This year s is refreshing: its lineup with screen pad 2.0 a completely revamp technology, which will be available in most of its high end laptops the Asus vive book. S 15 is part of Asus Refresh laptop lineup for 2019, starting at just three point: eight pounds the Asus Weaver book s 15 is designed for portability, while its precision cut edges offer a clean, modern look finish in sleek aluminum. The vive book is available in different colors Asus vivo book s. 15 features the innovative Asus screen pad 2 point O, which is a much improved version from last year’s. First generation sweet pad to improve multitasking and change the way you work with your laptop. The new screen pad 2.0 upgrades, the traditional laptop experience, adding an interactive secondary five point: six inch, full HD super IPS touchscreen display with 178 degree wide view. Technology then enhances your productivity and gives you endless possibilities. Everything you can do on a typical multi monitor, PC setup can also be done on the screen pad, including video wallpaper settings. Brightness and even gaming screen pair 2.0 features smart phone like interface, much improved version from last year. First generation screen pad it lets you easily manage tasks and create your own seamless, multitasking, workflow, screen pad 2.0 offers a series of Handy asus utility apps to boost productivity, for example, apps, like quickie, for an on tap automation of complex keyboard sequences handwriting for natural text. Input and number key for rapid data entry along with custom interface apps like dark, expert, slide, export and sheet export are the interface for MS Office products.

Basically, screen pad 2.0 can display any Windows app in miniature third party developers can also use Asus API to optimize their software and user experience for screen pad 2.0 and precision touchpad technology sports up to four fingers: smart gestures, according to Asus, the screen pad 2.0 hardware – Is now also more energy efficient than its previous models? It is graphically powered by Intel CPUs, integrated 620 graphic chipset, which allows for longer battery life when screen pad is in use, Asus Revo book s, 15 is equipped with latest connectivity options. It comes with one USB 3.1 gen2 on type C port, one USB 3.1 gen2 on type; a port one standard, HDMI connection, one audio combo jack, one micro, SD card reader; one power connection, two USB 2 ports front facing IR HD camera with facial login that supports Windows: 10, hello, Wi, Fi, five, 802, 11 AC, dual band support and Bluetooth. 4.2 asus view book s. 15 display has bezel 20 smaller than the previous models and asus vivo book s. 15 is available in 15.6. Inch screen size, the 4 sided nano edge. Design gives asus eeebook s 15 frameless almost bezel free display 15.6 inch screen with full HD resolution. Lets you view content in Barbarin clarity and LED backlight provide thinner and more energy efficient screen, asus vivo book s 15 s visuals are handled by integrated intel. U HD graphics, 620 and nvidia MX 250 graphic card with its own dedicated memory and vdmx 250 delivers up to 3.

5 times the performance compared to standard integrated graphics, but keep in mind and video chips that share part of the main system, memory watching YouTube or Netflix. 4K content looks really good, and this display works very well in low light conditions. The Asus Weaver book s 15 keyboard – is good for longer. Typing experience is a fast quiet and reliable keyboard. The pressure point is only slightly noticeable and the feedback of the keys is a little bit stiff. On the other hand, the key size and the arrangements are very good, and our unit came with an optional keyboard. Backlight in the performance section, our Asus vivo book s15 is equipped with eight janicoo intel core i7 processor. This processor is based on whiskey Lake architecture and is well suited for use in slim notebooks. With this four course, the CPU is able to operate up to 8 threads simultaneously with the clock speed, ranging between 1.8 and 4.6 gigahertz. Our unit scored 1513 points in Cinebench multi thread, CPU performance benchmark running at 2 gigahertz, which is on par with 6 general Intel Core i7 6700 HQ running at 2.6, gigahertz base clock speed and in CPU Z, benchmark laptop CPU score 2300. Three points in multi thread and 525 points in single thread: applications in the storage solution. Asus we will book s 15 offers excellent, read and write rates that are well over average. Our unit scored 1444 megabits per second read and 847 megabits right in SSD benchmark.

Thanks to its PCI Express 512 GB nvme SSD, if single 512 GB nvme SSD isn’t big enough, you have an option to upgrade to a bigger drive or add an additional second nvme hard drive with available onboard m dot. 2 PCI Express expansion slot in the graphics laptop is powered by Nvidia. Mx 250 graphics offers an excellent balance between gaming performance and portability. It’S not powerful enough to play the most demanding titles at 1080p, but it’s great for popular multiplayer titles like fortnight or watch a rocket League. The geforce MX 250 is merely a rebrand of last gen MX 150, so they are almost nope almonds difference between them. 3Dmark results are identical to the last years. Mx 150 users can expect a performance level in between gtx 950 m and gtx 960m ASIS vivo book s. 15 comes with Intel, AC, 8, 6, 5, 8 or 2.11 AC wireless card, which supports both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz dual band with the max speed of 867 megabits per second, the laptop motherboard supports m dot. U wireless card form factor, so you have an option to upgrade or replace your wireless card. If you want in the future, when it comes to audio the Asus Weaver book s, 15 powered by a sonic master stereo audio system with surround sound enough sound to fill up medium sized room to downward facing speakers with Dolby audio lets. You listen to your media out loud in the battery life department.

Asus has equipped the Viva book s 15 with the 42. What our unit the 42 waterway battery can provide up to 7 hours of runtime, which is plenty love for daily usage or students for on campus projects or taking notes during classes. Laptop comes with MacBook Pro style power supply capable of charging 60 percent in 49 minutes. Due to its fast charging technology, when it comes to upgrade ability, asus allows you to upgrade most of the components you can access the laptop motherboard by removing screws from the back cover. You can replace the laptop bram, Wi Fi module and add second m2 form factor hard drive with available empty slot in the CPU cooling department. We have single heat pipe with heatsink and a single fan. You can hear the fan noise during gaming or CPU intensive usage, but temperature never cross ninety degrees Celsius during our tests, which means cooling, is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperature under control during gaming or CPU intensive workloads. Asus view. Look as 15 is a really really decent machine. We found it to be a major step up from last gen models. It comes with great features like screen pad 2.0 and our go lift hinge our enhancing the experience for this device. Asus people book s15 has all the latest features with great build quality makes it a top contender to be the best material laptop of 2019, especially if you can find a great deal at a reasonable price.