This time, asus sent us the vivo book 13 slate oled and were just gon na give you like a quick review of what we think of this little thing. That does a lot of things Music. So what i love most about this device is a productivity and entertainment all in one. So i love the fact that it can really accommodate whatever your lifestyle is at the moment. So, whether youre, a student, whether you know youve, just started out in the workspace, its really just perfect saying its really slim, which means that its not heavy and it comes with the little bag. This big i mean this is like the size of i dont even know how many centimeters this is Music. I love the fact that the sound is absolutely so crisp, its so clear, so um shout out to dolby for that yeah. Its got two cameras, one in the front and also one at the back, which obviously means that youre able to do some zoom meetings or face facetime. Your friends youre able to rotate um the tablet to either have a portrait or landscape yeah. It comes pre installed with windows, so you can already do your powerpoints. You can do microsoft all of what you need to do on microsoft, Music. It charges really quickly in ‘ minutes you get up to 60 of battery life, which obviously is fantastic, because sometimes we really on the go its actually reasonably a fast device – and i say reasonably depending on obviously the type of work that you do and the quantity Of work that you do, i wouldnt suggest opening too many tabs at the same time, that does slow down a little bit, but if you are working primarily on like one or two three specific things at the same time then, like the speed, is really really amazing.

Bearing in mind im, not an artist or anything like that, but they have this really cool pen that comes with four tips and the tips are all different sizes and obviously, as an artist when youre busy, drawing or as a graphic designer when youre working on your Art artworks its important to have different sizes of tips for the detail, so this this pen comes really really really in handy with watching stuff, whether youre streaming youtube watching the global zone cut.