First 13.3 inch, oled tv1 detachable laptop the asus vivobook 13 slate oled its just marketed as a personal computer and your personal oled tv hi. My name is joshua wong welcome to first episode. 49. I do short and fast hair reviews on this channel thats how the name came about lets check out what the asus vivobook 13 slate oled has to offer. What comes along with the slate is a detachable full size, laptop keyboard with a touchpad, a magnetic kickstand asus pen 2.0, with three different tips to swap between it, offer different frictional properties and hardness for different drawings or writing style. It also comes with a magnetic pen holder, so you can easily snap it onto the slate when you are done using it. Lastly, a 65w usbc pd chargers and a sleeve case, the vivobook 13 slate oled is built with an aluminium frame and slab with a 13.3 inch oled touch display with at just 780 grams or 1.4 kg with keyboard and kickstand attached. It has a heavy, continuous hinge that allow the slit to stand upright in the range of 110 270 degree as well as in portrait orientation. The power button is on the top right, which double as a window. Hello, fingerprint reader volume, rocker buttons, is on the right side. All ports are located on the left: a 3.5 mm audio combo port 2, usb c 3.2, gen 2 that support power delivery and display out. It also has a micro sd card reader theres, a 13 megapixel camera on the back and a 5 megapixel front camera.

The versatile design allows the laptop to adapt to your needs in any form. Overall, the design is funky and fun to use. The centerpiece of this laptop is the older display. Although you only sport, a 13 inch 1080p resolutions, the dolby vision, certified oled panel is excellent. With 515 inch peak brightness and exceptional color reproductions, he also pantone validated vesa. Certified display hdr true black 500 and 100 dci p3 color gamer great display is parry premium sound, the dolby ammo surround quad. Speaker setup is not only loud; it can also deliver clear and precise audio output. Anyway, i wont be sitting too far watching a movie on a 13 inch display having the vivoboo 13 stay. Older is like having a portable home entertainment setup any way i want its more than what i need for video binge, regardless of any video streaming services powering the asus vivobook 13 slate oled is an intel phantom silver n6000 processor with intel uhd graphics. The review unit that i have here is pair with 8 gigabyte of rams and 256 gigabyte of ssd storage equipped with speedy wi fi 6 and latest bluetooth, 5.2 performance isnt. The stronghold of this laptop, its capable to run window 11s and even decode high bitrate video streams, including 4k videos. You also fit for any general productivity tasks. Like word, processing web browsing, sketchings or taking notes with the asus pen, the 50 working out battery is decent with about seven to eight hours of consumptions, which can easily get you through a full day of use.

It takes about one and a half hours to fully charge the laptop with the provided watt pd charger, the exos vivobook 13 slate oled is available now for rm3, 499, 48 gigabyte of memories and 256 gigabyte storage configurations. If entertainment is first on your checklist for laptop, you wont be disappointed. The brilliant older displays and dolby ammo surround quad. Speakers are perfect for any entertainment, consumptions high, demanding tasks you may have to look elsewhere, thats all from me on the asus vivobook 13 slate alerts. If you have any questions, do leave them in the comment box below ill be sure to answer them.