The whole thing is custom, which is always nice makes for a unique unboxing experience today were looking at the vivobook 13 slate oled. This is a very uh thin and light tablet. Convertible keyboard attachment type of device featuring an oled display, which is thats a premium technology right there. I kind of feel like im about to unbox some limited edition sneakers or something thats the feeling im getting even in here. This is still cool itself. Look at that metallic bubble, wrap. That is a very slick. Look! Oh! This is the keyboard. This is going to be the accessories and thats really whats cool about this 13 slate oled, this vivobook product. You can use it in a number of different form factors. You can see your connection point there. Oh look at the design characteristics, futuristic, neo tokyo with the neon kind of accents, uncage your possibilities, chiclet style keyboard, but actually fairly large. So this is gon na be a 16 by nine ratio on the tablet portion. Unless you get a little bit wider keyboard on there, you have some function keys along the top for things that you would want to get into quickly and full size shift keys and a fairly large clicky crack pad on there as well theres. Also this little kickstand component, if you want to be drawing on it, if you want to be watching some video in serial mode, but the breakfast table theres the tablet itself: 13, inches, landscape orientation, no black bars when watching video, we have actually quite a few ports Here, analog audio mini jack, connector type c port x, 2 micro sd card slot on the top here is going to be the power switch theres a little metallic accent along there.

Volume rocker is going to be on the right hand, side. You see the dolby atmos badge right there. I guess its got a few speakers in it connection point at the bottom for your keyboard, so you have a camera on the rear, as well as a camera on the front. So this piece is going to do that. Magnetically, Music and get like any angle, you could ever want a drawing position as well. So if you have the pen, do your cartoons build your nfts? Well, whatever youre into oh thats, the pen, so 4096 pressure sensitivity, Music, the extra tips they have h, h, b and b by replicating three different writing experiences. Of course, theres also a tip pre installed couple of buttons. I think it charges. Oh up there look at that little hidden, usb c charge port im, probably just gon na get addicted to you know that kind of, like fiddling around thing that you do with pens like with the cap. You can do that here. This is a fairly portable power. Brick 65 watts type c connector, so universal charging, oh and theyve also included a case explore more simple little padded, zip lets say: im traveling with the whole deal slap it in a little strap on it very portable, protected, perfect, so key feature here: oled display. What does all that do for you youre, going to get very vibrant, colors youre, going to get contrast, youre going to get really dark black thats, going to be a nice spot to catch up on your films track pad feels very smooth and, surprisingly, responsive youtube.

Youtube.Com. I want to hear how it sounds for dialogue or, if youre like watching a podcast, or you got some dolby in here or what i need a protein bar which one i have a weird relationship. Yeah. You know what got a nice stereo spread. This is dark. Intense trap beat yeah okay, sufficient lets, look at the webcam thats thats, its a decent looking webcam hdr barely, and we can flip it around, obviously, because theres the rear camera too, not bad. Okay, so check that out, you could put like some nice uh images like a picture frame for the atmosphere and the ambience some loved ones. Take notes in this format. Pen has been initialized, Music and hes good. We do uh crayon, look at this Music. What am i doing? Oh, i thought it was a treat youre just in the zone there for a second. What am i doing lets definitely not save that so who do i think this is for uh? This is like a probably a productivity and consumption device. Somebody who does a lot of a bunch of different types of activities can be an email machine, its going to have the capability of living on the desk, but it can also very quickly and easily go to the couch oled display, which is also gon na. Be nice to look at and pen input for a little bit of added flexibility, so thats the new vivobook 13 slate featuring an oled display in a thin and light package with the versatility of a keyboard and a kickstand capable of serial mode thats, not like.