This is a laptop targeted at creatives at visual content creators. Now let me just give you the bottom line up front. This 16 inch display is big. Its sharp its color, accurate, with color support up to 100 percent adobe rgb, p3 and srgb, and the performance is smooth its lag free and it has a graphics card, so it can be used for some light gaming, but not for playing triple a titles. The battery life is up to 10 to 12 hours, depending on what you do. So the battery life is really good. There are, of course, some downsides. This is the amd version, which does not support usbc charging. From what ive read the intel version supports usbc charging. The intel version also comes with intel, quick, sync video, which is a feature that lets you export videos, in this case up to 30 or 40 percent faster compared to the amd version, and some of the apps that can take advantage of intel. Quick sync are adobe premiere pro blackmagic davinci resolve the third downside that i care about is there are three usb type a ports on this laptop. However, two of the ports only support usb 2 speeds. It seems like here in singapore, only the amd version of this laptop is available and the official retail price is 2598 singapore dollars, and with that you get 16 gigs of ram one terabyte of ssd storage, ryzen, 7, 5800, h8, core processor and nvidia geforce rtx 3050.

Ti gpu: these are the items included in the box. There is a 120 watt charger, some stickers, quick, start guide and warranty info. This is the connector for the charger. 10 beautiful stickers are included in this brown envelope, so these are for decorating your laptop. The laptop comes with two years of warranty here in singapore, and this is the advertisement for the extended warranty. I think its great, that asus has included a laptop back, and the design of this bag looks good. This material looks like you can repair water, so there is one big pocket in front here for putting, i guess the charger the bag can be carried with this handle or you can use this bag as a backpack as well with these two straps here at the Top here there is a zip and inside there are two big laptop compartments and two smaller pockets, and this bag is very well padded to provide protection for the laptop. So this is the laptop. There is no design on the top, except for this, since here asus vivobook hashtag be explorer. Hashtag ready set, go uncage your possibilities. I like the matte textured surface on the top. However, this is quite susceptible to fingerprints. The exterior is made of aluminum and the overall build quality is extremely solid. The weight of this laptop is 1.95 kg, so there are some fingerprint smudges here and we have huge rubber feet to lift the laptop off the table.

These are the downward facing speakers. The audio quality is loud and clear. We have some grills here for air intake for the pots. We have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack micro, sd card slot, usb 3.2 gen, 1 type c, hdmi version 1.4, usb 3.2 gen1 type a, and this is for charging. On the other side, we have two usb type: a ports with, unfortunately, usb 2 speeds and thats. The battery light indicator lets look at the display and the keyboard, so the fingerprint sensor is built into the power button and it works really quick and effectively at the top of the display is a 720p camera with a privacy shield. This is a 16 inch oled display with resolution slightly higher than 4k uhd. The resolution is 3840 by 2400, so the aspect ratio is 16 by 10, which is better for productivity compared to displays with 16 by nine aspect ratio. It just so happens that i have a laptop here with a 16 by nine aspect ratio display. So let me show you the differences between these two. This by the way, is the asus zenbook pro dual 15 oled ux 582. If you take a look at the photo of the laptop that i have here, you can see the whole laptop, including the bottom of the laptop, whereas on the zenbook pro you will, the photo is actually cropped off. I am not able to see the bottom corner here. This is the latest palette on the zenbook pro dual and i can see five layers here, including this scroll bar on the right side, and this is the layers palette on the vivobook pro.

So i can see five layers with space to maybe fit one and a half more layers. So with more pixels, you can see more content. In this case the photo is not cropped off and you can see more content on the palettes. Now. Do note that i have hidden the taskbar so with the taskbar at the bottom. Maybe the photo will be cropped off slightly with the taskbar at the bottom. Here the photo is going to be cropped off even more. Having said that, this laptop here is actually better for productivity, simply because there are two displays. The total number of pixels here is about 50 percent more compared to what you can find on this single display. But this laptop is about 1.5 to 2 times more expensive. Pixel density is 283 ppi, so pixelation is not noticeable, and this display has fantastic color accuracy. I measure 100 color support for srgb, adobe, rgb and p3 and 98 for ntsc. I measure a maximum brightness of 300 nits out of the advertised 550 nits 300 nits is sufficient for use in a bright room environment. If your environment has less light, you dont have to max out the brightness, so the colors on this oled display are really vibrant. In fact, if you are switching from lcd to all that its going to take some time for you to adjust to the extra vibrance and the extra contrast ratio in this case here, its 1 to 1 million at 300 nits maximum brightness hdr effect – is still noticeable.

So this video is a 4k hdr video i found on youtube and i can see the lights here. They feel like they are glowing and the extra contrast ratio really helps to make the lights appear brighter when you contrast it against a darker background, relatively speaking, compared to lcd displays. This display has fantastic viewing angles. You can view the display from extreme angles, with minimal color shift the downsides, its quite reflective, but as long as you dont have any reflections on the display or you dont have any light source pointing directly at the display. This is the image quality you can expect. The other downside this is an oled display, so there is the risk of oled burn in. However, asus has included some software to run a screen saver and some feature to shift the pixels when the system detects that you are not using the display. All right lets. Look at the bottom wow. There are many stickers here, one two three four. This also looks like a sticker that you can peel off. I mean when im using the touchpad. I can feel my fingernails scratching the surface, so asus has included some design elements on the keyboard to appeal to creatives. There is the bright orange escape button and above the function buttons. There are some design elements as well. The enter button has some styling. The number pad on the right side feels slightly squashed so for the zero button, its usually across two buttons, but here is just one single button.

So if you want to hit this area for zero its going to press this dot instead, i have another laptop with exactly the same keyboard layout. It just takes some time to get used to it. The keys have good travel, tactile feedback and the overall tapping experience is fantastic. The touchpad is big, its quite accurate and it has nice clicking feedback, so the overall user experience is quite good. There is this asus dial pad feature which is built into the touch pad to use it. You just have to swipe down from the corner. I like to use my pinky finger to swipe down so that my index finger can use the dial pad instantly. As you turn on the dial pad, there is lighting which will light up, but the light is not that bright, so its not that useful. There is a button in the middle of the dial pad. Once you press it, the digital dial pad will appear on the screen towards the top left corner, and you can tap once to go into the settings and use the dial pad to adjust the settings. All these shortcuts will update accordingly, depending on the app that is open. So right now i dont have any apps open. So these are the three shortcuts for my windows os, so ive just opened up photoshop and you can see the shortcuts they have been updated. The dial pad works quite effectively. So currently i have a blank canvas and i have this brush, which is being selected, so i can use the dial pad to increase the brush size.

The dial pad is more useful for adjusting settings where the values can change incrementally. For example, if you want to adjust the brush size instead of pressing the buttons repeatedly, you can just use the dial pad to turn and it will increase the brush size quite quickly. Heres another example. This is adobe premiere, so i can use the dial pad to scroll the timeline or to zoom in and out of the timeline. So you can move through the timeline very slowly or you can step forward 30 frames at a time the shortcuts can be customized using the pro art creator hub software, so there are already pre programmed shortcuts for this for adobe apps, photoshop, lightroom, classic premiere pro and Illustrator, if you want to create your own shortcut, sets for other software, you can just add the software here. For example, i want to create some shortcuts for affinity photo, and now i can just click here to add my shortcut. I can create keyboard shortcuts for the dial pad lets say i want to create a shortcut to change the brush size. I can click here to create a custom function and let me just rename this and lets enter our keyboard shortcut done. You can create up to eight shortcuts. You can also create groups of shortcuts, so you can create up to eight groups of shortcuts and thats a lot of shortcuts. However, to go into auto shortcuts, you will have to press several times to go in what i dont like about the dial pad is you cannot change the location of the dial pad, which always appears at the top left corner and, as you can see, the dial Pad doesnt really stand out against the background.

Currently theres, no way to customize the look of the dial pad. So is the dial pad actually useful in real life. I think it really depends on your workflow, so, for example, with adobe lightroom i can use the sliders here to adjust the exposure or the contrast or the different settings, or i can use the asus dial pad to adjust exposure and different settings. So this is an additional way for you to work, and it can be useful if you find it useful lets talk about performance, so this review unit that i have here is equipped with 16 gigs of ram amd ryzen 7 5800 h processor, which is an eight Core processor, it has one terabyte of ssd with read and write speeds up to 1007 megabytes per second, so the responsiveness of this laptop is fantastic when it comes to loading apps boot up switching between apps adjusting values. While we are editing photos, all that is very responsive, so the power that is packed into this laptop is definitely more than sufficient for graphic design. Work. Its very satisfying to work on this beautiful color, accurate 16 inch display, and i really like the sharpness when it comes to editing videos, you can edit 4k videos smoothly. However, the video export time on the emd processor is actually slower compared to the intel processor. So to export a 10 minute 4k video with h265. It took me 7 minutes and 36 seconds with other laptops that ive tested with intel processors.

I was able to get four to five minutes, so this amd processor took substantially longer to export videos compared to intel because intel has this feature called intel. Quicksim video, which really speeds up video exporting anyway, to take seven or eight minutes to export a 10 minute. 4K, videos to me is quite reasonable: its just that the intel processors are going to be faster when it comes to gaming. The nvidia geforce rtx 3050 is good for some light gaming with hades. I was able to get 60 frames per second with 1080p plus resolution with radiate redemption 2. I was only able to get 30 to 35 frames per second with 1080p resolution and 40 to 45 frames per second with 720p. So this graphics card is good for live gaming, but not for aaa titles. The laptop can handle heavy load and multitasking quite well. The only times when i can hear the fans would be when im exporting photos exporting videos, gaming and when adobe cloud is updating apps in the background and during live streaming. But the fan noise is not that loud and asus has also included software for you to tweak the fan noise fan. Noise is loudest when gaming, but its actually not too bad compared to other laptops. Ive tested battery life for this laptop is quite impressive. When i streamed youtube videos at maximum brightness, i was able to get slightly more than 12 hours of battery life and there isnt much difference between having the display at maximum brightness or at fifty percent brightness.

And i was able to get four and a half hours of gaming on this laptop. You know how on windows, the battery icon doesnt have percentage well on this laptop. I dont have the tendency to click on the icon to see the actual percentage, because when i see that tiny little bar left, it actually means i still have a few hours of battery life left. All right. To conclude, this laptop, in my opinion, is suitable for creatives for visual content creators. The performance is smooth lag free when it comes to using creative software. The two main selling points for me would be the display and the battery life, so this display is 16 inch. Oled with fantastic color accuracy, 4k plus resolution and a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, so i really enjoy using this display and the battery life of 10 to 12 hours. That is quite impressive. There are, of course, some downsides. The usb 2 speeds for this two usb a ports, the lack of usbc charging with the amd version of this laptop and the lack of intel, quick, sync video feature. So is this laptop worth the money you can decide based on the findings that i have presented before i go? I just want to let you know that i have reviewed other asus laptops as well and if you want to check out those reviews, just visit the links that i have for you in the video description below thanks for watching.

I hope this review is helpful.