I'Ve had some problems with it: I'm just going to go over quickly in this video. The pros and cons that I've encountered using this tablet here. So the screen size is a 10.1 inch screen and it's 1280 by 800 resolution, which is not a wonderful resolution with today's standards for 2015. We have a lot of tablets now that have written or displays and even a lot of the ones I review now coming out of China, but the display does make up for that lower resolution with great viewing angles. You can hopefully get an idea here from just from the video the deep viewing angles are fairly decent and the display is fully laminated, so there's no air gap in there. So it helps it is very reflective, like all tablet, rbol glass screens, but the contrast is good. The black levels are very dark on it and I found that I'm very happy also with the brightness of it. This is one having same brightness now. The camera is probably an adjust to the brightness there with the sensor, but overall, quite good, and the build quality of the tablet itself is good. It'S so well put together but there's a few little niggles that I don't like too much about it and we'll start off around here that you can probably see I've got a couple of scratches. I'Ve tried to be as careful as possible. The tablet we're docking it, but this does happen it's susceptible to getting scratched up by the dock here now just quickly show you the dock.

I can get a hold of it right here. So when you do doctor, you have to be a little bit careful to not get it to scratch around when you put that in and it would have been nice, maybe if they put like rubber on the top there or maybe plastic, I gave the doc middle Tabs there they're metal, if they had something on, would stop the scratches it's moving a little bit fussy, but the overall build is really good. Now this is metal, the back of it housing and it's got a nice gray finishes at the gray. Model comes in various different colors, so there's a nice finish to it. Definitely like an aluminium finish. There doesn't have that spun design that the earlier models used to have and the loud speakers it lifts and right there you can see they are quite good quite loud too, and if I just show you the edge here to some of the build quality on it. That it hasn't quite joined up that well along here. There is a gap there noticeable gap just along the top there. So the fit and finish there is not 100. Now I paid 150 euros for this model and I expect it a little bit better than that and, of course now on the right side. Here, we're going to micro, SD card slot, we have micro, HDMI out, which is good and that can output over 1080p now, and I think it can even do 4k at 30 Hertz there, and we do have USB to doc here so connect another doc very slow To charge you can only charge so far, I think from this port here and not the USB 3.

1 type, see here's the 3.5 millimeter jack for your audio out there now, as I mentioned, very slow charge on that, takes a long time to charge this tablet and If it's powered on you're, looking – probably maybe about over 10 hours, to charge it if you're using it at the same time very slow here, hopefully we can charge from this little port here on the side now that's the 3.1 type C port there, and we have A volume rocker here power on that is how many there, as microphones now i've, already covered all this in my unboxing, but just going to do a little bit just a tiny bit here in this video. So people know five megapixel autofocus camera a pretty average image from it show you some examples soon and is that docking port connector now the weight of the tablet just by itself, isn't bad, quite like you're, just quickly. Where again, I already covered this in the unboxing video, if you haven't seen that comes in Eid, 589 grams there so reasonably light now, when you connect it up to the dock as simple as just sliding it in place. Well, cupping it in place you just line it up. There are magnets in it, there's no more latch. You have the push and boom it's docked now and I'll. Just show you the weight too. So once you have it all together, it's still a nice little package, they're quite small, two comes in at one point: seven kilos and there's, no doubt probably going to stand by no.

It hasn't that's good now I'm, a little bit concerned about how long it's going to take before problems start to rise from the actual docking mechanism. But just it is quite tight and there's a little bit of flex there, a little bit of wobble. You can see – and I know on previous models – there were problems with the screens cracking along the bottom here and I already have experienced ghost touches there's a video there's, a link of that in the description of this video to go touching, which is basically what it Means is just touches being registered without you even actually touching the screen that's been happening a little bit, which is an issue that is really actually bothering me that I'm probably going to end up sending this tablet back now you see that I've got a crazy kind Of layout here well, this is the the French layout for keyboard, because I got this from Amazon, France now the trackpad recently small – and it just should quickly show you that it is kind of usable. I prefer to go and just grab my mouse here and plug that in by the way that the dock does have a USB 2 port on it and overall it's not too bad right click. There a little noisy the clicks on it, but it's good to see. It'S not just gestures, does support Windows, 10 gestures and the other thing about the keyboard is of course, 10.

1 inches. They didn't have a lot of space to work with, and they've done really all they could do to fit that in now. The keyboard here for just type hello, how are you it's a little noisy and it does have some flex and bounce to it? It does feel compared to the tablet a step down in terms of build quality. It'S a little I wouldn't say tacky feeling it just feels more flimsy and the boom it's, not quite as good as quality as the tablet that now there are a couple issues here were just the finishing of that there's. A couple of like marks on here. So again, the finish on the keyboard just a little bit like the tablet is a few larger gaps around here, maybe I'm, just being a little bit fussy here, but I kind of expect this quality on the Chinese tablets. A review, and not this brand I'll tell what and and overall it's, not bad for a keyboard that it is practical, because you do at least have a keyboard you can attach to it and use that and be able to type on it and it's. Very usable. Now the the speed of the tablet I'll focus on that now is quite good when you're doing office tasks you're looking if you're going to be using this as a tablet for media consumption, if you want to watch movies videos, things like that, it's perfect it's. Okay, for that it's got four gigabytes of RAM.

Now I do have a multitasking test. I managed to run Chrome, huge amount of tabs, open and Chrome and some tabs open in an inch as well and stream 4k. At the same time, it did get a little bit choppy, but I managed to do that and it's pretty impressive, coming from an atom tablet. However, this cheery trail I found is running a little slower than even the ones I've reviewed in Chinese tablets. For example, the xi8 Pro ran a bit faster than that so I'm, going to try here just going to bring up a couple of examples here of some of the benchmarks that I've run on the tablet, and here we go and stop that for a moment. So this here is the 3d mark score for icestorm, 1.2 and it's got quite a bit lower than I expected compared to the other cheery trail Z, 8500, that I've tested. This runs a little bit like this actually runs. Probably a out. A good 5000 points lowers a bit of a difference, is probably drivers, maybe something to do with a bias moving it. Maybe it's what's happening with the way that it's controlling the de turbo, maybe it's limited more thermals there and also a quick look here. This is 3d mark sorry, geek Browser 3, a little slower, a game than the other tablets of tested now, unfortunately, I'm going to have to say that this tablet is throttling and just like the x9 8 pro the cheery trail, Adam suit, do seem to be quite Hot with those extra graphics cause that they have seem to generate a lot more heat, and this got up to 85 degrees.

I do have a gaming video within the playlist here for this model and that will demonstrate to you after I did some gaming on that. Right at the end or check the temperatures and go up to 85 degrees, which is very hot, and it did actually have some thermal throttling registered there by HW info. If you're just doing office things – and you know you're going to be doing some Doc's emails – it's not going to throttle a performance – is going to be really good. For that. I found this to be actually quite fine, everything's, really snappy opening things up now. Another thing to notice that you only when used to first start to use a tablet you're only going to have about at the moment. I'Ve got 32 gigabytes free, and I basically have nothing really installed on here. Just a couple of Steam games that I was actually running off, an external hard drive. All of installed is just some visual basics and DirectX drivers. Things like that. You start off with only about thirty seven gigabytes free, which is a little bit less than what I've seen on other tablets. Now as Zeus pack on a load of bloatware on here, which I wasn't too happy about. To start the tablet first up and have it asked me to register it wants me to basically install some other applications. They had all these games and all this other bloatware, all this sort of crap on there that you don't want especially you've, got limited space.

Here then, you can give this model and 32 gigabytes, which I wouldn't recommend because you're only probably gon na have about twelve gigabytes of free or something stupid. And then there is a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte version, which is probably the one you might want to go for if you're going to be laughs, because this is the 64 gigabyte model – and you know I think if I was going to be staying on with This tablet, then, I would probably run into space issues. You do have that micro SD card slot, so you can expand your storage, which I have tested and I'll just show you the speed to that. It is a little bit slow, the slot there and it's not the fastest, but it's it's, okay. Well, it actually does support the faster cards. The this is my evo here that was running my Samsung 64 gigabyte micro sd card and those are the speeds I got other which aren't too bad because it's. What I'm trying to say, sorry, is that it's lower than what the emmc is, and these are the EU MSE speeds which aren't bad. This is a Samsung EU Maseeh that's included this model that's using it that's the same as same sort of speeds. I saw on the x9 8 pro, which also has a Samsung emmc in there, and just to note too, that this right speed is actually faster than most Surface three that I reviewed, which got about half of that.

So in that regard, speeds are okay. Therefore, the type of drive it is it's, not a full blown SSD, so you're not going to get massive amounts of speeds there, but you can take advantage of that transferring files over with the type 3.1 USB 3 type C port. Here you can use that there now battery life is one of the positives about this tablet. Battery life is quite good, actually in a my first, better recycle that I did, I got only about, I think, about five to six hours as what I was looking to get now now I haven't charged this up for a while it's right down now to just 29, but I did do before that, a full cycle and now it's looking like I can get around 8, maybe even nine hours of just surfing the web, and things was just really good, so maybe a Zeus's claim of getting 12 hours out of this running. I think it was HD videos. I think that could actually be possible. So battery life is one of the positives of this tablet here, overall, I think it's a good tablet, but for the price you pay I'm a little disappointed the fact that it's having that ghost touch issue there, which was present in the first generations of the transformer Book and it seems to have made his way through somehow to the latest model in 2015, which I find really disappointing to see that, and I can kind of understand now.

Maybe why Zeus didn't reply to me when I asked them for a review unit. They just didn't even reply to me. They pushed me around different departments and then no one ever got back to me. Maybe they're just a bit worried that someone was going to speak completely honestly about it and report the problems, unlike some review sites that just seem to focus on all the positives and now the wireless speeds. I have been testing this out I'm just going to go at a speed test. Don'T need here, I've been testing this quite a few times. Wireless speeds are slower than what they should be compared to other tablets. I have tested – and I think I know why that is – I think, it's because of the I can't type properly here with this French keyboard. Oh dear some sites trying to install all this crap on me, okay, just correct that now. I think I know why this is happening because it's got that all metal design on it. There is no plastic rim or edge along the top here that's going to let the antennas get that signal more freely. I think the middle housing, the casing they use on the teller – is somewhat restricting a little bit. The the wireless speeds they're not for just do another test here, yeah I can they put more adverts on this website. Look at them all there. Now, on my other tablets that I've used that use the realtek chipset, I can get up to 50 megabits per second download speeds, and this is only doing around 3035, so it's a little bit slower and differently.

The realtek seems faster, but I don't think it. The problem is the type of card they've used. I think the problem is the design again of the chassis here. So wireless feeds are a little. Oh, the other negatives charging very slow and if you are using the tablet, if you're going to do some gaming on it and try and charge it at the same time, you're not going to get anywhere that's normal. But I just wish that it would charge a little faster, then the slow rated house I mean if you were using it now and you wanted to charge it just as a rough gauge using battery bar here, you're looking you're looking easily when you're using it. Maybe about 10 hours to fully charge it, which is crazy, not even the Chinese tablets of that slow and when I first got it. It had no battery life whatsoever 1 on the battery and I plugged it in and left it for about half an hour and when I turned it on, I only had about 7 or 8, so it took a long time just even get that so fully charging It you have to leave it on overnight, so if you're running low on battery – and you think, ok I'll – just plug it in a zoo – saw on their advertising page sorry on their sales page for this claim, that's got fast charging, but I don't see it. I don't see how it's fast charging and just a jump back sorry to these speakers.

They do sound good is another one of the positive things here and to show you how light a load they are with a silly video clip here: defects! Oh, when will you be releasing good games again, so the output from the speakers is quite loud, so just to recap, the positives is the screen, even though it's got that low resolution that I know a lot of people aren't going to like it's going to be A deal breaker for them and it is bright, it has good colors. It has good dips depth there with the black is very black it's, not a light grey or anything so that's. Good brightness is good, viewing angles good and the overall build of the tablet. Even though I mean a little bit fussy with how it's being put together isn't that bad it's, quite nice it's as good small size, it's relatively light, it has a very good battery life. The wit cameras, see, if I do have some samples here, are okay. No, I thought she sorry, I don't there. Okay just take my word for it: they're not brilliant, but you do have autofocus on the rear camera. The front camera is good enough for Skype and the keyboard you can type on it. Buddy do find it getting on to the bad points here. I find it a little cramped, as you normally would for a 10.1 inch keyboard, it's cramped. It does have some bounce to it, and it's noisy and the touchpad is noisy being a little bit fussy.

I know and also have my doubts about the docking mechanism and the long run is it going to damage and crack the screen just like the older models and, lastly, slow charging, as already mentioned, and the fact that this green has huge touch problems for me, which Is why I'm probably going to have to return this back to Amazon back where it came from, because I do find it personally a bit of a disappointment there with a throttling and the performance? So hopefully, this video – hopefully I haven't blabbed on too long I've covered at least most of the points that people would be looking for as a user. So, overall I give this tablet. If I was going to write it out of 10, I think I'll give it a 7 because well it's compact. Well, it has brilliant battery life from what I can tell so far it's. Just those points that I mentioned. That would really stop me from wanting to own this tablet. I'D move on and look at something else. I do recommend if you're looking at Adam surface 3, surface 3 is probably a best tablet so far for an atom. Have a look at that one that's one to get. Thank you for watching this video.