Now my vision also has a 64 gigabyte eating m.a.c drive, but that's not going to really make a difference so I'm running here the news application and you can see there it's scrolling quite fluid, but at the same time I also have a lot of things open Here I've got Crohn's open scrolling in Chrome's a little bit slower there, but it's not too bad. It has improved now, while the recent updates in crime and also got various tabs open here within Microsoft edge, you can see that yeah. I got a number of tabs open there. I am one of those people that do like to browse with various tabs open to switch it back and forth between them, and you can see that it's quite fast, now, I'm going to really push the system here to the limit. I'M gon na run a 4k video here, string that from YouTube just any old UK 4k sample there just jump in test that out and see what kind of impact that has no streaming 4k from Chrome and it's, not gon na work too well, because it's streaming Slow, so I wouldn't recommend doing that and, of course, the display here doesn't support 4k video. This is only an 1280 by 800 resolution screen, but you can output 4k to a monitor in limited to 30 Hertz there. So if I just put on the there's that a 4k trailer, I think it is there – you go that one is and have a look now at what these CPUs also doing.

Trying to play this so ad, okay, so there's a little bit of lag there and probably xDSL my network connection. You can see that now drop down to 40 and 40 P, but I want to force it on to 4k and it's, just caching, that up now there we go I'm, just gon na pause that to let it cache a little bit. I don't quite think my internet condition can keep up with that, so we got ta run it now. Okay, so that's running just fine. If I go back now and table to see whew it's running around, I get to sent maximum there, so that video is is definitely taxing. It somewhat now, just like in a screen grab, go back into paint here that I have running paste that, of course, paints not a demanding application at all. There it's not like Photoshop, just go along and just crop a part of this crop that GC murrini move that over run. Actually this just do multi window test here, serve on side by side and select. Where is it store? I can just store there and that's fast and nothing how's it with my finger. There it's still scrolling, okay there and then it's keeping up. This is not too bad considering. This is just a little atom chip here, definitely much better than the older atoms that used to just this would completely bogged down with them. Now reg, you said you probably how much ram am i using now almost full there so running, all those tabs? I have their image here: I'm running the okay, two, four six, seven tabs there and running another four in chrome.

Chrome, of course, is a lot more heavy on the memory there so be sucking up quantum in a memory and it's doing okay there. I think not a bad job at all that over paint to screen their select task manager, heaven I there on the CPU it's doing. Ok, I think for what it is so there's a demo there of multitasking on the T. 100 H a that's, the transformer book. Of course thank you for watching.