I have the SOS t200 TAS see now this model has a hydride. Bayonet that's came empty, some other models have 500 gigabyte hard drives in them, and you can access this and put your own hard drive in there and to do that. All you need to do is remove this screw here and then slide the cover forward and lift it out inside you have the bracket and you'll have four screws inside the box. Then Asus has supplied, so you can mount a hard drive in there. So I've already removed the four screws there on the bracket here this needs to come out and you can put your hard drive in. There then put that back into the system like so now. It needs to be a slim, seven millimeter hard drive, as you can see here, this hard drive is going to be too big and I don't actually think I have this in the right way, not don't but it's too tall anyways. So it has to be one of the slimmer low profile hard drives, because that is too high and it's not going to fit. So if you gon na get a hard drive for it in your looking, maybe add an SSD which might actually be a bit of an overkill for this tablet, because it is going through USB bus. I think you need to make sure you get a seven millimeter. One so you go that's the bib, a hard drive bay on the Zeus, T 200 ta thanks for watching the video.

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