But none came this close to capturing my attention like this one right. Next to me, the asus zen book 14 oled ux, three, four, zero. Two look at the drift. I hate the names of windows laptops these days, hi im ash shard youre watching track into english, and this is currently my favorite thin and light ultrabook windows laptop available right now. By the way, there is enough and more reasons for you guys to stay tuned till the end of the video, because ill reveal something about myself and laptops that might just shock you. Now the attraction started with the design, its got this aluminum alloy body, which is fairly slim, and i really like this new redesigned asus motif on the top of the lid asus, has actually carried forward this logo from other zen books, the 30th anniversary zen books that It made a few years ago. The hinge has also been redesigned right now, with these new premium. Zen caps – and you know, with the famous concentric asus circles – and you know it actually enables this lid to go as flat as 180 degrees. Now. This is also an ergo lift hinge, meaning that it can prop your keyboard at a slight angle, making it easier for typing, not that its a game, changer or anything, but its a good to have feature. Now, while you can open the lid with consummate ease with just one finger, even if theres a slight disturbance in the force, the lid wobbles a lot like a man who cant handle his drinks.

Now, if youve come, this far dont forget to hit the red subscribe button, the bell icon right next to it the like button, the comment uh, you know section out. There is also very dry. Please comment below, so that this review can reach more people. Looking for a review of the asus zenbook 14 oled anywho, the laptops available in two different colors ones called ponder blue the other ones called aqua celadon. I like the ponda blue variant. I dont know why its called panda blue. I dont know if it makes you ponder, but yeah i mean thats, the name. It looks nice now it is not the thinnest and lightest ultrabook around at 16.9 millimeters thickness and you know 1.’ kilograms, but it is fairly light and slim and of course it fits in the backpack really nicely it doesnt weigh you down at all. As for the ports, you have almost everything you get: two thunderbolt 2.0 type c ports, one usb 3.2, gen 2 type, a port hdmi, 2.0 b, 3.5 m combo jack and a micro sd card slot. Now the indented keyboard also adds to the experience of using the keyboard and, of course, the key travel of 1.4 millimeters ensures that you get a very good typing experience for a membrane keyboard, its actually very, very good. Now, obviously, i was typing much faster on this keyboard compared to the horrendous butterfly switch keyboard on my macbook pro 13 inch. You know 2017 variant now, theres.

Also this very nice move by asus to actually keep the delete key at the top right corner. Instead of the fingerprint scanner and therefore you know enabling touch typists to actually type faster and not you know miss out on that immediate, fast, key press now, one thing i didnt like about the keyboard is that the arrow keys are really squashed and for my pudgy You know fingers it was a really tough time getting adjusted to it. In fact, i couldnt get adjusted to it even now. Now, coming back to the good things, asus leaves no stone unturned with the inclusion of a digital number pad 2.0 on the touchpad itself. Now, initially, i thought that it would be a gimmick, but it is actually not. I found it to be quite useful because of one major reason, and that is that you can actually use the number pad to you know type out your numbers or you know, do any calculations that you would like, and you can also use it as a touchpad. Even with the numpad on at the same time, this is a really really cool integration and it works really well too fun. Fact on this touchpad itself, theres another digital key on the top swiping on it actually brings up the calculator on windows 11. I found that to be a really nifty feature. I think that asus actually adds features that come in really handy, so you dont miss out on the number pad, even when you dont have a full size keyboard on this machine and the glass touch pad itself is a joy to use with.

You know it responding to all my swipes and gestures and not missing a beat any single time. I didnt miss on my macbook touchpad, which i absolutely love, of course, but this one is very good too. Obviously, the ps4 resistance of this laptop is the 14 inch oled panel with 2.8 k resolution and, of course, the rest of the display. Specs are very impressive, too. You get a 16 is a 10 aspect: ratio 90 screen to body ratio with fairly slim bezels hundred percent pci p3 color gamut with pantone validation and vasa display hdr 500. True black compatibility with 550 nits of peak brightness as well, and i saved the best for last – you get 90 hertz screen refresh rate on this display, which, for some odd reason, is not on by default. You will have to go and do that from the windows display settings now couple that with the 0.2 millisecond response time – and you get a very, very smooth experience now, this display itself has a negligible color shift. When you look at it from an angle and it could get really bright, especially in hdr content plus, it looks extremely crisp too now. One of the concerns with many windows laptops that came in went in this time of using a macbook has been. The display is very tuned really well and therefore i couldnt test my camera samples, my smartphone camera samples on them, because i couldnt see the true colors but thats not really a problem with this one out here and it works really well now.

Obviously, since its an oled display im, pretty certain that you have concerns of burn in, but asus has answers for that too. Firstly, this is a samsung panel with a very refined. You know samsung oled burn in technology and it has a default oled setting which goes into action after five minutes of the display being idle, where it actually dims the display now theres. Also, the special pixel shift technology, which you can enable from the my asus app directly. What it essentially does is it moves the pixels slightly to ensure that theres no static image at any given point of time. You wont even notice it. It happens without any visible change to the quality of the image itself and ensures that it doesnt cause burn in over a prolonged usage period and finally, theres this very special oled wallpaper, which sort of kicks in after 30. Minutes of you not doing anything on the display itself, this again ensures that you know the the display has more longevity when it comes to oled screen burning. Actually, oled burning is a bigger problem with bigger screens compared to smartphones, if you guys have noticed, and if all that is not enough, asus also gives you a warranty of 7000 hours of you know using this display without any burn in at 200, nits of brightness, Which is very, very good honestly, i love the display on this asus laptop. In fact, i love it so much more than the macbook that that is one primary reason why its making me want to shift to this laptop now.

There are two speakers on this laptop and theyre placed in a way that theyre raised slightly from the bottom and therefore you get a louder sound as well. Now asus adds a host of features, its also tuned by harman kardon, and you get dolby atmos support as well, but to be entirely honest, it doesnt sound, very good im, not a fan of the speakers on these. On this laptop. I feel that you know macbooks and gently. There are certain other laptops that i tested in the past like, for example, the surface pro which actually sounds better compared to this specific one and, as you know, webcams go you get a 720p hd webcam on this one. Its as good as it gets its not any great, its okay enough for zoom calls, but if you want better quality, you might want to invest in a better webcam and of course there is no. You know shutter for privacy, so thats, something that you have to keep in mind as well. Now the variant of the uh, you know asus zenbook 14 oled that i reviewed has you know: intels latest 12th generation processor, its the i7 1260p with four performance cores, and you know eight efficiency cores to go along with it. You also do get more affordable variants with the core, i5 and 1240p processor as well. Theres. Also 16gb of lpddr5 ram and 512gb of you know: m.2 nvme ssd as well its a really powerful laptop for an ultrabook and, of course, you also get intels evo certification, which means that you get features like you know, instant, wake and, of course, a certified battery Life of at least nine hours now i didnt go into deep performance testing, because this is not meant to be a performance machine, but i noticed that apps open instantly, really fast, multitasking works really well too and thats.

I think most of the use case for this specific laptop. I did run a few tests, especially pc mark, and you know, geekbench two scores that i think will matter a lot to users buying this specific laptop and it returned very competitive scores up there at the top, with the best archer portables that are available so yeah. Nothing to worry out here now, if youre looking for something for gaming. Specifically, then this is definitely not the one for you. You will have to look at a gaming specific laptop, and there are many available in this price range too, which will come with a discrete graphics card as well, but uh. More importantly, you will have to lose out on the ultra portable nature of this machine and, of course, sacrifice some battery life. I, of course, didnt try any aaa games, but i love gaming, so i tried hades and orie and the willow fists and platformers like these run. Just fine on the you know: zenbook 14 oled. But what mattered to me more was: does this machine get hot? It doesnt get hot on the surface as much in regular usage or even when i was running benchmark tests, but it does let out a lot of heat from the vents themselves, so you know on the sides when youre holding them or you know using it, you Can feel the heat flowing up now the fans start firing really quickly on this machine, of course uh.

This is the main difference that i noticed between an m1. You know macbook air, and you know the laptop with i7 – also notice that the m1 is slightly more power efficient as well now talking about power efficiency, the battery inside this is a 75 watt hour unit and uh. You know the ones in the affordable variance. Have a 70 watt unit and thats actually the biggest part inside you know the laptop itself. Now in my testing, i noticed that it ran for about eight hours and 34 minutes, which is very close to the nine hours mark. But then again that will vary according to your usage as well. I was using it in balance mode for most of the time and sometimes even playing a few games, so maybe that you know drew a lot more battery, but yeah eta 34 is pretty good too. Now, coming to software asus bundles, the latest edition of windows 11 on these line of laptops, i was genuinely surprised at how snappy windows felt now it looks really beautiful too gestures are intuitive. Snapping windows is very snappy. Apps. Look really good too. Themes are very beautiful as well. I really like what microsoft has done with windows 11, and it feels like a very nice refresh, because one of the things that was deterring me from using windows was because mac, you know os just felt more beautiful, not anymore. I really like the look of windows.

What i did find annoying while using the laptop is not windows related but more to do with the fact that there was this heavy handed push from. You know the machine to actually make me install mcafee for some reason, and i was not really a fan of that, but on the contrary, there is a very useful. My asus app, which i thought would just be a promotional push, but it actually has genuinely useful features within the software itself. If you do end up buying the machine, you should definitely check out the my asus app for all that it offers the asus zenbook 14 oled is a fantastic, thin and light, which requires very little convincing for anybody looking for a thin and light windows ultrabook. I absolutely love it and im going to recommend it to many folks as well, and i feel that asus has priced it really. Well too. It starts at about 89 000 rupees if im not mistaken, and this variant out here is about 1 lakh 4990 and it of course undercuts. You know the macbook and everything but, of course, for a asus machine that costs over a lakh. It does pack in more features that you could have asked for, and you know what the display spec is the same across all the variant from the basic one to you know the most expensive one honestly, i was this close to switching to the zenbook 14 uh. You know oled as my primary machine, because my macbook pro 2017 is in a really bad shape and i need a new machine anyway, but i am too invested in you know the apple ecosystem to make that switch its very difficult for me to do that.

But im really really impressed that asus managed to come. This close to making me feel conflicted about this whole thing. So what do you guys think of the new asus zenbook? 14 oled. Ux3402. Let me know in the comment section below, and i know you guys have been staying till the end, and i told you i will reveal something about me and laptops is that this is actually in my you know, about 10 12 years of being a tech journalist. My very first review of a laptop, so i hope you guys liked it and if you guys have any feedback do let me know in the comment section below until next time.