly Inky blacks and amazing colors. I havent seen the better looking panel in the laptop, and this is pretty much as good as it gets. Qhd resolution 100. Dci, P3 color coverage for over a billion colors 500 nits Peak brightness, 1 million to one contrast ratio its that incredible contrast. That makes everything look so crisp, vibrant and rich on OLED displays and it adds a lot to the immersion when watching movies, especially if theyre an HDR or high dynamic range. It passed the HDR 500 chosen Cycles in our open and closed torture test thats 84 years. When opening and closing it once a day and around two years, when opening and closing it a few dozen times a day, we also ran the Zenbook fold through a bunch of military standard durability. Tests which had passed, and both the display and the hinge are naturally fully covered by a warranty, but now lets look at all the different, its essentially the same ergosense keyboard. As on all our 2022 zenbooks and its a pretty cool party trick. That definitely turns heads at any moment within a second. You can simply pull away the keyboard and get double the screen space. This looks and feels a lot like our Zenbook dual laptops.

This worked really well for me when doing an image, search or scrolling through text or files shopping online, going through social either bring up the on screen keyboard, which comes up when you need it, and then its gone in an instant or, if youre, going to type A little bit more, you can pop on the Zenbook 4 Bluetooth keyboard back. You can fold it a bit more flat into something of a book shape. This mode allowed me to hold it in one hand, while praying for a seed on the subway or walking from one place to another. It felt especially cool with ebooks documents or digital magazines or comic books, which let you swipe to get to the next page. Some apps and documents even have animations for a virtual page, turning which was fun, and actually you can fold it flat into a giant 17.3 inch tablet. I love this for watching. My favorite shows browsing for the web and social media as well. This one works really well when you want to share content or collaborate with others flat on the table, its great for sketching playing touchscreen games going through files and Maps together and last, but definitely not least, I use the desktop mode. The most the zema folk has a built in kickstand. This turns it into something of an all in one or a desktop PC. To me, this felt even better than using a 17 inch laptop, not only because its so lightweight and compact, when folding it together.

Naturally, you can use wireless bluetooth headphones, but thanks to a 3.5 millimeter combo audio jack, you get to choose. If you want to go Wireless or not thanks to the audio jack. Switching to headphones was never an issue. Wired headphones are never out of battery in angles and prop it up in portrait mode. This was my preferred mode for me, making personal video Collide sensor that adjusts the screen, brightness and even color temperature based on the environment and an HD IR camera with our Asus adaptive, lock powered by Intels visual sensing controller. It locks you into that dims the screen or locks the Zenbook fold when you look away for a while or walk away from the device thats great for saving battery life, but also to protect your privacy and control who can use the device to play music thanks To a powerful, quad speaker system, its plenty loud, it also works really well at keeping your children at Bay by putting on a kids show since now, whether its home or in the office. I use the dongle to connect several peripherals at once. My monitor keyboard mouse, headset, USB mic, webcam, wired internet and USB storage, both of the sandbox folds type c ports. Allow me to connect all of this and hybrid CPU architecture with 10 CPU cores that turbo up to sites that 12th gen Intel Core i7. You get 16 gigabytes of lpddr5 memory running at the Blazing 5200 megahertz and the PCI Express Gen 4 SSD with 6 500 megabytes per second.

Switching between those different modes works very smoothly. Windows, 11 did a great job switching things around and I never ran out of battery throughout any of my days. Thanks to the 75 watt hour battery and quick charging on both of the Thunderbolt 4 type c ports and not having to manually switch Wi, Fi networks and never losing internet, because I was too besides the compact lightweight 65 watt type c charger. You also get a Type C drive and you also get a lightweight full leather sleeve that matches the color and material of the zembok pool itself. In our my Asus control center, you get a collection of Handy apps and tools that help you get the most out of your laptop. You get a couple of apps that help. You maintain your system, update all your drivers automatically across device screen sharing app that lets. You use another device as a second display wirelessly. Last but not least, you get a three month, Adobe Creative Cloud, all access path and the best part is if you have a plan already, you can redeem the free months and use them to extend your current plan.