It comes with the stylus, the asus pen 2.0 and in this video im going to tell you everything there is to know about this laptop and tablet. Lets start off with what it comes with in the box, you get a sleeve a cover, stand that attaches to the rope. This tablet is using magnets, its surprisingly sturdy, and you can place it in portrait or landscape mode. It comes with a full size, detachable keyboard that has a trackpad. It too can attach to the laptop with the help of magnets. You get the stylus, the asus pen 2.0, a stylus holder that attaches to the laptop using magnets, and finally, it comes to 65 watts charger that can charge this laptop from 0 to 60 in ‘ minutes now before i talk about how versatile the asus vivobook slate Titan oled is, let me show you the pots it comes with. On the left side. It has a micro sd card reader creatives would have preferred an sd card reader. It has two usb type c: 3.2 gen 2 parts that supports display and power delivery and a 3.5 mm audio jack. Now moving to the right side, it has the volume buttons at the top of this laptop. It has a power button that doubles as the fingerprint scanner and with one tap it unlocks the laptop now moving to one of the things that make the asus vivobook slate, titan, oled, versatile and thats the detachable keyboard that has a trackpad its a full size keyboard With function keys at the top for shortcuts to control the volume the brightness takes screenshots launched in my asus app and to disable the trackpad, the typing experience with it is good.

With 1.4 mm key travel, i love the sound. It makes listen, not bad right. My only complaint is the shift. Button is a little bit small one disadvantage with this keyboard is its not backlit, thats, not a problem for me, because i can actually type with my eyes closed yeah its one of my super powers for people that move about and walk. You might think this keyboard is not sturdy enough. I mean just look at it, but you can place it on your lap and type you can use it in a car. I mean its a versatile little laptop moving to the trackpad. The size is decent enough and you can use gestures with it. The left and right buttons are firm and they give good feedback. The trackpad is accurate. The default speed is a bit too slow for me, but luckily theres an option to increase the speed to limit finger travel. Now the oled display is another standard feature of the asus vivobook slate starting oled, its the worlds. First 13.3 inch oled window detachable laptop. The display is protected with corning gorilla glass, which makes its resistance to scratches and drops to a degree. This laptop also comes with a stylus and yes, its a touch enabled screen and for the technical bits, its a full hd plus display, meaning its a 1080p panel with a resolution of 1910 by 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio is 16×9. It has a screen to body ratio of 83 and the bezels are not huge to me.

You actually need the bezels to hold the laptop properly when using it in tablet mode for consuming media, its perfect detach the keyboard, and you can take it anywhere and watch movies. It emits 70, less harmful, blue light that causes visual discomfort. The display is bright at 550 nits and the colors are very accurate. The panel has a 100 percent dci p3 color mode, its a hdr panel, its also pantone validated, and the response time is 0.2 milliseconds. Moving to the speakers, it has four of them. It uses dobby atmos surround sound technology to make it seem. The speakers are around you. The speakers sound, really good. The mid and high are great, but they lack bass now part of the accessories you get with the asus vivobook slate. Tattooing oled is the asus pen. 2.0 for drawing it has 4096 pressure level sensitivity, 5 to ‘0 grams of pen tip force. It has a sampling rate of 266 heads and 36 milliseconds latency, so for drawing the pen is actually good and my friend oscar mini, drew this and yes, this is impressive. Now this pen has three buttons on it: a mouse right, click, button, erase button and the function button. It also has an led light that shows the battery and pairing status of the pen. It comes with four interchangeable pen tips that changes the level of friction and how the pen feels to suit any drawing or writing style. The pen also has rechargeable batteries inside them and you can charge them using the charger that comes with the laptop for the battery life.

A full charge gives you around 140 hours of usage and for the charging time it only takes 30 minutes to charge up now. If youre, not an artist – and you dont see yourself drawing with this pen well, it has other functions. You can use it to take a screenshot. You can use it to move to the next page during the presentation, so its a useful accessory to have now for performance. The asus vivobook slate tartan oled is powered by the intel pentom silva n6000 processor. It comes with either four or eight gigabytes of lp ddr4x ram. The one i have here comes with eight gigabytes of ram and it isnt expandable for the storage. It comes with either 128 gigabyte or 256 gigabytes for the graphics card. It uses intel, uhd, graphics and with specs like that, its suitable for browsing using it for spreadsheets using it for word, processing, presentation, zoom calls or even writing codes to a degree and also with the stylus. You can use it to retouch pictures using lightroom or photoshop. As long as you dont overload it with too many pictures now, what this laptop isnt good at is playing graphic intensive games and also editing 4k videos. I mean its not built for that. You can actually play games on the cloud using xbox game pass if its available in your region now. Another thing this laptop can do is load android applications with the intel bridge technology, so you can use it to open instagram, tick, tock or any other android application that you use on a regular basis.

Now. One thing i like about this tablet is: when you push it, it doesnt get hot, i mean it, doesnt even have a fan, so it makes zero noise and for connectivity, the asus vivobook slate 13 oled comes with wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.0. So when it comes to connectivity, you get the latest technology moving to the cameras. This laptop has two of them: a 5 megapixel front camera and a 30 megapixel rear camera. The quality of the rear, camera isnt bad. I mean i wouldnt use it to take pictures at the wedding. What i would use it for is capture document and with the pen. I can actually leave a remark or even sign a document and convert it to pdf all right guys so heres, a video from the front facing camera of the asus vivobook slate starting oled, its a 5 megapixel camera and the quality doesnt look bad at all from The file its saying its a 1080p camera. So what do you guys think about the video on audio quality coming up from the front facing camera of the asus vivobook slate starting oled? I must say it looks very good all right so lets test out the ai noise cancellation technology on the asus vivobook slate starting oled. I have my smartphone with me here and im just going to play a random clip of dogs backing right now. The ai noise translation technology is up. Let me put it on and lets see if its going to clear out that noise, so its off right now and now its on in the background, its still playing, i cant hear me.

Well, i cant, i dont know if its working, but let me know what you guys think about the ai noise cancellation, yeah im, turning it off right now and i its actually live. Let me know what you guys think about it: yeah Music. Is it dissipating the noise? Let me know in the comment section you know the my asus app is also present on this laptop and with it you can use it to update the drivers. You can use it to check the battery health. You can activate ai noise cancellation, among other things, now under advanced experience. You can peer your smartphone to this laptop and make calls with your laptop. You can transfer files from your laptop to your smartphone and vice versa. You can even use your smartphone camera as a webcam for better video quality. In addition, within my asus app, you can redeem one month of free adobe, creative cloud membership and also get discounts on other applications. Now, for the battery inside this ultra slim, convertible laptop applies a 50 watt hour battery. I usually get around six to seven hours screen on time with the brightness of 50 for the charging time. Well, it takes ‘ minutes to charge this tablet from zero to 60 percent, which is fast, and you can actually use a power bank to charge it up now. In conclusion, the asus vivobook slate 13 oled retails at 562, 000 naira for the 8 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes internal storage and for the pros well its a versatile and portable machine.

You can use it as a tablet and with the detachable keyboard, you can use it as a laptop. It has a stylus which comes in handy. The charging speed of this laptop is fast, and the full hd plus amoled display is very contrasty and very vibrant. For the cons well, the performance has improved thanks to software update. But when you push this tablet to the limit, it slows down a bit if youre a power user – and you want a versatile laptop like this one ill recommend you check out the asus vivobook s14. Flip oled so guys thats my review of the asus vivobook slate starting oled.