Some pretty beefy hardware weve also got this very nifty. Asus dial built into the touchpad along with this unique sort of creator, meets gamer vibe to the design, solid battery life, a webcam privacy filter, a pretty decent range of ports and a whole bunch of other stuff. But the best bit is this screen 16 by 10. 90 hertz oled it doesnt get much better than this and actually samsung reached out and offered to sponsor this video of the asus vivo book, because samsung displays make this screen, which we get on all vivo books of which theres about a billion different skus. But as always, all opinions are my own and having been using this for the past few weeks, i have to say i am very impressed so asus make a ton of laptops. Weve got the slightly higher end zen book range and then weve got these sort of uh pro art, studio books right at the top for creators, and then weve got the rog and the zephyrus sort of on the gaming side. Vivobooks are generally a little bit more affordable uh, but with the vivobook pro and then the x variants of the 14 and the 16 inch models which ive got here. This is the 14x which hopefully is not actually coming to the uk different skus for different markets. Although a 16 inch version of this will be coming here and to make things even more complicated, there are intel and amd versions of each one, so either a ryzen 5000 series or an intel 11th gen h series.

But, crucially, all new viva books do come with these oled screens, so the most affordable vivo book. The pro 14 starts at about 700 pounds. My higher end, spec 14x is about 1300, while the top end pro 16x starts at about 1400. But lets talk about the screen, not just because samsung are sponsoring it, but because it is a real show, stopper and going back to a regular, led lcd laptop just feels a bit washed out and lifeless after youve been spoiled by an oled, so theres. Actually, a couple of screen options: either this 2.8k resolution 90 hertz or a full fat 4k oled, but with a slower, 60hz refresh rate. So it depends what youre going to be using this for. But for me i reckon the 2.8k is a good balance on a 14 inch screen and even though its not full 120, the bump up to 90 does make everything noticeably smoother and im also really happy. They went with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, which is a little bit taller than regular laptop screens and just makes everything feel less constrained and letterboxy. Although you do get slightly thicker black bars when youre watching videos or movies. Now i measured around 530 nits of brightness in hdr mode, which is actually pretty decent and also, of course, because its oled, the pixels, can turn themselves fully off, which means blacks are actually black, so contrast and dynamic range in movies and games is incredible.

Non hdr content was closer to 400 nits of brightness, which is still enough to see in all, but the strongest sunlight. So this is very much aimed at the sort of casual to prosumer creator and if you are a photo or video, editor or graphic designer or something, you will of course appreciate a color, accurate screen, thats pretty important, but the good news is. This is extremely color. Accurate were talking 100 srgb, 100 adobe rgb and also 99 uh dci p3. In my tests, although uh samson claim 100 p3, but there will always be some minor differences between panels and its already pantone verified, meaning its already well calibrated but thats, not all because another less obvious benefit of these samsung oled panels is that they emit way less Harmful blue light than regular screens, which can affect your health, and particularly your sleep rhythms. So by putting this nifty filter in front of my camera lens next to a regular laptop screen, you can really see just how much less blue light its emitting. Okay lets talk about this design and i do want to give credit to asus for using recycled materials on the lid, and i quite like this embossed logo area as well. Although i could maybe live without these corny hashtags, but i would definitely be interested in seeing a fully recycled laptop chassis at some point inside we have this two tone: white grey layout and the light up dashed pattern on the enter key.

Now, apart from the lid, the rest of the body is aluminium and it feels solid, with only a little bit of flex around the keys tipping the scales at 1.45 kilograms, its not the lightest 14 inch laptop on the market, but given its specs and the performance It is pretty portable, also the regular non x vivobook pros get a slightly more basic, but still a fairly classy looking interior. The keyboard is lovely to type on and theres plenty of travel and feedback. We also get a fingerprint reader built into the power button and also this glass trackpad is much bigger than previous vivobooks and its nice and responsive. Now our suits are pretty famous for adding extra features to the touchpad weve had numpads weve had the full screen pad, but now with a little swipe in from the corner, we have the asus dial and its basically a virtual version of this physical asus dial that We get on these pro art studio books from asus, which also use samsung oled displays as well. If you want to spend a bit more money on the sort of ultimate creator, laptop then definitely give the new pro a look and that physical dial, its pretty nifty ill, leave a little link to my review of this at the top right functionally. This is the same, but its not a physical dial. So, as i say you just swipe in from the top right, give it a little tap and up comes an on screen wheel with customizable controls with windows, volume and brightness by default.

But it really comes into its own when you use it with a supported app, which right now is limited to adobe, lightroom, classic photoshop premiere pro and after effects thats it. But if you open up the pro art control hub, which is pre installed, you can choose which controls you want to assign it to from scrubbing through a timeline tweaking exposure. You can really set that up to how you like it. The problem is, though, unlike the physical asu style, on the pro art, this isnt, nearly as easy to use. You have to activate it first when you want to use it, and also i found i had to keep an eye on my finger, or else id be going too far inside or outside the circle, the benefit of the physical dial on the studio boxes. You can feel your way around, so its a pretty cool extra and you dont have to use it, of course, but its not something. I found myself wanting to use long term on this thats pretty cool, so we actually have a physical privacy, little filter slider that you can bring in front of the webcam. It doesnt stop it from recording, as you can see, but it does physically block it, which is uh quite nice. If youre concerned about privacy now in terms of ports, its a bit of a mixed bag, we do get a full size. Hdmi 2, a micro sd card slot, although a full size would have been more useful along with a headphone jack and a usb 3.

1 type, a and usb c port. On the other side, we get two usb 2 ports good old 21 year old, usb 2, which is fine for a mouse and maybe older peripherals, but usb 3 should really be the standard. Now across the board. We do get wi fi 6, though so its not ridiculously expensive weve got quite a nice design. The screen is top notch. What about performance? How fast is this? Well, i can only speak for the spec i have here with the ryzen 7. 5800H. 3050Ti graphics card. 16 gigs ram and one terabyte ssd, so its a solid spec, although the 3050 ti is a lower end, 35 watt max q part, although it can boost up to 50 watts dynamically, but really this is meant for photo and video editing and maybe moderate 3d graphics Work, although since i shoot in 4k 10bit 422, i did use proxies for my premiere pro project, but then again i had to do that as well. For my 3090 desktop pc as well, but the good thing about these so called creator laptops is that with these dedicated gpus, they can moonlight as pretty decent gaming machines, particularly with this new 90hz refresh in rainbow six siege with dlss enabled and the resolution set to 1200P, i averaged 150 fps with ultra settings at native 2.8k. It was closer to 100 and in fortnite i was averaging about 70 frames per second, but even so, we were still taking advantage of that higher refresh the stereo speakers are down and slightly outward firing, which means your desk or your lap models.

The sound a little bit speech and music is clear and it does get fairly loud but like most laptops, its lacking a bit of bass and finally battery life, and we get a 63 watt hour cell inside here and ive been getting about seven hours of normal Non gaming use out of this, not as significantly as resolution or brightness, but particularly with dark mode enabled or when youve got darker backgrounds on screen as oled pixels are self emissive, so they can individually turn themselves off when not needed. You might see a few percent longer battery, although, while i havent tested the larger 16x from reviews, ive seen it does look like battery is a lot better. In fact, in the digital trends review, they claim it lasted longer than the lg gram 16. Even though the vivobook has much faster hardware, so the big question: should you buy one of these new viva books? Well yeah. I think so. I think its a pretty easy recommendation im tempted to say that the standard non pro vivobooks, like the vivobook 14, which starts at 700 pounds, might be a better value option, as you still get a 3050, the latest cpus and also an oled screen. But if you want that little bit extra performance, then the 14x here is definitely worth considering its just a bit of a shame. This particular model isnt coming to the uk. But what really sets this apart is that samsung oled screen, which is just unbelievably good, a touchscreen, would have been nice and maybe glass bezels that are flush with the screen rather than these slightly protruding plastic ones.

Also, these usb 2s should really be usb 3s and a full size sd card reader would have been a lot more useful. But, aside from that, there really isnt much to complain about. So if you do fancy checking this out for yourself ill leave links in the description below. But what do you reckon? Would you be tempted to buy this, and what do you make of that oled screen? Let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching guys if you did enjoy the video a cheeky little like and subscribe would be very much appreciated again, a big thank you to samsung display for sponsoring this video and ill see you guys.