3 inch oled, detachable, laptop running on windows operating system. Currently, there are limited number of options available in the market when it comes to windows, tablets and those available are quite expensive for an average buyer. The company is filling the space of affordable windows tablets with the vivobook 13 slate oled. That is available at a starting price of 46, 000 indian rupees or around 600 at a basic level. The viewbook 13 slate is designed to look like the surface pro. Essentially, it is a tablet that runs legit windows 11 operating system. The tablet is light and easy to hold, and despite the polycarbonate shell, it doesnt look cheap on the left edge. You have a 3.5 mm chrome, audio jack, two usb type c ports and a micro sd card reader and a speaker mesh. As for the right side, you have more speaker mesh and the dolby atmos logo and volume rockers. Here you will get two cameras, one front camera and a rear camera. The front facing camera is a 5 mp for webcam and video calling while the 13mp rear camera takes great pictures. So so here i am showing you the sample. The asus pen 2.0 is comfortable to use, but it never matches the level of experience that you get with a surface pen or apple pencil. It can be charged via usb type c. Connector thats hidden behind the upper section of the stylus asus, does provide a charging cable but always had a fear of losing it.

Coming to the display and audio. The screen is absolutely gorgeous its a 13.3 inch multi touch oled panel that delivers full hd resolution 16 to 9 aspect ratio and 5 15. Its of peak brightness. The oled panel is bright, vibrant and pixel. Dense color jumps off the screen and blacks are inky and deep. So here i am playing a sample video for you just enjoy it and judge the quality by yourself. Coming to the speakers, the vivobook 13 slate comes with a dolby atmos here the sound is loud and it sounds great whether you are watching a youtube: video listening to apple, music or attending a zoom call. So here i am playing a sample video for you. You can judge the audio quality by hearing too Music keyboard is not included in the base variant, but the variant we have comes included with the keyboard. The keyboard has a nice feeling to touch and feels durable enough. So what about the typing experience? Well, im happy to report that typing on this keyboard is a joy. The keyboard is not cramped and the click sound of the keys is less resounding. However, it lacked a backlit option which i think should have been given coming to the performance. It is powered by a low powered intel, pentium silver, n6000 processor, a quad core cpu, with integrated intel, usd graphics and 8gb of ram. It also comes with a 256gb of fast ssd. I use this device primarily for my work and for browsing internet, but i found it good enough for basic computing tasks, but the experience is not as seamless as while using a laptop.

If you try to open multiple tabs and switch between the tabs, it becomes slower. The response is also slow. You will feel that lagginess in this tab, when, when you throw multiple tasks to it, thats exactly what is expected of a device like vivobook 13 slate, which is intended to be a general use task. Like writing and editing documents on google on google docs browsing the web or attending a zoom meeting rather than running photoshop or editing. Video battery life is also decent. Youll get up to nine hours of battery life on a single charge, on a light use and on heavy use like watching videos or netflix. You will get around six to seven hours of battery life, so should you buy it with the vivobook 13 slate asus is going after specific users who want a device that doubles as a oled tv and a two in one hybrid laptop at a cost around. Sixty thousand indian rupees or around seven to eight hundred dollars the unit i got may seem on the higher side, but the package includes the keyboard case and pen 2.0. With this kind of setup, the viewport 13 sled becomes more than a tablet and it also acts as a proper, fully functional windows. 11 computer. The question is: will 13 slate is perfect for everyone not at all a device like this would have used an arm chip instead of intel processor. Those who want primarily a work machine should still opt for a laptop and those who just want a tablet for media consumption.

Web browsing and social media should buy a less expensive and a tablet, but for those who want a secondary computer, that has a beautiful screen, but dont want a device powerful enough for top end. Work should look for something like the vivobook 13 sled. So ultimately, it lies between the requirements, whether you want a big tablet: uh with a fully functional windows, 11 for media watching or browsing internet. But if you want a big tablet for editing or running photoshop, you must go for apple ipad pro, but otherwise, at this price point asus has packaged a great two in one hybrid tablet that you can consider to buy in 2022.. So if you like, the video please hit the like button, do share this. Video among your friends, dont forget to hit that like button and subscribe.