Like you guys already know, ive been reviewing gadgets here for a long time, and one of the most important factors for me when actually buying a laptop or using a laptop is the fact that i needed to be portable. I needed to go with me to my office and the asus vivobook is the latest one that i have tested its really amazing. It does a lot of things very well. I already did a quick unboxing for you guys because ive been using it for more than a week now, thats the asus vivobook 15., its a 15.6 screen oled type. We will take a look at it in a moment. You also get the charger for the laptop over here and uh. I had some good experience with this laptop lets. Begin the review and im gon na tell you all about it. Okay, so here it is, and it seems like this laptop was designed for people. Like me, it has a powerful enough gpu to do a video editing or photo editing or anything else. It is super lightweight, only 1.7 kilograms and its not a fat laptop. So we are talking about around 18 millimeters in terms of width, but the big thing with this laptop, at least for me, is the screen just look at it: its an 85 percent screen to body ratio. You really feel that, when looking at the laptop and im going to tell you a lot about this laptop today, but one of the things i want to begin with is that i wish they could.

This could actually open up a bit more because i do watch a lot of movies on my laptop and it feels like that. It does go back a lot, but i wish i had like maybe um 10 or 20 more degrees thats. The first complaint i have uh not many more complaints but thats one of them. The colors on this screen are amazing. The screen. Overall, this is not a touch screen. Obviously, um gets the job done for anybody who edits uh, photos or images or videos, and i already have it installed with windows, as you can see: windows 11 in my local language, obviously, and one of the things i really thought that was interesting when using this Laptop is the brightness on this. It really goes high in terms of its brightness, and you feel that when you look at this laptop in mid daylight, uh outside you can still see the screen. This is not something i can say about many of the laptops that i have used its an oled screen. It has a 100 178 percent angle, uh of viewing angle. Sorry – and you can see that right now, just like look at where the camera is at and you can actually see the screen very well, even at a very high viewing angle, it still gets the job done. I have the keyboard here and the keyboard is a full size keyboard. It was very comfortable to use the mouse pad was huge.

The processor on this is an i7 11th generation from intel and we have an mx nvidia geforce gpu on it. This is the mx350. So this is definitely not the best gaming laptop you could have got, but this gpu is very good for people who do video, edits and anything else, thats office, wise and stuff. Like that, one of the things i really like before going technical on the uh. What you get on the laptop itself is that there is a quick button here: its the function, f and thats; a function, uh thats the function, button on the asus vivobook laptops. When you press on it, you switch between three modes, the stable mode, the whisper mode or the performance mode these three modes. Basically, you can see that, when im pressing on the different uh buttons, these three modes change the way the laptop behaves. So if you need performance its like two clicks away from switching to that mode – and i love it its not something that i saw in other companies on other laptops where i had to go uh to a specific software inside the menus and actually search for something That changes modes here i can do that with just the press of a button function in f and thats. It so lets talk. Lets take a look about connections uh. This laptop, like i said its well built its uh, its very lightweight on the side. Uh were gon na see that we get a bunch of connection for me, the minimum usb connections uh or slots usb slot is actually four on any laptop, and this is exactly what we get over here on the let me see on the which side is it Thats, the right side, thats the left side.

So, on the left side, we have two usb 2.0 connections or slots its not the best. Obviously, this is where youre going to connect your keyboard and mouse and not the storage device, which you will need probably to connect to a faster slot thats. On the other side, where you can see a usb 3.0 type, a connection and a usb 3.2 um type c thats, a 3.2 type, 3.2 gen1, not a gen, 2 thats, a big thing. You might wan na note here theres an hdmi out for connecting to a monitor, thats, also very important, and there is the uh power plug. There is an aux port and the sim card slot that which is a micro card micro, sim card. I wish this could be full size because sometimes i do use my dslr camera and i forget to bring the sd card slot with me. Did i say sim card, i meant to say sd card, so its an sd card, so the micro sd card slot. So i guess thats it um. I really feel like this is a high quality design. You can actually try try to wiggle it once its on the table im going to show you guys and it doesnt move that much so the monitor really sticks to its place. When trying to uh like lets say you want to move it and position it that way, and you have a health earthquake over here, something you really feel like that.

The stability of the monitor is high um. So i like that, a lot because i have another laptop, which is actually a lot more wiggly im gon na put links and more information regarding to pricing, as it always updates uh. So you guys can see how much it costs in the video description down below. But this is definitely being sold worldwide right now, so you can check it out uh. So, like i mentioned, i just want to show you guys more technical stuff. If you want to get more information about this laptop that i havent talked about uh one of the things that i really liked was the asus web page, and it actually tells you a lot about this laptop. So, unlike like marketing stuff, you usually find uh. Here we can see different information regarding the cooling system, what type of fans they used on it. I actually have the 16 gigabytes version, the mx 350 on it in terms of graphics card. We talked about the core i7, its a wi fi, 6 wi fi. So its great its going to deliver a lot in terms of internet speeds and the battery life is a big thing. With this vivobook lineup its uh, its basically going to save you a lot of battery working in low performance modes, and you can definitely hold this laptop performing for multiple hours without any problems for my test during this week. These are the three modes i talked about, which you can change, and uh performance mode is definitely going to.

Let you do some video editing, which is great uh with the hotkey. We talked about so thats the fair information on this laptop. As you can see, they have a structure of um of fans here, thats uh super thin, its a 0.2 millimeters ive seen that on other laptops, but it does feel like this laptop is more quiet than others, um im guessing that asus is doing things here. That uh are done are being done better than what i saw with other companies um that basically have a louder fan system, so yeah its ultra portable. For me at least 1.7 kilograms is amazing and uh. You can still use the uh 3.2 gen 1 uh usb slots to get high storage, uh external high speed, storage uh a lot of uh. The key travel here is amazing, 1.4 millimeters. So yeah we got a lot of other information here. You can definitely go to this page and check it out. I hope you enjoyed this uh video review of the asus vivobook. I think its one of the most interesting laptops that i have tested uh the monitor here. The oled monitor is a big thing, its the biggest the brightness on it is probably for me, the biggest advantage and the full size keyboard, and a lot of neat features makes this make this laptop uh kind of an all around laptop. That really gets the job done in an amazing laptop overall, more information in the video description, the links i talked about pricing and i hope, im going to see on my future gadget reviews, because i have some really cool stuff coming up and i want to see You on my videos so definitely subscribe if you havent done so already by clicking on the red subscribe button down below ive been doing this for a couple of years now, and i hope you guys enjoy my videos, two more video reviews over here for you to Watch, if you like this one another one over here on the bottom and the option to subscribe, if you havent done so already, thank you very much for watching.

I was roto deal see you on my next video review.