It has redeemed itself finally and it's taken a while. So if you're not experienced with pcs, a lot of people would just get this out of the box and they'll find their performance so disappointing. As I pointed out in my first video, I was getting some throttling. I was getting GPU stuttering as well. On the Nvidia 1050 T, I was stuttering like really bad it just kept cutting out like it was a power supply issue. The clocks would drop, they would have so in order to get around this. What I found is that you actually have to use when you game, or you want maximum performance. You have to use this right here, which is that function if five key I'll push that now so in the silent mode, that's, actually turning down the power limits, is restricting the power limits on this laptop, even on balance mode, which I thought would be perfectly fine For gaming, it's restricting the performance and then over boost, and what I've also done is run Windows, Update, which I highly recommend to do and you'll see right here this system fermier. This is what you need to do so, once this runs, it will update the BIOS. Then, to version number 312 and once you're on 312. For me that has solved the problems with the GPU stuttering. I was getting horrendous performance and what was happening with the CPU too. It was limiting it down to 2.5 gigahertz and there seemed to be no way around that, so all cores were running only at 2.

5Ghz, but now I've freed things up here. So what I used was a throttle. Stop so it's not a stop. You can actually change a few settings. You can also use Windows X to you, but I found sorry Intel X to you extreme tuning utility and I found that that wasn't actually taking the under vaulting what I was doing so I've under bolted here, negative 125. As you can see right here in the settings so that's on the CPU and the CPU cache, so I can show you this now at the start of the video, because what's happening it will reach 89 degrees. It doesn't seem to go over that, but you'll see down below here in red where it says yes or I'm, putting on the mouse pointer right now, that's thermal throttling. So whatever you do, it will actually run into thermal throttling even on the overboost. The noisy fan mode just to also point out that for the duration of this video I will be running and overclock on the GPU, so I've managed to overclock. Now, hopefully you can see this 920 megahertz on the memory clock. I could probably go a little bit higher, but I noticed around 950 that it would crash. I can't go over 950 and for me, 920 was a good spot there, so the core clock as well. I can put that up to 160, so the first came here I'm looking at is fortnight Battle, Royale you're, probably familiar with it so I'm running it on the high settings that's the preset I'm going to go with here, 120 frames per second cap, and you can See the frame rate hope you can see that around 80 frames per second, so it's not too bad it's, certainly not the fastest, and if you're not happy with that, then I highly recommend going for the lower settings.

So something like medium probably would actually be a lot faster than that so there's, when you're perfectly fine play ball frame at running, really good, there's, no stuttering with the GPU anymore and I'm, putting in two days very soon. Oh yeah, you got me now to Grand Theft. Auto 5, so I'll show you the settings I'm going to go where they are on higher settings, so some of them very high, like texture, quality and the shader and even tweaked up, for example, the population density and variety that's right on the maximum, because that is More CPU based, so we can get away with pushing that one quite high and when you take a look at the frame rate, it's close to around 80 frames per second and it's, very playable, it gets up to over 100 as well. You listen to this next track. Of course, I just a few spiders there now and then that you will see it's kind of normal when it's loading things in first and the fare noises pretty loud. You probably might be able to pick up some of that. Actually, on the mic at the moment that I'm using I just have to use it a net over boost mode, as I pointed out at the start of this video just to keep it from thermal throttling, so the CPU is holding up well, you can see it's Around about at least 3.2 or over gigahertz, sometimes it dips down to two but it's not actually taxing the CPU that much this game.

This next title is called rec fest, so it's, just like that Destruction, Derby, game, really that you played on PlayStation way back in the day you could say it's, a spiritual successor to that one. So the settings I'm going to go with with this game is graphics. On the high setting Ultra setting, I feel the framerate is just going to drop down a little bit too much let's jump into a game. Now this titles project cars so I'm, going to go with higher kind of settings here. Well, some of them medium. Some of them are high, and I feel this is just best to keep that maximum frame rate. So let's check out this one and see just how well it performs on this hardware. Alright, so dips down to 38 set to start here, but that's normal trending and all the other cars 60 frames space taken here to stop that's, not bad. If I can make it it's out of this grab hold position: whoa whoa, whoa whoa. All I might start making that corner. No all right, so my gameplays not on show you here more than performance. That was pretty boy. This one is Kingdom, Come deliverance. This is on the medium sitting, preset I'm gon na go with. So this is one of those games that, if you put it on high, I just feel the framerate it's gon na, be a little too slow, see how this one performs. Okay, so around 50 frames per second.

This is in a village here, let's, take a look at my guy there, my stats, the armor. It took a little while to load in actually there's a little bit of lag with that. I think that's, just the textures and things popping in so that is to be expected, it's quite a demanding game. This one I'll see, if I can, will you challenge the guards here to have a fight, stick a few errors in them that should annoy them. Oh Linux, big that kill them straight away and how the gods doing nothing don't bucket, yeah, okay, that should teach him no he's down. No bailiff tennis guard still doing nothing. Okay, so you this once as you can see, really playable even on medium graphics, still looks good. Well, he just hit a shield yeah I did. Is he gon na react to that? No, I know he's still not interested other AI in this game sometimes is silly. Okay, so you can arrow you'll they're funny guys attention. So this title here is the witcher 3 it's on the high preset. You see it's about 50 frames per second dipping down to 49. I look a little bit laggy actually in stuttery, so I feel, like probably gon na – have to run this one on medium. Let me see what happens if you want to get into a fight here with the guards she drew a sword. She okay start around 49. This is still perfectly playable if they kill me straightaway, and no gaming test would be complete without testing out a Vulcan game.

So this is running on Vulcannot DirectX 3d. This game is Wolfenstein and I have set it to 1080p. The uber preset on the video quality profile there and we'll check it out and see that frame rate is really good at the moment. So this is quite – and I fast gamed this one as the frame rate does drop down a little. So the last time I'm going to check out is Call of Duty World War 2 on the recommended settings, which is basically tweaked up higher settings and the frame rate very good and I'm about to die. This is too many of them: okay, Wow! They can completely over ran me there, one more attempt, even with this much action going on whoops friendly fire friendly fire, yeah it's, keeping up and handing this game really well, alright. So what about fan noise? As I mentioned a few game, you really have to use that over boost, which is maximum RPMs on both of the fans for the CPU and the GPU and it's loud it's up around an average of about 55 decibels. So it's not good I'll, give you sample of that fan noise and, as far as surface temperatures go, they actually check out because we're running that fan on really high speed that the keyboard seems to also have an intake around here where the keys are so the Keyboard doesn't get warm touchpad doesn't either. Palm rest is also very good, as you can see now just quickly demonstrate to you so it's around 32 degrees.

The keyboard is after 2 hours of gaming, 35 palm rest 28, the touchpad around 25 degrees. So when you're and of course, again that caller booster mode that the thermals are very very good now, when you run on the balanced mode, it does get a lot warmer. It'S gon na be up around 35 to palm rest, and it does change things then. Okay, so there we go, the laptop has redeemed itself once you use that cooler, booster mode and you're under vault. You get excellent performance, so all of the games out there, so I could just go on and on testing more and more games every game out. That'S going to run in 1080p, perfectly fine it's, also going to have around 50 60 frames per second most games on high settings. As some games, you will have to turn off some of those advanced settings, the ones that are really taxing on the GPU. The CPU runs perfectly fine, you don't normally see any throttling. It will throttle down a little bit even with my under vault of 125 would throttle stop. But what does bother me is you have to run that over burst mode, and so that means the fan noise around 55 decibels is really really annoying. You want to use a headset. You want to use something to block out that sound, so that is really just the only con that I can see that the temperatures are good it's. Just that fan noise it's far too loud.