Today I am going to do a review of a budget very much budget, a laptop by Asus, its a Viva book and its 11.6 inches. Its a favorable go its called theyre, so slim and they are so portable. So we bought this because were doing a European trip and were kind of half backpacking and we need to have a laptop with us. So we want to bring something small and light and cheap as well comes with Windows, 11, home and thats. All I need its when you buy it its in esmo, dot, safe mode. Most people, I know, will not want the S Mode on it, but you can change that and there is no charge to change it. You just have to put your windows account in and then changes. So what is it its its uh, its? It comes with the Celeron in 40, 20 empty, so n4020 here is, is here it. It lies flat which is uh is not a lot of laptops. Dont lie flat. Now it doesnt fold around theres a fold around version of it also so uh. Yes, I but first thing Id done when I got it. I have it a couple of weeks. It comes on with four gigabyte of ram, which is fine if youre not youre, not going to be doing video editing with this. Its storage is e m m c, which is embedded multimedia card inside in it, which is fast, but its only 64 gigabytes.

So what I am going to do is I am going to upgrade this with a an m.2 because Im you can put an m.2 into it and they have become so cheap now so Im going to put one gigabyte into it for uh storage, and I will Do that on a later video? So yes uh this, it works. Fine, the sound is fine, it comes with very little instructions or anything. It comes with the charger, and it just comes with this uh small rather than a brick and it for a long time. On battery, I have been I charged it up when I got it and I didnt it also has number keypads. So, in other words, you can turn on the number keypad on or off here with this, as well as using it for a mouse pad, so that in in that means that you have no numbers on the keyboard, which means you have a full size keyboard here And its got all the normal functions I can press, I cant actually see what Im doing there, but this is a real watchful it. It works fine Im just using YouTube, Thats the video I dont myself recently and it it works perfectly for all these applications and but, as I said, I wanted to put Google Chrome on and I wouldnt allow me for Google Chrome until I uh disable the S Mode and they made it normal 11.. It also comes with office uh one year of Office 365 one year subscription to office uh, so I didnt I didnt, set that up yet I will set it up.

I have office uh on my uh on my other computers, and so we will have Outlook and that so I can do my emails while we are traveling but uh. Yes, this is a nice little laptop and what Im going to do now is Im going to measure the size of it itll fit in any backpack thats for sure. So just move it forward here, its kind of a matte finish. My hands are greasy and Im staining it. There Im not really staining it, so its just 11 inches exactly does way. Okay, so it – and this way its seven and a half. So it it it it it it its 190 by one uh by 280., Its 190 by 280 millimeters are, as I said, 11 by seven and a half. Now, where else does it come in handy its very, very thin, so Im not going to measure the dimples on the bottom, but its only 16 millimeters to to from there to there with the whole lot its going to be almost one inch off the table, so Thats, what you need to bear in mind mind: I didnt weigh it, but it weighs very little and uh. It comes. As I said, it comes in different just to go 12. It comes in different versions of it and it changes every year, but theyre, basically its the same and the same processor, the Intel Celeron in 4020 or n4020. What what this laptop really has going for? It is number one having Windows 11 on it for free full version of home or S Mode, if you like, uh and also the second biggest advantage of this, is the price, and what Im going to do now is Im going to measure the cable its a Little bit over six foot, I know by stretching it out with my arms like this, so its probably 1.

9 or two meters long. I think it is two of the aces Beaver book. I go. 12 11.6 inch its uh Im so happy with this now, because I know that Im not going to have to be carrying a big chunky laptop for our art, our one month, vacation in Europe.