I sit at about a 4.5 and this means i love film games, comics, music and anything in between just like my wife thats. Why i married her and my daughter, because dna in that, however, the thing i nerd out to the most is my very expensive oled tv, which my family tend to hog and i never get to use. So when i was asked to have a look at the windows, 11 tablet that were checking out today, i got a little more nerdy than usual now im about a five so lets get into the microsoft expert zone uk and i overview of the asus vivobook slate. 13 oled and who it is for turns out, is for people like me, titles, please, Music, alright, what is up guys? I am matt from expert zone uk and i welcome – and i hope you are all well now before i get into the meat and potatoes of this video, a quick mention as always that what im about to say and do is an overview impression. Video, not a review of the product, and the aim here is to give you everything that we think you need to know and an idea of the kind of people we think this device is suited to. So that being said, here is the hardest part of the video for me, and that is saying the name of the device first time without stumbling behold: the asus vivobook slate 13 oled nailed it.

As you can see, this device looks funky with its slate grey and black chassis, with these cool neon accents, giving it a unique cyberpunk, aesthetic noise. Now, this being a windows, 11 tablet means that it can be a two in one and for it to be a two in one. It needs a keyboard, and it just so happens that it comes with this cool detachable keyboard that we will talk about a little bit later. For now, though, lets start by having a look at the body of the tablet itself. The body is constructed from a brushed finished, aluminium alloy, meaning that picking up smudgy fingerprints is less likely than normal unless your five year old uses it covered in jam to top it off. There is a nice gray accent with some of those cool neon prints, making it not only tough and durable but easy on the eye too, weighing in at 780 grams, which is nearly two cans of beans. Why cans of beans i dont know just go with it. This means that this 13.3 inch device is light enough to go anywhere and at 7.9 millimeters thick its thin enough to hide away in a bag. A case, a magazine holder, a desk, a shelf, a cupboard, a table, a safe, a small car, a toaster okay. I got carried away there, but what i mean is its portable now on to the ports, those all important ports. This lovely slate of power on its left has a 3.

5 millimeter, headphone jack all hail the headphone jack two times: usbc 3.2 ports with external display capabilities and a micro sd card reader for easy data transfer or storage extension. We also have four – yes, four speakers on here too, two on this side and two on the right, along with the dolby atmos logo, which we will talk about a little bit later. Above these, we have the volume rocker and then on the top. There is the power button which doubles as the fingerprint reader activating windows, hello in some models, very very nice. On the front of the device. There is a 5 megapixel camera for those all important selfies and four hour. Video calls with my mum about her garden again and on the back, a 13 megapixel camera for taking epic pics of all the stuff. You love Music right out the box. We get in this cool spacey, looking packet, the detachable keyboard cover again looking funky with those futuristic highlights of green and with its 1.4 millimeter of key travel and large track pad. It makes for a solid typing and navigation experience when not using touchscreen. We also get a magnetic back cover which doubles as a kickstand which, along with the keyboard, transforms it like a big talking, robot type thing from a tablet to a laptop allowing for those more traditional officey type vibes this by the way, does crank up the weight To 1.4 kilograms, which is about the average weight of a convertible laptop so not too shabby but wait theres more.

We also get this cool looking sleeve, which whether the device is fully toured up with all the accessories or not. You can whack it in here and take it anywhere. You like and wait theres even more. You also get one year: microsoft, 365, personal included. If you activate it within six months of the windows activation date and with some models, an asus pen, 2.0, we dont have the pen with ours in particular, but that particular item will vary according to your country and territory, so just be sure to check with your Local retailer right, speccy stuff now at the time of filming this video this model, i have retails at around 549 pounds here in the uk and is rocking windows 11 home in s mode with an intel, pentium, silver, n6000 processor, four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes Of emmc storage, it also has around nine hours of battery life too, with its 50 watt hour battery, which charges to 60 percent in just ‘ minutes love a fast charge again, however, depending on your country and territory, you can get up to eight gigabytes of ram And 256 gigabytes of ssd storage too. Now, for the star of the show and the reason that i got a little nerdy about this in the first place, thats the screen, the asus vivobook slate 13 oled states its the first of its kind, with a 13.3 inch oled display at 16 by 9 aspect Ratio and, quite frankly, its gorgeous, as i said at the beginning of the video, my family love all things, entertainment as much as i do, and we all want to consume it on the best display in the house, which is my tv, but with the display on This device, we all found ourselves getting lost in the content we enjoyed together in the same room.

I mean we werent talking to each other, but we were in the same room at least, and to top it off. We didnt fight over the tv anymore heads up. Another incoming specky bit this screen boasts a 1080p full hd display with 100 dci, p3 color gamut, its up to 550 nits peak brightness and 0.2 milliseconds response time, 1 million to 1 contrast ratio, hdr true black 500 and 1.07 billion colors. Now, if you dont speak speccy, dont worry. This all means that this screen makes binge watching, shows playing games via cloud gaming and checking out social content and absolute joy, and i literally get lost in it. The colors are vibrant, the blacks are super deep and the brightness is, quite frankly, sunscreen worthy. I joke, of course, but as a media consumption device. This screen is like taking my oled tv with me, which i have tried not practical. On top of this, you can experience dolby vision and dolby atmos enabled content, which brings me back to the four speakers that i mentioned earlier. Not only is the screen great, but that four speaker, dolby atmos setup is very good, too im hard of hearing, and these speakers are clear and precise and can go super loud without distortion. I mean check this out for me: accessibility equals inclusion thats it full stop. Roller titles, Music – and this got me thinking with that 13.3 inch oled screen and those speakers we could watch a movie on lets – say our next caravan holiday quite comfortably as the main display with no need for external speakers.

We would be mindful of the neighbors though, or we could just invite them around. Actually, if we did invite them round and needed a bigger screen, we can extend our display via the usbc ports or just use the device to play our favorite playlist and have a boogie cue, dad dancing so thats whats going on with the device itself. But what about what i actually used it for well, as i mentioned earlier, this has a intel, pentium silver n6000 processor, which is great and is designed to do some light productivity type stuff which we did. For example, i got my daughter to actually do her homework, which was completed in word and powerpoint, with the included microsoft 365 subscription and she got a gold star on my ad and as for me, i found myself doing something ive never really done before, and that Was simply using windows 11 on a tablet, no accessories, and i actually really liked it. I found myself using the start, menu and touch keyboard more in portrait orientation because, with the size and aspect ratio of the device, these and things like widgets, look great and are easily accessible, microsoft, edge and edge collection. Sucked me into actually getting to organize my daughters, birthday party and generally just surf in the web in comfort. Without having to hide away in my office, my daughter found one of the pens i had lying around and drew a million cats for me in microsoft.

Whiteboard using that pen and with inking, which was a lovely nice natural, smooth experience, then there was my wife. She used it for being nosey on social, i mean using social media. She also found that referring to recipes in our edge collections became a breeze in portrait mode, while cooking, finally theres the reason i even own an oled tv, and that is gaming and windows 11, and the xbox app on this device was for me. The reason i didnt care anymore, that my daughter was hogging, my tv watching the same animated movie for the hundredth time or my wife being invested in the latest shenanigans on that reality show with the sisters you know, which one i mean all i needed was the Vivobook slate 13 oled and my trusty game pass ultimate subscription and i could game uninterrupted on that beautiful screen for as long as i wanted. So there you have it thats my experience with the asus vivobook slate 13 oled and, as i said at the beginning, this device is for people like me and my family, its a funky, looking well built portable oled device that can handle all the media you throw At it with little compromise and still do all of those light productivity tasks that you dont want to be bound at a desk to do so, if youre watching this – and you think this looks like something that you would like just ask yourself what it is you Expect or need from a device and if its a great secondary device to use at home or on the road, as both a tablet, a pc or a way to stop arguing over the tv.

Then this device is perfect for that right, thats it from me thanks for watching our overview of the asus vivobook slate 13 oled. We will have more upcoming overviews soon, so make sure you subscribe and hit that bell to get notified when they arrive also, while youre there check out our other stuff too, like deep dive and how to videos. I have been matt youve, been watching experts own uk and i see you soon and ill check you.