Now the major aspect that matters to other techies, like myself, is if this computing device here actually has that processing power to back up this shiny and perfect, looking design more like beautiful brains. This is a review unit of the asus zenbook 13 oled lets find out what you get for about a thousand bucks or 520 000 era here in nigeria, the features and whether its worth chilling out thats home for this laptop and so without taking much of your Time, yo guys lets get started running through the items you get from within the box for this item. For the first time, you should expect to see the user guide a 65 watt, usbc adapter, a usbc to 3.5 millimeter jack adapter and this nice looking asus sleeve. You can get this laptop in two colors, the lilac gray and the pine grey at first touch and feel this is a very light laptop coming in shy of one kilogram. About 1.14 kg obviously made out of aluminum. This is actually 13.9 millimeters in thickness, and i wonder if laptops get any thinner, this is definitely the thinnest and lightest laptop. I have used in recent times as far as durability. This thing packs a lot of positive ratings like having the mil std 810 g us standard for reliability and durability, that is to say its quite tough despite the size, while we are still on the build quality of this laptop lets have a tour of the i O ports on the zenbook 13.

, usually when you go all light and thing the first two manufacturers give up, are basically the ports and thats not exactly the case here, as asus retained a ton of what i find necessary, you get to the left side, a full Hdmi, 2 port. You can also see two thunderbolt 4 ports, which side data transfer are used to juice off charge on this device. Also, next to those is the led battery indicator to show when this laptop is being charged. The right side has a regular usb, a gen 3.2 port for fast transfer, speed and a micro sd card reader. Now do i love the fact that youre getting a micro, sd card um with on the laptop i dont, think its really important for a lot of people would have preferred seeing a full sd card slot theres also an indicator next to that to show when the Laptop has been powered on. You also get wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5 in terms of connectivity for the asus zenbook 13.. Now remember, when i mentioned you get a usbc to 3.5 millimeter jack adapter yeah thats for audio connections, since this laptop doesnt have the audio 3.5 millimeter jack ports on it. So this adapter helps you converts the usb port to type c port to an audio port. For those of us who still like um wired, audio connection, as far as speakers go, the asus zenbook 13 here has a hammond card on certified stereo speaker configuration of course theres a limit to what you can fit in this um small chassis.

Thus, you wouldnt expect most base heavy sounding pair of speakers, but these speakers on here actually sound pretty well. Both of the speakers can be found at the bottom side of this laptop, and i think that design choice here will be as a result of the lack of space or placement for the speakers on the top sides. Close to the keyboard of this laptop now lets talk about the keyboard on the zenbook 13. before that the hinged design of the zenbook 13 tilts and angles the keyboard in a way that makes it more comfortable to type on this laptop. This is about the standard keyboard size to get for any laptop around the size. Of course, for this size you shouldnt expect a numeric pad, but weve got something here that asus introduced on the trackpad. So when you tap at the top right corner of the trackpad for about a second, a numeric part appears on the trackpad making the trackpad a dual proposed part on this laptop, and i really do love that feature so heres a little typing test from this laptop Music box Music, so this is a backlit keyboard, with three levels of brightness, very comfortable to type on. You have a 1.4 millimeter travel distance, which is quite similar to those on the m1 macbook pro something i would use all day. If i had to you, just have to know that this keyboard needs um, some form of getting used to.

For instance, i prefer a larger left shift key because, most times, im always hitting on the backslash key instead of the shift key with my pinky and also the backspace key feels a little stretched out now. Once you use this laptop for a deal, so you should get used to the arrangement of the keys on this keyboard, but thats about the experience for me on the keyboard with the zenbook 13.. This display is the major reason you should even consider the asus zenbook 13. spec wise. You get a 13.3 inch full hd resolution, thats 1920 by 1080p oled panel about 400 meters of brightness up to 60hz refresh rate eight speed, color depth and standard dynamic range color space. I was actually stoned that i could easily collaborate on this um display and get about the same experience as i do on my 800 monitors in the studio here. Its actually mind blowing one more thing i expected for this display was to get a touch enabled display, but you dont get that here its a regular oled panel. Now, because this is oled, you might be worried about oled, burning issues right here, but theres a feature on the my asus app thats, the scatter to handling that kind of issue and should come in handy from time to time when you use the asus zenbook 13.. Now lets talk about the performance on this laptop performance. Is the big part of getting a laptop, and anyone who wants to shield a thousand bucks on a windows laptop evidently has an expectation that should be met before we run the benchmark and stuff for this laptop.

Here are some specs of the unit i have here. Ive got my unit here with eight gigs of lp ddr4 ram 512 gigs of m.2 nvme storage, really fast, with high read and write speeds and the intel core i7 processor. The 11th generation of this form of intel processor, you wont, be able to change the memory configuration on your laptop so make sure to buy exactly what you need or go for the higher than 8 gigabytes of ram. If you think you might need an upgrade in the nearest future, video memory is something a lot of creatives want to know about. For such a laptop intel, iris, xe graphics, is what you get here with a dedicated 4 gigabytes video memory on here. I know thats not the best thing out there, but its pretty much okay for the price and the form factor you get for this laptop. When you need more computing power on this um asus zenbook, you can easily launch the performance mode to get the most out of it. With this, the fans obviously kick in, and it gets a little bit loud, even though that gives you the best performance here. I wouldnt recommend running this laptop in that mode all the time and, of course, it drains more power from the laptop and needs to be plugged in to get the best working performance mode. With this laptop now heres my geekbench score after running the test on this laptop other features you might want to know about would include having the my asus app, which you can use to control like remotely control this laptop access, the files on here and use a Smartphones camera, when you need a webcam and a whole lot more now, speaking of webcams, the camera on here is a 720p camera, with support for windows, hello, to unlock your laptop and thats something i have come to love about windows, laptops, guys, oscar mini here, and This is a webcam camera test for the asus zenbook 13.

and id like to hear from you guys what you think about the quality is this something that you can use for your zoom um calls: do you think its possible, or do you dislike the quality from This webcam, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below id love, to hear from you guys you get a 67 watt hour battery on here, which could be charged using the 60 watts usb c charging, brick, which i mentioned earlier in the video i got About eight hours, while softening the web with this laptop as long as you have light apps running in the background, this has a solid battery life, although asus claims about 13 hours of battery life, but from my test about eight hours of what i got on a Full charge are there certain things i feel could have been better with this laptop well, certainly at the maximum settings. This laptop is a little bit too noisy. If you ask me, except you, didnt want to push this to the limits. You definitely get to notice. How loud it becomes or sounds when its in that performance and stretched out mode as far as the graphical intensive applications using them on this laptop, or maybe my workflow, which is really heavy like having to edit a 4k 42 10 bit footage like three layers of Those with three layers of lumetri, colors and all of them and other tweaks here and there. I simply noticed that this laptop isnt that big for a heavy graphic use, of course, thats expected for a thin and light ultrabook like this one.

You should expect the best graphic gpu performance like something you paid: five thousand dollars for so in summary, youre, getting a one thousand dollar or five hundred and twenty thousand naira laptop, which is really light. Portable, durable and kate has towards um productivity and style. I would say this is actually well built for what it is and the display is the major reason you might want to keep this one like they say once you go oled theres no going back, and this actually can attest to that fact. So thats been it for my review for the asus zenbook 13. subs. If you loved this video and do not forget to hit that like button to help us with the algorithm us, we really will appreciate that thats been it for this review im gon na catch.