It merely smells adequate and i certainly wouldn’t recommend sticking your tongue on it. But the gaming experience with this 2021 rogue model is certainly stiffy, inducing thanks to the 11th gen intel processor, backed by some geforce rtx 30 series action, a 165 hertz quad hd display and barrel loads of clever features and i’ve been testing out the azus wrong. Zephyrus m16 for the last week, or so using this my full time game and a laptop so here’s all you need to know about this. Surprisingly, portable beefcake. If any stats fans are there plenty of benchmark and goodness on its way as well, well, hey and from the latest greatest tag, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. The great thing about the rogue zephyrus m16 is. This is a 16 inch gaming laptop with a 15 inch form factor, it’s, basically, the same chassis dimensions as that zephyrus g15, which is pretty bloody, astounding and yeah sure the rog zephyrus m16 isn’t, the skinniest or lightest gaming laptop around it by a long stretch. But considering all of the smarts packed inside and it is actually a 16 inch gaming laptop as well, the 1.9 kilogram chassis is actually pretty bloody astounding. Even my puny boy biceps can handle lifting this thing for more than a minute or so see not hurting at all. You’Ve got a matte finish inside and out and for the most part this is fingerprint resistant, although the palm rests do still get kind of greasy and gross.

Whenever i use it, that lid boasts the same slashy prism effect as the zephyrus g15, which is very cool when the light catches it in just the right way and you’ve also got a tasty bit of 180 degree hinge action as well. So if bending your laptop screen all the way back, is your thing then uh, hooray or maybe you prefer a hot bit of connectivity. Well, brace yourself, then, because the azus frog, zephyrus m16 boasts a pair of usb 3.2 type c ports, one support and displayport 1.4 and the other a thunderbolt 4 effort, which of course also supports displayport so factor in the hdmi port as well and yeah that’s. Quite a bit of external monitor action plus you’ve also got a couple of full sized usb 3.2 ports ethernet and even a micro, sd slot and i’m. Also a fan of azusa’s soft touch chiclet keyboard here on the zephyrus m16. It is super quiet, even when you’re slamming your pinkies down on this thing, in a deliberate attempt to sound like you’re being really busy. The keys are slightly squished towards the center of the board, but i still had no issues whatsoever with touch typing at speeds. My only gripes here are the usuals. The single row enter key and those crushed cursor keys, but it’s definitely good to have dedicated mic mute and volume keys up top and thanks to some sort of witchy shenanigans as well. Those keys, don’t ever seem to really pick up greasy marks, even when you’re typing on it all day long.

You get a little bit on the spacebar here, but that’s about it, which is definitely relief when you’re shooting lots of close up camera action on it, and the board is comfortable to type on literally all day long with a springy but responsive action and reasonable travel And yes, they glow all kinds of funky colors, so you can basically turn your spare room or whatever into a mini disco. Now, one of the reasons this gaming laptop has such a compact form factor is the fact you’ve got those super narrow, bezels surrounding the display. There’S, next to nothing there, even down below, although asus did manage to find some space up top for a 2 megapixel, webcam and yeah. This is just a basic 720p effort, but it’s absolutely fine, for you know a bit of video chat and whatever you need to do. You got this little dinky led light that flashes on alongside that tiny, tiny, little webcam lens uh whenever it’s actually in use. You know when you are being watched, otherwise quite a dinky led, so it could be easy to miss. Suddenly there’s, no slider, that you can stick over there for a bit of privacy and the rog zephyrus m16 does have a built in 3d microarray as well. If uh some reason you don’t want to slap on a headset when you’re chatting to your mates online or whatever it does have ai noise cancelling. So we can cut down on some of the background chatter, but to be honest, the audio quality still isn’t as strong as just slapping on your basic everyday headset.

So i’d recommend doing that. So now let’s shift our gears to one of the highlights of the asus rog zephyrus m16 gaming laptop that 16 inch ips display, which sports a 16 by 10 aspect ratio and a supremely crisp quad hd resolution that’s 2560 by 1600 pixels. It is hd already with full dolby vision, support, so good news when you’re kicking back with a movie or whatever as well and frankly, your visuals will look absolutely stunning, no matter what you’re up to gaming watching a bit of netflix. Whatever you fancy now, you can grab this zephyrus laptop with a 144 hertz refresh rate, but mine maxed out at 165, which is certainly absolutely fine for my rectaled peepers that’s. For damn sure everything was silky smooth. When i was gaming, doing everything else saw no tearing or the graphical glitches. The color reproduction is absolutely stunning, nice and accurate. So good news, if you are a creator who wants to do some photo or video editing, you’ve got 100 of the srgb gamut covered off and 88 of that adobe rgb. So very good results indeed and it’s actually been surprisingly sunny here in blighty this week, and let me tell you: you’ve got no problem working outdoors with the rogue zephyrus m16. It tops off at 460 nits when you bump that screen brightness to maximum and you’ve got an anti glare coating on that screen as well, which helps to counter any reflections. Zeus has also found room for half a dozen speakers on this bloody thing.

You got a couple up above the keyboard and the rest are tucked away underneath the laptop and those are powered by twin tweeters and woofers. You got full dolby, atmos support and let me tell you when you crank up that volume you’ll get some proper beefy audio out of it. I had no problem playing the likes of do maternal and forza without any headphones on, because yeah, the sound quality was proper good and speaking of gaming, as you’d expect from the rogue zephyrus m16. The performance can handle absolutely anything you chuck in it. You’Ve got an 11th gen intel cpu stuffed in here. My review model was a core i9. 11. 900 h. I also had two 16 gig rears, but you do have support for up to 48 gigs of ddr4 ram. However, the zephyrus m16 does also come in a core i7 flavor if your stack’s aren’t quite fat enough for that core i9 model and as for the graphical grant, my review model came with nvidia’s geforce rtx 3070 gpu, with eight gigs of vram. Now, as usual, with azusa’s rogue gaming laptops, you can call the armory crate in action with a quick tap at this dedicated button down here. And this allows you to tweak the performance as well as the color output of the display and pretty much every other aspect of the laptop. Now, if you want to get gaming on maxed out, detail settings on the latest memory, guzzling pc titles, i’ll, just chuck it into turbo mode and off you go.

Do maternal ran like an absolute dream on the native resolution at ultra detail settings about 130 260 frames per second was very much the standard during the most intense action here i did see one tiny drop into double digits for the frame rate during my testing with The laptop turned up to turbo that was it that ultraviolet is ultra smooth and pulling out a kakademon’s eyeball. Never looked so bloody, lovely and likewise forza also runs absolutely beautifully on those ultra detail. Settings again super super smooth, not single jutter, no tears or anything to speak of now, if only i could actually remember to break when i’m playing this bloody game, because it’s, not daytona, usa, and maybe a few of these sheep would have survived the ordeal oh and Here’S, the uh, forza benchmark results with everything turned up to billy big bollocks levels, if you’re into a bit of that – and if you are really into your benchmarks, then definitely get a spare pair of pants on standby because things are about to get messy. So, with a good bit of 3d mark action, time, spy, extreme spaffed out a score of 4804, while port royal managed to cough out an almighty score of 5863. I also run the time spy extreme stress test as well, and the wrong zephyrus m16 passed with flying colours with the score of 97.8 stability and that’s, a good bit cinebench or 20 that managed to score 4907.

you’ve got a liquid metal housing for that cpu, and This combined with the 84 blade arc floor fans which is incredibly difficult to see it took about 10, takes plus the heatsink pipes and other cooling components help to keep this massive bastard from getting too hot under pressure. Although when you do have the azus frog, zephyrus m16 running on that turbo mode, let me tell you: the fans do get slightly noisy uh when they’re running at full pelt. So you certainly won’t want to be playing any games at night in the same room as somebody who’s trying to get to sleep. For instance, i mean they’ll, probably just straight up murder. You you’ve also got up to two terabytes of nvme ssd storage and sweet baby. Tap dance and jesus, is it swift, almost seven gigabits per second read speeds and over five gigabits per second right in my tests that is quite easily the best results i’ve ever had when testing any kind of laptop gaming or otherwise, and as well as that, ethernet Connectivity you’ve also got full support for wi fi, six, which i tended to stick to when i was doing my online game testing and that ran again, absolutely fine, no dropouts or anything nice nippy, stable online connection, that’s for battery life. Well, of course, once you rip out that power cable, you no longer have access to the likes of the turbo mode or any of the best gaming features.

So you know you’re going to want to keep this thing plugged in anyway. But if you do want to do some gaming on the go uh, you can still bump it up into performance mode which tends to do the job in the likes of again. Do maternal. On that sort of higher detail levels, but you will only get about an hour and a half of gaming action from it before it’s, completely wiped out from a hundred percent which, to be fair, is pretty much standard from all of the gaming laptops that i’ve tested And reviewed here onto experts, so there you have it, that is the azus rogue zephyrus m16 in a nut channel. I’Ve got to say: if you want a 16 inch gaming laptop, but portability does kind of matter to you, then definitely. This is an absolute blinder, because i just can’t get over quite how compact and light it is considering the smart stuffed inside of this thing. You’Ve got impeccable performance, an absolutely gorgeous display, and i really love that keyboard as well. The usability is top notch, so that’s. Why i think of the rogue zephyrus m16 anyway, but it’d be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below and for more on the latest and greatest sec? Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell and have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week.