2 milliseconds response time, hello, guys izzy here and welcome to the channel. So today we are looking at the asus zenbook 13 oled a device released by asus a couple of months back. This is precisely the ux325 model. I got my hands on it not long ago and i have to say im really digging its design form factor and, of course, that bright and vibrant oled display it is a 13 inch. Slim ultrabook that wont take a lot of space on your desk. Nor is it inconvenient to carry for someone that is always on the go. The zenbook 13 ux325 is priced at around 498 000. Depending on what configuration you choose. The configuration i have here is the 11 gen i5. You can get it from core i3 optical i7. The i7 and i5 models comes with the intel iris, xc, graphics. The ram options available are 8 to 32 gigabytes and up to 1 terabyte of ssd storage. When you purchase the asus zenbook 13 oled, it comes in this nice box, which contains its accessories. Is a nice carrying case which is found at the top layer of the box? It is made of nice fabric material and the laptop will fit in nicely. You also get a user guide and all necessary documentation in the right compartment. You have a 65 watt, usb c charger and a usb c to 3.5 millimeter adapter. That implies. There is no traditional headphone jack on the asus zenbook 13 oled top full of aces to add the adapter.

The asus zenbook 13 oled comes in two colors. This is the lilac mist color. You can also get it in pine grey. It is a slim device with a cool form factor. It has an ergonomic design which, when flipped open the ergo lift hinge, allows the bottom part to elevate a bit to give more room for better heat. Dissipation also makes for a better angle to use the keyboard. You can also open the device with just the top lid without needing to hold down the base. The zenbook 13 has a metal build with a fine radial pattern on the back. You wont worry about attracting smudges with this finish, as you can see its a very portable and lightweight 13 inch laptop point, just 1.14 kilograms. It feels durable too, and it boasts of military grade durability for exports. You have some minimalism going on here, as it does not have that many ports only essential ones. On the left side of the base, you have an hdmi port and next to it is two thunderbolt 4 ports which you can use to charge the laptop and connect an external gpu. If you so desire, both ports work for charging next to those ports, you have the battery charge indicator to the right side of the base. You have a usb 3.2 port and a micro sd card slot, not the standard sd card size. So you might want to take note of that. If you intend to use your camera sd card to transfer data, the indicator next to it is for, when the laptop is powered on the keyboard of the asus.

Zenbook 13 is well built with an h2h design and 1.4 millimeter travel distance between the keys, easy to type on with no resistance. It is backlit and has three levels of brightness activated by the f7 key. The power button is on the top right end on the keyboard being a portable laptop. You wouldnt expect to find a dedicated number pad on the keyboard, but thanks to the thoughtful design we have that on the trackpad. You can activate it by pressing the top right part of the trackpad just for a second. The trackpad on the assembly 13 is sizeable for a 13 inch laptop, not too small, but wide enough, while still leaving enough palm rest space on either side of the trackpad. It is a glass trackpad which is tactile and responsive. It is multi, touch, enabled and will work just fine with windows, 10 or 11 gesture control. This is what it sounds like typing on the keyboard of the zenbook 13 oled. The speakers on the zenbook 13 are certified by harman kardon and they sound great. It is a stereo setup and you find them on the left and right side at the bottom part of the base. You cant talk about the asus zm 13 oled without acknowledging its display. It is, of course, a major selling point of this device, but what exactly is it about an oled display that i keep mentioning and how does it affect the user experience with example, 13 or what exactly about the display differentiates it from other laptops in its category? While most laptops comes with lcd displays december 13, having an oled display means it can achieve true black levels.

It has 70 blue light reduction, so it is easier on the eyes and not harmful even to kids. Images will still be clear and sharp at lower brightness. It also has better viewing angles. So if youre using it to watch videos, the picture quality will remain good, even when you are not viewing it from the center. It is also vivid and with rich colors. So it is ideal for color intensive projects. Now, for the more technical parts, it is a 13.3 inch oled hdr display with minimal business on each side. It is indeed vibrant with true black levels and astonishing detail. It has a 1080p resolution and brightness level up to 400 nits. It can also get to really low brightness level, while maintaining good detail as each individual pixel can turn off when displaying content with dark sins, unlike with lcd displays, this also means more battery efficiency. Now the thing with oled displays is that once you use an experienced seat, you really dont want to go back and use any display. That is not oled and the zmo 13 is no different. I could go on and on raving about the display specifications but ill just put it simply. It is gorgeous and its easily one of the best displays on any laptop in its category. Now, for those that may be bothered about oled burning from my asus app, you have the oled care feature which helps with pixel refresh and pixel shift to prevent, displaying static images too long on the screen.

Also, it is worthy of note that the zenbook 13 oled ux 325 display is not touch enabled the asus z13 oled has a 720p arrow webcam with windows, hello support. It works flawlessly with windows, hello, signing it is a design webcam with two mics to either side to help with clear audio while using it for team meetings or zoom calls. It does great with noise cancellation if, for any reason, you do not wish to use it with default webcam through the my asus app, you can use your phones, camera for video chats using the shared cam feature. The asus zenbook 13 oled ux325 comes activated with windows. 10 home – and it is windows 11 ready, should you want to upgrade my unit of december 13 comes with 8 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram and 256 gigabytes, nvme, ssd storage and inspired by intels 11 gen core i5 processor with intel iris, xc graphics. Now these numbers translate to fluid performance, complemented by impressive battery life, depending on what you do with your laptop. It has a 67 watt hours battery, which can last up to 13 hours of regular use. If you are doing heavy tasks like video, editing or gaming, you might get up to three hours from the battery. Speaking of video editing and gaming, the core i5 and i7 versions of the zenbook 13 oled comes with intels iris, xe graphics, which is optimized and with good support for 4k. Video editing also immersive gaming up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, with this oled display and fast response time of 0.

2 milliseconds. You can play some good graphics games, though not at the highest resolution and graphics, but you will get decent performance for network and connectivity. You get bluetooth 5.0 and wi fi 6 for fast and seamless connection. The assembly 13 oled is a portable productivity device for users that wants that device that is capable and they can use to work on the go without worrying about weight or size. It is stylish and durable with that beautiful oled display it will suit productivity as well as entertainment needs.