I brought this piece of junk and it completely stopped working just after the 30 day. Return window the computer completely crashed. It would not even turn on amazon customer service advised to return the product to the manufacturer for repair. The computer was sent to asus in october. It is now january and i cannot get the computer back yet. My son has not had his computer to use for online classes for three months contacted asus several times worst customer support. Ever we will get back to you within 24 48 hours, never heard back each time. I call same song and dance checked website each time they keep changing the expected date of completion. This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable, completely unreasonable to expect someone to be without their computer. For so long. I will never buy another asus computer, save your money and buy a better product from a different manufacturer. I purchased a new asus vivo book, flip laptop and received a use in or returned product returning it immediately. The touchscreen is pretty great. The laptop works very quickly out of the box. Now a laptop doesn’t have a usb port. You will need a usbc two usb port adapter. For that, as i needed one side note, you can dual boot. The laptop like i did for college work. The battery is good, not every laptop can have a lasting battery, but this one might be no issues, as of now will update when issues arise.

Other than that i love the product. This is the perfect laptop. Sound is perfect, screen is perfect and the touch battery life lasts quite a while responds fast. I recommend it especially for the price my fiancee bought an acer for 800 and the quality of mine is so much better than his. This is my second time buying this laptop last time from a different seller, but the screen cracked, my fault – i dropped it several times after the screen crack on my old one. I tried a more expensive laptop with more features, but i sent it back it just. Could not compete with this one? I love how my asus is lightweight. Slim, perfect size and doesn’t get hot on the bottom. Battery life is good. Only thing i could wish for in a future version is a backlit keyboard, but i’ll gladly trade. That feature in for this laptop it meets all of my needs, blew over the touchscreen also upon arrival. I thought it was too slow, but i called amazon tech support and he asked me to restart it and viola. It is working nice and fast great for on the go use. Doesn’T bog you down, i intentionally wanted a very simple computer. I have no extra needs of like gaming or heavy duty work on the computer. I just needed something for everyday use, browsing shopping, streaming, etc. Overall, i, like the computer outlet, easy to use very slim and aesthetic and great touch screen.

Webcam is not that good and speakers are great sound quality, but not very loud it’s, pretty much what i was expecting for very basic everyday use. It’S great. This review is specifically for model tp 401m tldr don’t buy this as your main laptop can’t upgrade the 4gb memory and it might as well not have a webcam considering how horrible it is. I have a seven year old gaming asus laptop. While i realize that this asus flip is miles below a gaming laptop, i wasn’t prepared for how much slower it would run than the one i bought seven years ago. I wasn’t expecting 4gb of memory to run especially fast, but i did expect to be able to upgrade it so for anyone else with the same expectations. The 4gb memory in this laptop cannot be upgraded. It will be 4gb for life, you cannot add extra memory and the 4gb is permanently attached. 4Gb is actually very low by today’s standards. Considering my old laptop has 16 gb that’s the main problem with this model, and it can’t be fixed aside from the low memory. This laptop suffers from other drawbacks. There is really only one viewing angle: don’t be fooled by the description. If you’re not looking straight at it, you won’t see what’s on the screen with any reasonable degree of accuracy. Also, the webcam is absolutely horrible. Blurry laggy really looks like something you’d see on a smartphone from 20 years ago. So if you use video conferencing extensively for work or school, you should absolutely not get this laptop due to webcam alone.

All that being said, the reason i gave it three stars rather than two is: if you know what you’re getting then you might appreciate the positive features it’s a very light and slim laptop, which is great if you plan to carry it around with you a lot And for a low end laptop, it has a surprisingly responsive touch screen. So, in summary, if you’re looking at this to replace your current laptop, keep looking, there are better, similarly priced flip options that can do basic things like browse he web and edit documents, which is really all you can use this, for. If you want to do anything else with it, i personally wanted to play games using an android emulator or if you use a webcam regularly, then definite skip this one. I can really only see someone liking this thing as an extra laptop that’s easy to carry around. If other mobile devices are insufficient, i have had this product for the weekend and i have to do a hard reset for this item even to work. I hate that this product is horrible. I want it so bad for this item to work. It was a great idea, but poorly executed. Don’T was your money or time. If you want more reviews on this product, you can find the link in description that’s.