Now, considering how portable and compact these models are just imagine how much better it is with its new stunning oled screen: hey guys, what’s up it’s me elle and recently unbox ph reached 200k subs and that’s. All thanks to you guys and your continuous support for this channel and all of our videos and hey. This starts our road to 250k. Subs let’s go anyways for this video. We will be taking a closer look at the asus zenbook 13 oled edition. Now, as the name suggests, the main highlight of this laptop is its oled panel, but we’ll get to that in detail later and hey. It does make me wonder: what does it mean to have an oled display we’ll find out the answers to that right after we do a little light unboxing and find out the contents and specs of this laptop together and hey let’s go ahead and take awesome out Of the box inside the box, of course, you get the laptop itself, a laptop sleeve, the power brick charger, the usual documentation, a usb type c to a 3.5 millimeter audio dongle and a usb type c ethernet dongle design wise. This laptop comes in a pine gray. Color – and it is almost identical – oh wait: it is identical to the previous zanbook 13. well other than a higher price tag. This one does have an oled panel now for the back this one sports, the usual and iconic spun metal finish that asus is known for where the design does feel kind of premium, but it doesn’t feel too special, and it is more so plain and sleek looking Well, until you actually see what its display is capable of the zenbook 13 oled edition only weighs 1.

14 kilograms, which is incredibly lightweight and easily portable at satoto. Alangais notebook is, with a four sided: nano edge design, the bezels on the side and on the top of the laptop, are really narrow due to its 13.9 millimeter thin profile, which contributes to its weightless feel, which makes the zenbook 13 oled more compact and it’s really Good for the on the go lifestyle that makes it super handy and portable on the top. It also has an hd 3d ir front camera with support from windows, hello for secure logins through facial recognition. It has a micro, sd card reader and a usb type, a port and on the other side, you have the hdmi port and you have two thunderbolt 4 ports, just like other zenbook models out there. The airgo lift hinge automatically lifts the rear of the laptop slightly when it’s opened it tilts the keyboard upward and positions it for a more comfortable typing angle. Not only that, but this action also raises the chassis to allow more airflow and enhanced audio quality. Now, when it comes to speakers, the downward firing speakers are, like, i said enhanced by the ergo – lift hinge. Music. Well, it’s, not a sound machine for sure, but the zenbook 13 does produce a good level of volume and a clear audio for a 13 inch laptop with downward firing speakers, given that this device wasn’t made purely for entertainment and, more so for work purposes. Granted you won’t be disappointed with the audio quality when you do binge shows or watch movies on this laptop the edge to edge keyboard design is actually placed very well.

I do enjoy the typing experience on this, considering i have really small hands, but for those who have slightly bigger hands, they might have a bit of trouble due to this laptop’s compact size. Now the touch pad is pretty straightforward, it’s very easy to use and the number pad 2.0 solves the problem of the lack of a numeric keypad on compact laptops such as this one it’s really helpful, and it gets the job done. Not only that, but you can also adjust the brightness on this one too, for the specs. This one runs on windows 10 and it rocks the intel core. I5 11 gen, along with intel iris, xe, integrated, graphics, 8gb of ram and 512gb of ssd storage. Overall, it offers a great boost when it comes to low to medium multimedia, editing usage. Our battery test shows that it lasted almost 10 hours of battery life with moderate usage means you can continuously work on your tasks or scroll through your feed anywhere without worrying about charging with that 67 watt or battery capacity. You’Re. Definitely all set to use this. For quite a while, though, if you do need to charge, it only takes about 49 minutes for it to hit 60 of its battery charge level. Now let’s go over. What makes this laptop special it’s oled panel for display you’re getting a 13.3 inch oled hdr display with 1920 by 1030, full hd resolution with oled ultra vivid colors. Well.

This display can also go up to 400 nits of brightness, which is incredibly bright and is suitable for indoor use, especially since most of us are working or attending zoom meetings at home. Now here are some of the great things about the zenbook 13’s oldest screen. It is 100 dci, p3 color gamut and it’s a pantone validated display, which means well in simple terms. The display can produce more accurate colors and the visuals are more deep and vivid, and it can achieve almost true to life. Colors, thanks to its wider color range number two. It is also eye care top rain lens certified, which means it blocks off 70 of harmful light, and as someone who has really bad eyesight, you guys know that staring at the screen for hours is really unhealthy, and this somehow lessens the strain for our eyes. Number three: you get a clearer image, even at lower brightness, while the colors on an oled screen stays the same even at lower brightness, unlike if you compare it to lcd colors that fade when you lower their screen brightness, i noticed naka had sixty percent lying in Brightness long screen hindi foreign details at kulenia that’s why there are times where i found myself using this laptop only at 60 or 70 percent of brightness, unlike my other laptop, where, even though i get to use it at one hundred percent, brightness byron coulomb with all That packed in the zanbook 13’s oled screen.

It means it improves image quality. It has better contrast, higher brightness, fuller, viewing angle and much faster refresh rates along with lower power consumption, so telegram level up in viewing experience nathan using the oled screen that has when it comes to the display to take note of the zenbook 13 is also military Grade and oleds are very durable and can operate in a broader temperature range which results to better durability, and i have to say this is by far one of the best displays i’ve ever seen. There are even times where i found myself zoning out while watching a video, because the colors and visuals, which is so unreal since we’re all staying indoors and most of us, are work from home or some have online classes. This laptop is perfect for those who have a keen eye for true to life, accurate colors, and it can surely help you be more productive with your tasks and you’ll, never miss a zoo meeting too. All of that, while you can enjoy the stunning oled display this device can offer all of that for the price of 59 995 pesos available at the asus official flagship store in lazada. So what do you guys think about this laptop stunning display comment them down below and share your thoughts. Also don’t forget to check out for more awesome content and remember to like comment share and subscribe, because remember at 250k, subs we’ll be giving away a free phone, so that was another awesome gadget out of the box.

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