th and welcome back to my channel and today we’re going to unbox and take a closer look at the newest notebook of asus. This is the asus ux325e or the asus zenbook 13, with the latest 11 gen intel processors inside so uh time to unbox this notebook. So one of the special things about this notebook is that we got here an oled display, yes, oled, which means that the notebook is vivid, it’s colorful and it has a really good display and i can’t wait to check it out. Of course we got here, the user guide, warranty card and some info regarding my asus hidden in the back is actually a sleeve for the notebook which is really interesting, there’s, the dongle for the lan port 2, this simple charger. Of course, we got here the laptop so time to check out the laptop and let’s see what we can expect. Vito say: asus zenbook ux325e, so it’s the first time that i’m booting up the zen book, 13 uh and i can say na and gandan and design yeah. First of all, we got here a really premium design. Of course we got here uh the iconic concentric circle. Uh design of asus, as you can see in here basis, logo. The concentric circle is uh, sent the center shadito, say: asus logo there’s a little bit of flex, but, as you can see in here, the display is really good. It’S oled and uh, my god it’s one of the best displays that i’ve seen on a notebook when it comes to callers.

The colors are just lively and, as you can see, i have a monitors here at my back it’s, not as lively as this one details. As nbook 13 with an oled display it’s, not just the display actually uh, we also got here a really nice uh design over here, as we all know that the asus zenbook lineup is known for its uh, sophisticated and uh beautiful design, as you can see in Here we got here, uh the keys uh. However uh you cannotice that the keys in here um it language is not indeed aside, because we got here a really compact design. We got here a 13.3 inch oled display, but we also got here a minimal bezels on the side, small bezels at the top with a webcam over here. This is uh the reason also homebacked malaysian footprint america data starting notebook, because there are a small bezels detail. Masmality space not in detail, so you already know that we got you a really nice display again. The keyboard is a little bit cramped for me. Imagine a little, but we do got here the page up page down button. The power button is over here, so it might take some a little bit of time before you got used to the keyboard, but it’s still a nice laptop it’s very light at 1.11 kilograms, as you can see in here, it’s 11 at 13.9, millimeters thin, so it’s Thin and of course, we got here – the 11 gen processor to be specific, it’s, a core i5 1135, g7 processor inside and i’m – not sure if you could see that clearly.

But we got here the intel core i5, the 11 jet sticker in here, along with the intel iris xe graphics, which means that we didn’t tell iris xe contained graphics, not indeed compared to my uhd graphics, not then, and based on our experience within the iris xe. The intel is xc is far better compared to the previous generation. So, yes, you could do a little bit of gaming on this one, probably if you’re playing valorant or overwatch, you could play on the intel iris xe and the intel core. I5. 1135. G7 off uh. The notebook, so this is no ordinary camera. We got here an ir camera which you can use for windows, hello. So if you want to use the face unlock as you open the notebook you can use that one, because we got here an ir. Camera must secure better and faster for logins and, of course, there’s. The us military grade, the durability details, so it’s, tough, it’s, solid, and yet it is light. So it’s one of the problem uh my favorite notebooks named right. Now. What i like about donsa – and i mentioned kokonina – the display the design of this one. We also got your large trackpad, as you can see in here, the trackpad is wide. We also got here the numpad, so in case you have a mouse with you, you could use the numpad for uh, the asus zenbook and, as you can see in here, it’s the same number numpad that or the number pad that uh meron semap reviews asus notebooks.

Before, as for the ports, of course, we got you, the 11th gen processor so expect that we got here the two usb c not thunder bolt, not ports, which means that you can plug in any thunderbolt device in here. Faster speeds monitor if supported neon and then, of course, if manufacturing egp, you could use your egpu for this one. So you can play some games edit. Some videos, you know, do some rendering on this one paired with the 1135 g7. I believe that is powerful enough. Uh, along with that egpu that you have at your home, 2016, 30, 60, whatever that is as long as you must. Of course, we also got here the hdmi and on the other side we got here the usb 8 port and also the micro sd card slot. So, overall it’s a really nice notebook. We got an oled display, a premium design, a lightweight and portable design. Of course we got here the us military grade the durability, so you know that the notebook is tough and also portable. But again the best part of lego detail is the oled display. When it comes to colors. You would really appreciate editing some photoshop looking at your photos watching videos, the contrast is really good and whenever you’re watching movies, the blacks are really black and the colors are really vivid and gimmicky uh superior in display in america. This is in book 13. Ux325E. So i guess that’s it is unboxing and hands or not and now asus ux325e.

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