There is a couple of niggling design choices that prevent it from ending up being a firm favorite in our publications. The vivobook s14 is available in four color choices: gaia, green, undaunted, red wonderful white and indie black. There is also a standout of neon about the enter key simply to truly own home that hip visual. Strangely enough, asus also consists of a lot of arbitrary sticker labels with the laptop computer, which you are encouraged to plaster around and purchase to produce a unique look. The aluminum alloy framework produces a polished and clean appearance and thankfully does not smudge as easily the laptop computer evaluates in at 1.4 kilograms. So while it is a smidge heavier compared to what we’d like it is still small enough to get on a knapsack or laptop computer bag and take on the move, bonus notes to asus for designing a really small laptop computer battery charger, which is no larger. Compared to your hand, from a connection viewpoint, there are a couple of points to explain. On the plus side, there is a full sized hdmi port and usb 3.0 ports on the disadvantage. The type c port does not support video clip out, but it will charge up a mobile phone. The various other disadvantage is that the laptop computer has two more usb ports on the opposite side, but these are usb 2.0, just so they’re, truly just great for connecting peripherals and not truly great for connected storage space devices.

There is also a micro sd card reader, which we truly would certainly have liked to have been a full size. Sd card reader, rather considering this laptop computer, is tailored towards creative kinds, they’re more likely to be using devices such as video cams that use full sized sd cards. Opening the laptop computer with one hand, is a little bit challenging once you have pried it opens up. You will be welcomed by the silvery keyboard and screen. While the bezels are relatively slim. They definitely aren’t the thinnest. We have seen on an asus laptop computer, but it is a small point to stay on on the bottom of the laptop computer. You have two audio speakers certified by harman kardon, in addition to a small vent to remove warm air. Asus presently has just one model of the vivobook s14 in the uae and u.s markets, which comes with 8 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage space. That is a good beginning setup. However, the sticking point comes when you decide you want to upgrade and find out that the ram is actually soldered on the motherboard. The laptop computer also just has space for m.2 owns, rather than 2.5 inch ohms. So that is another important fact to bear in mind. The screen on the vivobook s14 is good for daily use and viewing angles are generally appropriate. Asus consists of its true two life: video clip technology to assist improved visuals. But honestly, we hardly noticed a lot of a distinction throughout our tests.

Overall, it is an alright screen for basic internet browsing, but when you are watching movies, you might struggle to select certain information depending upon your ambient light, for example, in an extremely dark room. It was comfy to watch the screen and take a look at individual details of characters in guardians of the galaxy. But when we watched the exact same movie in the daytime, the screen had not been as detailed and some of the darker scenes. That proceed were truly shed using the laptop computer in or close to bright. Sunshine is also not suggested, as it becomes entirely unreadable on top of the display. You will find the allegedly hd video cam, but its quality is quite terrible. It is hardly appropriate for video clip conferencing unless you are radiating limelight on your face, so the video cam can actually track your information. The video cam also does not support facial acknowledgement in home windows 10, so you will be losing out on that particular feature. Also, video pc gaming with overwatch saw 40 to 50 fps frame prices at finest, with all impacts relied on reduced. If you are looking to play older or more laid back video games after that, the vivobook s14 will have the ability to handle things. Anything more current is certainly most likely to put stress on it. Despite its relatively small size, the vivobook s14 features a fairly spacious keyboard, with comfy keys to kind on key travel is quite great and the keys are receptive to any variety of keystrokes.

However, there is a variety of points we do not like about this keyboard at all. The backlighting on it’s definitely awful and features lots of light leaks about the keys. This makes the real keys themselves almost unreadable, so you will often struggle to see which switches you are pushing. The various other problem we ran into was constantly hitting the power switch rather than the erase key, which is correct beside it in time, you will learn how to educate your fingers to hit the right button, but as first time users. This was something we faced. Every time we typed on the vivobook s14, the extra function key near the right arrow key also has the tendency to sometimes be confusing as we’d often tap it thinking. It was the arrowhead key, rather what the vivobook s14 certainly does well, as battery life, we would certainly regularly obtain 911 hours of battery life from it, whether that was simply browsing, the internet, watching netflix or simply modifying documents. Billing can take a bit under two hours for a complete battery. Once you have obtained enough juice, you can walk away from your battery charger for a great part of the day. The asus vivobook s14s 433 is a no frills laptop computer. That would not appearance misplaced.