What i call asuss attempt at dethroning, microsofts, surface series and, in fact, im going to be making a lot of comparisons between vivobook 13 slate and surface pro x, because, if youre looking at this youre, probably considering your two in laptop options and youre, not sure whether You should spend more on microsoft or not, but before i do quick shout out to gameteam for sponsoring this, video gameteam makes it simple to create your very own minecraft server by providing the best minecraft server hosting for any version. You would like to start with industry leading customer service and blazing fast hardware check the link in the description before we move on to other aspects of the device lets get the specs out of the way. This 600 entry level model packs and intel pentium silver, n6000 system, onyx ship processor, four gigs of memory and 128 gigs of emmc flash memory, storage. Other available configurations will have eight gigs of memory and your choice of a 128 gigs or 256 gigs ssd for storage port wise. The laptop has two usbc ports: a microsd card reader, a headphone jack and an optional fingerprint sensor on the power button. Windows 11 comes packaged with the unit. Asus has done something quite remarkable here by creating the first 13.3 inch windows 2 in one laptop with an oled screen in the world. The vivobook 13 slate oled is able to display 1.07 billion colors. The widescreen display has a 16 to 9 aspect ratio with 100 dcip, three color gamut coverage.

The screen has a one million to one contrast ratio and is display hdr true black 500 certified, so it should deliver deep black levels. In addition, the display has a 0.2 milliseconds response time and up to 70, lower blue light levels than an lcd screen. These are just some of the benefits that you get with an oled display. The detachable is not entirely about the screen, though theres a quad speaker, dolby atmos system that asus says, uses a smart amplifier to deliver maximum possible distortion free volume. The company claims it works at levels up to three and a half five times louder than a standard. Amplifier olded screens are becoming more common on 13 inch and 14 inch laptops across the board. Samsung announced in january that it would soon begin mass producing laptop sized oled panels and actually started that production. In september. The new samsung panels are featured on a number of 2021 asus releases. However, asus has actually been the first to make it happen in this class of convertible laptops as a pure tablet. The vivobook 13 weighs 1.73 pounds. However, aces also created a special cover for the product that contains a kickstand that folds out up to 170 degrees. It also comes bundled with an attachable keyboard that features full size keys with a 1.4 millimeters key travel theres. Also, a high precision, asus pen, 2.0 stylus neatly stored in a handy magnetic pen, holder, so its always to hand the company adds the four interchangeable pen tips have different textures that mimic 2h hb and hb pencils, providing a truly natural feel for sketching and drawing the Device can run for over 9 hours on a single charge.

You can recharge the battery to 60 of capacity in around ‘ minutes via usb c. As expected, the systems power consumption is low, which is guaranteed by the 7 watt pentium. However, an older display generally increases consumption rates, something that we also observe in comparison with the competition when the olded screen saver is active power, consumption increases by 15 percent in this snapshot. In the end, the vivo book is not quite as frugal as the rest of the hardware could be due to the display. The asus vivobook 13 lasted me 15 hours. This is at the lowest brightness without all the care, without wireless modules and, of course, in idle mode. The surface pro 7, on the other hand, lasts an impressive 22 hours, but you pay almost twice as much. It just came out a couple days ago with prices starting from 600, which is significantly lower than the recently launched surface pro 8, which also has a 13 inch screen but starts at 1100 on the microsoft store and, unlike microsoft, asus included detachable keyboard and stylus in The package which otherwise would have costed you hundreds of dollars more as mentioned asus pen, 2.0 stylus, also comes in the box. Using microsoft pen. Protocol 2.0, the included pen has up to 496 levels of pressure sensitivity. Four interchangeable pen tips mimic various types of real world pencils.