So this is ASUS laptop here is a gaming one that now has the eighth generation CPUs and them so ever since that upgrade. But now they've moved from four cores to six I've been keen to check out one of these particular laptops. Now the configuration of this model here, the key feature you could say is that CPU, which is the 8750 H with the six cores four threads maximum turbo of 4.1 gigahertz. It has nine megabytes of cache. This model here is configured with eight gigabytes of double data rate for RAM 128 gigabytes SSD and a one terabyte spindle hard drive, which is going to be a lot slower. Of course. Now this model has the Nvidia 1050 Ti with four gigabytes of RAM, so it's like that MSI GL 62 M, that I reviewed only that this, of course has a faster CPU in it. So it's going to be good for content creators and the other thing to note that the screen it should be the 120 Hertz panel, which has apparently a three millisecond response time. So this unit here I picked up from life in the box. So it is an import unit, it's a Chinese unit and you're, probably asking yourself: why am i reviewing the Chinese model instead of going for the local model? Well, there's, two main reasons for that: local models here have the Spanish keyboard that I don't want in New Zealand, we use the US International layout, which is basically a u.

s. keyboard and importing. This has actually turn out to be cheaper than the local one, and on top of that, all light on the box did give me a discount on this unit when I bought it here in exchange for a link in the description that's, the only thing and the Only involvement they have that retailer, so just a little disclaimer there. Like all my other reviews, the opinions expressed in this video they're, all my own, I do not have to pass this video violate in the box or anyone else. So let's get this unboxed in the compartment in the side. Here, you'll find the power cable and you can see it is an Australia, New Zealand style plug they have included here. But if you have a look it's using that stand, that you see on most laptops and notebooks here, which is that Mickey Mouse connectors are very easy to find a replacement one for the EU or the UK, like other notebooks. The laptops in this protective sleeve. And here we have some warranty cards, and this is all gon na be in Chinese. Well, the title isn't leaving now our power brick, which is located in this compartment right here and its output, is rated to 19 volts six point three two amps and the plug is rather standard. So it's five point: five millimeters positive in the middle negative on the outside, so be very easy to source a replacement power adapter if needed now taking a look at the overall weight.

What you're gon na have to lug around so the laptop comes in at 2.3 kilos, which is not bad at over fourteen point. Six inch gaming laptop, but then, of course you add the power supply. That brings it up to two point: two: seven: five and the cable. The total weight now is two point: eight five kilos that you all have to lug around and then our thickness it's, approximately twenty four millimeters taken from the side here, that's without the rubber feet. So they're rubber feet at the back we're looking out. The thickest point is now about twenty eight point: five millimeters, so the thickness is actually not bad at all. Considering the spec and the CPU this has so we take a look at the lid of it. It does yes have a game rush kind of look to a dozen it with these red accents, it's an X style logo that they've done here with it. I think it looks actually alright it's not too bad, not as bad as I thought it might be. Now this to me, first looked like it was brushed middle like they had an alloy lid on the top of it, but is it in fact plastic so see textured, ABS style, plastic and you can see that there's a little bit of flex there on that lid. So checking down the back of it now we've got the two exit vents for the exhaust fans. Of course, you're gon na have all that heats going to be coming out the back here and you will notice too they've got this cut out from the screen, which is a little bit different, and you can actually see the status LEDs with the lid closed.

So if you wanted to know if it is actually on or it's flashing and standby or whatever I don't know, why they've done that, I guess it's just a different design and look on the right hand side. You will find just a Kensington, lock slot and then the loudspeaker one or two firing speakers it's a little hard to make out right here, there's just a little slot, but I will test it out in this video how it sounds so the left hand side is Where you will find all the ports, obviously we've got that other speaker. There, then we've got a 3.5 mm in a headphone jack with mic support: 2 USB 3 ports, USB 2 port HDMI, which is sadly only hdmi 1.4. A spec. This to me should be hdmi. 2, at least we have a Gigabit, LAN port and then, of course, dcn to charge and power this laptop. So it really is short on the ports here: I'm, not really too happy to see that they could have included a mini display out as well on this, and they should have, I feel, put a port on the right hand side, even if it was just USB 2, that would be great for right handed people to connect in, for example, a mouse and let's. Take a look at the strength of that screen, see because it's flexing already that plastic. When I lift it up, so it cannot be lifted up just one hand.

Any two hands for this: we do have rather large basil's it's only the more expensive models that will give you – those slim bezels now here. So we also have up the top a 720p webcam with dual array: microphones and then your typical rubber pads around the bezel. Here to stop it from scratching up on the palm rest and the rest of the laptop, so the other Zeus logo here this is in black, which is good but it's a shiny, glossy black so will still reflect a little bit, but not as bad as some Manufacturers that put this in silver, the gamer look continues as you can see with the palm rest. We do have some accents here in red. Of course, it wouldn't really be any other color, so you know straight awaits a gaming laptop personally. I would like this to be just plain: I think playing would look better and after a few years it probably wouldn't aged as bad. Of course, so you can see along the top here. We do have an intake vent there's, those status LEDs. I was talking about and we'll also find there the power button which is separated from the keyboard and not part of it, which is a good design choice there and you'll see the hinge there located on the outside, so that is a little bit more susceptible to Damage having it on the corner there, but it does feel quite stiff that hinge and I don't see that loosening up over time.

So you typical gamer keys, are highlighted. There n are more of a bright and red there, so it's a red, backlit keyboard. You can see and the key travel does feel really quite good. There is a little bit of flex there, but really no it's actually quite solid this. This probably my table moving around a little bit more but very good I'm pressing down really hard. The layout looks good, so we've got a full size shift key on the left, and then they haven't compromised the right shift key as well, which is full size too. Even the controls very large. The only thing you could say that as Kramden is this number pad here, which is a little bit smaller, those keys then the rest of the keyboard there. But I don't feel that that's too bad so far, it's looking like a very decent layout for your function, keys along the top you've got all that you would expect to find on a 15.6 inch gaming laptop here, but to note that there's this one here f5, Which is an important shortcut here's a function f5 is going to control our fan speeds. There are three profiles I believe like a silent, normal and then a cooler boost style, one which really ramps up the RPMs of those fans. Now this palm rest here does feel quite solid, it's, good there's, no real flex or problems with it that I can see we have our mouse pad here, which is rather large.

Now this is an e LAN one and it is using Windows. Precision drivers, so I roll the build of the laptop to me is good. It feels solid it's, not the lightest, but it is certainly not the heaviest 15.6 inch laptop. I do like how thin it is considering. It only has to call the GTX 1050 Ti it's, not a 10 6 deal the 1070, which were, of course a lot hotter there. These plastics, I feel, are going to wear well, but you will see fingerprints they're already, starting to show up a little, but not as bad as my MSI GL 62m and yes, being a Chinese. Laptop it's got Windows 10 in Chinese, but there is a way around this and there's two things you can do. You can either install Windows 10. Your own fresh, install download the drivers from a Zeus from the support website just go under. Of course, the FX 504 model, or what I'm going to do, is upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. So I managed to find my way to the Intel graphics settings here and you can see that that screen. Sadly, this version that I have I was mistaken – it's. Actually the 60 Hertz panel in here, so this has the IPS screen 60 Hertz instead of the faster 120 hurt panel, but that one of course, is only a TN panel, so the viewing angles won't be as good as this screen so low top.

It starts with the set up all in Chinese as expected. I have had this with other previous notebooks that I have reviewed to the straight out of China, for example at the Mino book pro, so the easiest way to keep the recovery partition, keep the factory drivers and the setup, and everything like that is to actually upgrade To Windows 10 Pro now you can get CD keys for cheap off the internet, just hunt around google them off eBay and if you go into the settings menu, so you just load this up, as you would normally, with the English, go to the settings and find What it looks like languages right here, which is that time and the a logo here and then you need to click on this right here now, I've already added English, just to show you that it doesn't actually take it doesn't fully install properly, because my menus and Everything is still in Chinese, so we need to then add a Windows 10 Pro key and then upgrade it from when it's home to Windows Pro so the fastest way to do. That is then go down to the windows. Menu right, click, it and click on this. One here, so you get away in brackets you just zoom into that now, so you can see this clearly click on that this will bring up your system, information for Windows, all in Chinese of course, and then you just need to go and scroll down here.

Click on this one right here, this link, so this one just below the windows, 10 information and then you'll see a key logo click this. This is where you then add your Windows, 10 Pro key and begin the upgrade process. So once your enter, your key you'll get a screen like this, which you simply need to just confirm. So you just took this box here now. If you have any troubles, you might have to click this button inside the language option. Just to then start installing that language pack now taking a look at the bias, so they have that easy mode as well, which I don't have enable currently so I'm in the Advanced Mode. Just to check out what kind of advanced settings we do have here and there's not really a lot. You can change so limited options as expected for a laptop, so there's, no power limits. Anything like that. You can change your boot order, your security, so your secure boot things like that, and that really is basically all we get looking now at the hardware. We have on board here with this model, so the screen is an AU Optronics panel here and it's been used in the spin 5 and a few other models it's a very common, more of a budget screen this one here now it has a srgb coverage of Approximately around 50, so it's, not good at all, for people that need to do color, accurate work.

So if you're grading videos and things like that, this is definitely not the panel you want to be using so the screen I mean it's, okay, so far. First impressions for a gaming laptop and, as I mentioned, you know, it's not going to have that srgb and a dobe RGB rating that professionals want but it's not aimed at professionals. This is a gaming laptop, so there is the u.s. model that has the 200 sorry. The hundred and twenty Hertz screen there's going to be a much faster, but of course, then the viewing angles will not be like this. You can see that just dims out and darkens a little but the colors do not shift out. That will happen with that TN panel, so in a way I'm, not actually too worried that I didn't get the 120 Hertz panel, but so far it looks like a decent screen. It'S got a good brightness output. I will measure this all that'll be in the final review, so you do get some pre installed typical bloatware from manufacturers as zeus. Have a few applications on here and they've also installed McAfee Antivirus, which is basically just junk as well. So some of these most of these, in fact you can just remove and uninstall them, but the live driver update utility Frommer's is kind of useful, so free space on the main drive, which is an SSD. You can see the speeds there they're good. The reads for an nvme they're, not the fastest.

This is not a samsung 960 Pro the writes, however, the sequential writes they are on the low side there, but it's kind of to be expected. Considering this, as only a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte driver, this was 256 or 512, then those rights would be a lot faster. They'Re 81 gigabytes free on a gaming laptop isn't – really a lot, but we do this option. Of course, of installing you files onto the much slower 7200 rpm one terabyte hard drive, then looking at our network adapters on here, so we have Gigabit Ethernet. This is real tech and real Tech Wireless as well. This is wireless AC, at least the 88 21. Se is not a high performance wireless car; this is a one by one antenna set up an arrangement and those speeds are gon na really top out. I run about 350 megabits per second only with this. Of course, you can upgrade the wireless card, and I will show you later on in this video, the internals of the system, so we have switchable graphics on this one. So when you do something demanding that it will start to use the Nvidia 1050 TOI now, this GPU is decent for 1080p gaming and you're not going to be able to run every single game on Ultra settings. But I will cover this in a later video, which will be either just a gaming review or in the final review of how well this particular GPU performs, but it's not actually too bad and highly recommend going for this.

The 1050 Ti, if you can over just say the normal 1050, were two gigabytes of RAM or the four gigabytes of RAM, because this one's I run about 25 to 30 percent faster and speaking of fastest. So the upgrade the successor over the i7 KB Lake, the 7700 HQ, which is in most gaming laptops from last year. This now, as you can say, the staple CPU they're gon na be putting in most of the gaming laptops, so it's gone up. Two cores and we've got now. Of course, six cores in total, 12 threads and performance has increased around about 10 single core performance and at about 25 on multi core performance. Now the synthetic benchmark scores here with Geekbench 4 with the CPU for me are a little bit disappointing for the 8750 h. I expected higher here and it's, probably down to the fact that this is only running single channel ram and not angel channel. So this ships, out of the factory with 8 gigabytes of RAM running in two thousand six hundred and sixty six megahertz. And so, if I increase that to 16, which I'm going to do I'm going to add another stick of 16 just so I run it in dual channel, then this will call pick up their performance a little bit there and the GPU performance. So the OpenCL score is 88000. This is a decent score for the nvidia gtx 1050 TI and first impressions of this keyboard that is actually really nice to type on i'm gon na rate, this keyboard even better than the SteelSeries keyboard that's in the MS il 62m.

This one feels really nice overall, very comfortable keys, good travel and the touchpad as well. So you said as running windows, precision, drivers and i have no issues with it whatsoever at the moment, testing at the gestures. They are working fine, so things like scrolling moving around and no problems. The texture of it seems to be okay, it's, not as nice as those glass covered touch pads, but for a gaming, laptop it's, actually decent it's good to see manufacturers improving touch pads on gaming laptops, because about a year or two years ago they were absolutely terrible And now on to speakers, so, as I pointed out in the beginning of the video we've got side firing speakers one here and then one on the right let's have a listen to them at 100 volume. Okay, so they're not the loudest they're, not the most punchy of speakers. I'Ve heard they could certainly do with a little bit more bass, but they are better than my EMA side. Gl 62 M speakers. Now it looks like Linux support. I tried out Linux Mint here from a live USB pendrive and I ran into this error here. So it seems that the coffee Lakes, not supported or some sort of other problem here now for the fun part. Well, the part that I enjoy the most is that is the internals, so you just have to remove all the screws around the outside then use a pry tool and clip around the outside, so it's, not that hard.

Now they've used a quality plastic. I do like the place that we've used, it seems really good. The finish of the plastic as well is excellent. There'S, no rough edges, there's, no sharp edges or anything like that, and here you can see now the internals. So the battery here is just 48 watt hours for a gaming laptop. That is extremely small. Really we have our SSD here. One thing to note too, that they're put on the back here. You can see there's a thermal pad and just a little bit of looks like aluminium alloy, that they've used right there to transfer heat away from that SSD, probably to stop it from thermal throttling. So some surprises on here when I have a look at the cooling. So they've only gone with two copper thermal transfer heat pipes and to me is that actually going to be enough now being testing it out or seen temperatures get into the 80s, but in my gaming review I will definitely be checking that out to me it's, not Really a lot, I think, MSI and Dell and others do the cooling a little bit better because they put a lot more copper heat points but hey if this ends up working without a throttling or running into any problems, then that, of course, is perfectly fine. Now these fans do have a Zeus's pet nerd, anti dust technology so down the side here is apparently where the dust is going to go out and then be blown out the back without getting stuck in there.

So the storage is very easy to upgrade. In fact, all upgrades on this model are it really is you don't have to pull out the whole motherboard and flip it over to access the RAM slots or anything so the 22 by 80 set of three or nvme SSD slot 2.5 inch mechanical drivers there? You can swap it out for an SSD same goes for the wireless card. So if you're not happy with the realtek wireless card, you want to use an in Tower one that's faster. Then, of course you can do that quite easily. The hynek's Ram that the Zeus we live here that actually this isn't a shield, er it's more like a heat spreader they put on top of that Ram just for stopping it getting too hot. I guess and I'm gon na install now some HyperX impact double data rate for ram. So you can see here that the kingston ram that i installed so that HyperX ram 16 gigabytes now and you can see the speed DSO 2667, even though it's 2666 and you can see what that has done to my schools here. So this is what I was expecting from the coffee Lake, much better performance here, so 5000 single core score and then almost closing in on 19000 multi score score, that's, really good. That is excellent. At the difference b, before almost running like the previous generation, pretty much exactly the same as a previous generation or slower, and then now with that dual channel ram Cinebench r15 test it's great, seeing how fast this is finishing with the 12 threads and 6 cores.

Of course, let's have a look at the score just under 1000, so 980 cb – that is not bad at all, that's, definitely a step up from the 7700 HK that gets around 750 ish, and this is the 5 strikes core of the system, so it's not bad. For the 1050 Ti you'll notice that the physics core that's rather high, of course, with this much faster beefier processor right now, I'm. Stressing this system out GPU is being stressed out. The CPU at 100 and I'll, just zoom in now and I'll, show you what is happening here with the power limits. So temperatures have peaked at 85 degrees and you'll see here. The clock rate was around 3.5 gigahertz across all of those cores and then right about here, it's rotters down to 2.6 and the temperatures as well dropping down to about 60 now it's increasing now with the GPU ramping up a little bit. So it seems there is some power limit throttling going on here, just to ensure that things are gon na keep cool heaven benchmark. There is just stuttery, it's, pausing and freezing. I don't really know what's, causing that it's, probably the CPU, because it's being taxed so much and the the throttling going on there were the power limits now. There'S power supply is 120 watts touching it now. It is quite hot and you'll notice the maximum temperatures that I'm looking at at the moment, so 85 degrees. And yes, it did actually trigger thermal throttling.

You can see right here, there's, yes and yes, so I'm still stressing out the CPU, and I wanted to just swing the mic around now and give you a sample of the fans. This is not on the fan boost mode. This is just the balance mode, but it does get quite loud, okay guys so obviously in the next video I will do some gaming tests that's. What this laptop is really all about, but under sustained CPU load, it seems like it is going to be throttling there, which isn't so great. So part of the reason why I did get this as I want to edit 4k video, so that will definitely be tested and the final review you could say of this particular model here so it's very mixed at the moment up my feelings on this laptop, the Build quality is great. I really do like the touchpad. I like the keyboard as well I'm, going to have to say that this keyboard is in fact better than the SteelSeries ones that I have tested on MSI laptops around the same kind of price here. So there are some additional cons with this unit here: meat and putting it from China. So first off Windows, 10 is not in English. I had to add that now it's it's not too complicated to do this, but for some people that could be and it's an extra hassle there, so the plastics used good quality, the design of it.

As mentioned yeah, I think it's good, but I do feel they could have put some more Vince, perhaps maybe with the cooling. The fan noise is up there, a little bit the screen, while it's not 320 Hertz model, so it's, both a pro and a con, because we've got the bit of viewing of the IPS, but not the faster response, and I don't really know whether the 1050 T, I could really fully take advantage of 120 Hertz anyway only on older titles. If you plan it to to play counter strike, then yes, you probably can run that 120, and that would be a lot faster and not more enjoyable and better for competitive gaming as well. There, so the ports is another con that I knew about this, that the port selection on this is not wonderful at all. So, as those have really skimped on this, we don't have Thunderbolt 3. We don't even have another DisplayPort 1 DisplayPort out, so we can run three monitors like you can with other laptops in this price range, so they could have added that no SD card reader as well. So some interesting choices here – and I feel now with these newer chipsets and in fact we're in 2018, they really do need to use HDMI to spec, so we can get 4k 60 hit desktop. At least I don't see anyone gaming at 4k, at least not worth the 10 50 TI, but it's still nice to have that option there so overall and looking very mixed, so I'll have some follow up.

Videos there'll be two more videos, at least, which will be a gaming review. I'Ll check out gaming performance again. If it's going to straddle run into trouble, then that's more of a real world workload and then the final review after using this particular model here for at least one to two weeks, full time, editing, videos and just using it as my daily notebook. Thank you. So much for watching this rather large and long unboxing and first impressions video, I do hope to catch you back with those other videos and you haven't already checked it out.